maandag 9 november 2015

SLOW DEATH - demo 1985 (summerside-PEI-Canada)

SLOW DEATH,skate edge from '85!!! but RAW as fuck! has nothing to do with the clean cut '88 stuff...
above a scan/print of their interview from the KILL THE POSERS #1 zine
 edit: (contrast SUUUUUUUUUUCKS,new comp,SUUUUUUCKS even more...hard times...will fix it,one day or another,who knows?????

but sounds goooood so what?

(bumped post from 2011,that was a good year on this blog!,this is a rarity,so here it is,stream & d/l for free,SHARE OR DIEEEEEE!!!!!!

01-strung out
02-i rather burn than bail
03-redneck assholes
04-cop out
06-slow death
07-scene violence
08-you've got problems
09-the truck
10-you give me a headache

in the comment section you can find a link to a more recent interview,but now it is a private blog...SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! goddamnit what happened to the good ol' days...???


this blog ain't dead till i am gone...gonna take awhile...sorry to dissapoint you all LOL!!! now let's partyyyyyyyyy!

maandag 2 november 2015

DAS OATH - live on radiobeat-WERS,boston-MA 2005

2005 was a great year on WERS,Matt & Jen invited many,many great bands to play in the radiobeat studios,i missed this broadcast so nice to have the mp3's finally.

more radiobeat sets sooon,slapshot,direct control,bones brigade,close call,say goodbye,terminal state,the observers,the trouble,for the worse 2x ,concrete facelift 2x ratbyte
last 3 played on Matt's last show,still in my memory coz it was drunken chaos on the radio,passed out before it was over,an ocean in between but damn good times!!!
10 yrs passed by and that 1st track...i think i did well LOOOOOL...cheers! & light up a big one!!!

but here's the OATH setlist:

01-i've been trying to fuck up my life for years
02-great news from the southpole
03-quiet! subtle pretext chiming in
05-awesome rape
06-colostomy grab bag
07-oh,gruesome lunar cycle
08-disney surgery
09-comatose life of wonderment
10-only us fakes get all the breaks
11-half pregnant
12-if you feel like an enemy,come follow me
13-through the crack of your cage

nice set from the 7'' era and you know that one kicks butt!

edit: bumped post from 2011,new link requested & d/l from here:

other WERS sets right here:
and if anyone has problems with the WERS sets online,please lemme know and ill remove em
don't wanna piss off anyone coz i had a great time listening to the station that year
recorded alot of them from my comp to tape but with some annoying weird sounds from refreshing the page etc,and sometimes censored
Matt was kind enough to send the full broadcast to this asshole right here ;-)
so hope it's still cool???

this time it will go on the archive,for eternity??? free d/l/stream non commercial!!!,SHARE OR DIE!!!!!!!!