zondag 24 juli 2011

monstruacion - cornella cíutat dáfrica demo 1988 (spain)

squat hc-punk-ska (just a little bit ;-) from spain

to me this reminds of the best parts of SIN DIOS,if you don't know both and like what you downloaded i suggest you go buy ALL sin dios records! all great records,skulld recs from germany did some releases as well so should be still available at the good/bigger distro's

for now shake your booty to these tunes,and don't let the ska thing keep you away from dl-ing this ,90% is fast agressive hc punk! go get it,back maybe later.....
again wav files,cleaned the orig rip a bit...and still no mp3 converter/audacity installed so 320 mp3's later.....

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