zondag 31 juli 2011

FLACHENBRAND/FUCK ON THE BEACH - split 7'' (germany-japan)

allright,this is a classic in my book,actually THE record that got me into the fastcore/powerviolence stuff
at that time i was just getting into it,and especially the flachenbrand songs blew me away,though the vocals were annoying but the music was faaaaaaaast as fuck,and with a grrrreat LARM cover as the cherry on the top of the cake
vocals became nice too,now yrs later,the flachenbrand track are still the soundtrack for some mayhem & destruction ;-)

                           F.O.B. tracks are def. no letdown either,last recordings with My (bassist/vocalist) by the way,replaced by a dude after this recordings.... bummer ;-)                                            
      go check it out


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