donderdag 21 juli 2011

REVOLUCION X - E.Z.L.N. & politica y esparcimiento 7 inches 1994-1997-8 (mexico)

fast & politican hc-punk from mexico,really good,long sold out

lengua armada should put both on lp vinyl and re-release it...,1 record on each side,would be cool as hell

coz this is good stuff,if you liked the latino posts i did awhile back,you should def. get this

personal favorite,scans from my own records,cleaned vinyl rips from someone else

enjoy & FUCK THE BORDER PATROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the wav files,too big for mediafire,tagged 320 kbps mp3's laterrr

recently watched a program on tv about the border patrol and old retired civillians who "act'' like border patrol guards and sitting the whole day on their ass in the dessert to catch an ''íllegal" day in day out,just watching and thought damn, if my grandpa was sitting on his ass overthere to do that kind of shit i would have killed him with his own gun and bury him in the dessert ha ha pretty sad those old fucks dont put their last energy in their own happiness but trying to ruin someone elses...

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