dinsdag 31 maart 2009

SLANG - early demo 10 yr aniversary lp '88-'98

SLANG - early demo-10 yr aniversary lp '88-'98 320 kbps (straight up recs)

thx to Andre for ripping the lp!!!,record was damaged by heat in the mail,couldnt play it,but bend it a bit,put it on the ground for a few days and jumped a few times on it,and here it is...in the first track you hear some cracks and pops but the rest of the record you can hardly hear anything
together with the hc lives 7'' theirbest work
all their other stuff after these 2 records is slower metallic crap,but
if your into the sound of U.K.'s voorhees you should get this,this record reminds me of good old voorhees


maandag 30 maart 2009

DISSENSION - why work for death lp

DISSENSION - why work for death lp '86

classic LA hardcore,their '89 is pretty good too,bit more crossover sounding but still damn good!




JERK WARD - flesh & bones demo '84

JERK WARD - FLESH AND BONES demo '84 (tape version)
16 tracks of short,raw,fast canadian hc EX-NEOS!
classic stuff!
demo is remastered and with 2 extra tracks put onto vinyl by supreme echo recs
first press is hand numberd to 300 so im pretty sure this will sell out quickly so get your copy here before its gone!!!


dl the tape version here:

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rare/hard to find old hc/punk/thrash/crossover.faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastcore,fem. fronted hc/punk/latino stuff,japanese hc,live stuff,demo/rehearsals etc

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