woensdag 27 juli 2011

SPECIAL FORCES - 40 songs to kill by 1984-1987 cd-r (berkeley,san fransisco-CA)

                              did you ever say yes,when you should have said no?
                               as promised,40 songs to kill by discography cd-r
they started in august 83,steve replaced a guy called Erik on drums,with this line up the 1984 demo & the world domination lp were recorded in '84 and the lp is released in '85 on boner records
a classic records i still need in my collection,so donations are welcome ha ha
the st lp is unreleased by my knowledge,7'' at the end are from the end 80's,early 90's but still great stuff,except for a track or 2 which are slower tracks,this is a damn great discography that should be on vinyl (2x lp) and for others a remastered d would be nice too
but for now,this is it kids!
took me awhile,redid the demo,think it sounds better now,and also added the KALX int,downloaded that from the noise addiction blogspot,thx!
so 40 songs to kill by and a 5 min int. as track 41

Orlando - vocals
Bill - guitar
Kirby - bass
Steve - drums


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