maandag 25 juli 2011

BLACK VAMPIRE - 1984 demo (bunde-limburg-the netherlands)

back with more HOLLAND HARDCORE!
BLACK VAMPIRE were from limburg and as usual theres not much to find online about this band so im looking for some info,if anyone can help out,with pics info or missing titles,its highly appreciated!
took out the tapenoise for ya'll so should sound goooooooooood!

01-punker parents plan
02-poison food
03-love song
04-family disaster (also on upcoming comp cd-r  HOLLAND NAAR DE KLOTE!)
05-nothing else to do
06-virgin blood of oi

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Damn I really like your holland hardcore post! Many gems that i didn't know!

  2. glad someone likes it ;-0
    got some other goodies in store too,so stay tuned