zaterdag 23 juli 2011

STALAG 13 - R.K.L.- EXCEL - handpainted skatedecks

R.K.L. artwork by DAN SITES
EXCEL artwork by RxCx

what do you do when you got no comp/internet etc ? painting!
this the result ...
S13 = almost done,only needs a thin white edge around the top lettering

R.K.L. has yellowed alot after 2 extra clear coatings so stopped doing that,you can see the difference in whiteness...but one of the coolest decks i did sofar...

EXCEL,tails not done,50% drawning,50% paint so still a few hours to go probably,the hardest thing i painted sofar,those shadows and differences in grey-ish are a pain in the ass to paint,but....saving for an airbrush so it will look badass when done
to "celebrate" haha im done with the S13 deck ill upload the full demo + live cdr tonight,Adrian gave the ok to put it up so in 30 minutes it should be up!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ha ha thx
    i might be painting more of this one,so who knows
    think its the coolest thing i did this one's hard to let go...painted on a chinese pro deck ;-) will put blue/white trucks/wheels on it soon,will look gooooooood!

  2. Wow! Great Job! I would pay so much to have those Decks, especially since I love skateboarding and Hardcore! You should do more!