woensdag 27 juli 2011

ATROX - orme perdute demo '86 + aldo moro lived tape '88 cd-r (italy)

temp. front cover, should be '88 too ;-0

classic stuff from italy
again these had no tracktitles with em,so added em and here ya go,still missing the title of track 12,only one i couldnt figure out...
ATROX did alot of records and played from the early 80's '82 till recently
to me this is the best stuff they did,most of these tracks are later re recorded and appeared on the fiori neri lp that was released in '90,whole bunch of tracks on that record,little bit better produced,slightly more metallic just a little,so a very good record
but this is favorite overhere and especially the live stuff came out nice

ATROX : was-is

Paolo - vocals
Franz - guitar
Mira - bass
Stefano - drums

(not sure if this was the old line up,probably not ;-)
for more info go to the band's website!



just reading Robert delerio who also was on the fiori neri lp recordings lives in the valley in CA now and makes some weird music,techno mixed with old italian hc influences,seems like hes doing good overthere,so now im curious how it will sound,gonna check for some mp3...

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