vrijdag 29 juli 2011

THE BIZKIDS - live @ de VARA,dutch national TV 1981 (fem. fronted!-the netherlands)

Jos had it aslo up on his blog but links seems to be dead,so why not on here too right,its dutch week ;-)
cleaned em up a bit,but too tired too look for info and pics at the moment 6:30 overhere so IK GA ME NEST IN! ;-0

but grab this,6 tracks of female fronted hardcore/punk with a great female vocalist!

03-what's going on?

04-advertise (everytime i think the song is called ''agenten'' you're the basterd,standing on the corner of my street...don't understand why it's called advertise...) BUT THIS SONG,IS DEF 100% THE BEST FEM FRONTED TRACK EVER WRITTEN IN HOLLAND!!!!!!!!! im shaking my booty for a few days now on that track,great vocals!



too bad there nothing to find online about em,no pics,no nothing...so don't know the line up,were these guys/gal from Utrecht?
and session should be cleaned professional and put onto vinyl,recordings/songs are that good i think
recorded for dutch tv in 1981 ,they we're support act for Herman Brood who isn't with us anymore unfortunaly...
a couple of yrs ago he decided to jump out a window of the hilton hotel in A'dam (he was struggling with his addiction of every kind of drugs you can think off,he should stop,but could not stop anymore...and that was it,the end of the one and only professional junky we had,great painter!,good musician too
maybe a post Brood later,he made some good music/songs in his early days,and some nice painting too...so maybe a little brood hommage later...the Brood show from this night is actually released onto dvd,so if you are intrested in that one,go buy it!
will redo these 6 songs coz it still has weird sounds from removing noise in it...

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