dinsdag 26 juli 2011

YOUTHQUAKE - stress test demo '86 & live @ the betlehem catholic high school-bethlehem,leigh valley-PA '87 (catasauqua-PA)

Larry - vocals
Roy Mayorga - drums
Bobby Fegley (r.i.p) - bass
T. guitar
classic stuff,can't find much online,except for another post on the seeein red blog http://www.seeeingred.blogspot.com/ go read it,not gonna copy it ;-)
thats were i took the line up from
mp3's sitting in my comp for yrs now with tapenoise,had 2 versions,picked the best one and cleaned it up,included a couple of live tracks from '86 and whoop,another goodie for you to enjoy!
done for months now but couldn't up em before,this are 320 kbps mp3's so file is not big! GOOOOO GET IT!!!!

& WE DON'T NEED YOU!!! that track goes out to all nazi fucks in the hc scene,than & now!
but all tracks are just awesome,with some good/political lyrics about war,suicide,america fucking things up etc...
would be cool to read all lyrics but never saw an insert for this so i can't help you out with that.
and becahi,is that the Bethlehem catholic high school in PA?,must be...so probably thats were they played the livetracks,dont know the exact date...


01-the tables turned
02-we don't need you
03-stress test
04-American escalation
05-i'll take my chances
06-it wasn't your choice
07-it can happen
08-right to die
09-prepare them for war
10-Johnny is not coming home today
11-you're the robot
12-i'm coming back (live)
13-we don't need you (live)
14-it can happen (live)
15-American escalation (live)
16-i'll take my chances (live)
17-stress test (live)
18-it wasn't your choice (live)
19-you're the robot (live)

37 minutes in total


you should dl the tracks in the link posted below!!!,should have know earlier coz these sound better,wasted time,but maybe ill post a folder with all track from that site and cut up the liveset,but for now go there!

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  1. Some Youthquake info here: http://www.foe.firstpress.net/lva.html
    Mostly downloads, of their stuff, though from the label that release it. The band were from Bethlehem Pennsylvania and not Philadelphia.

  2. thx! shouldhave know before ;-) this sounds much better as the versions i had,is this officially released ?

  3. F.O.E. started as a fanzine in the 1980s and in the 1990s became a label that released CD-Rs of the local bands. I don't think any of the stuff on that page I linked to is officially released but with the bands permission he put demos and live shows on CD-Rs and sold those in the local record stores.

  4. thx,
    this should be a vinyl release,it's great stuff!
    btw...any news on the FE record?

  5. Indeed becahi would be Bethlehem Catholic.