vrijdag 29 juni 2012

SECRET POLICE - theyre everywhere... 7'' 2012 (NJ)

NJHC !!!

go buy it! in a couple of distro's etc so...

can't say a thing about it coz my recordplayer is f-ed up.. but pretty sure its good! posted the demotape awhile ago so don't expect much changes in the sound,hope not...that was a nice one!

maybe vinyl rip in a few weeks,gonna buy record to mp3 recorder!

PHIL COLLINS TRIBUTE BAND - your life is a fucked shithole demo 2012 (holland faaaaastcore-pv)

Mike D.'s new band after the dead of WAKING THE DEAD

yep they're dead again,confusing isn't it ;-0

but this time he teamed up with AxSxHx members to have some fun and throw up some good fastcore/powerviolence stuff.
this is the 1st recorded demo,plug in and play style!
boosted it to the max,and here it is:
labels who are intrested in releasing this stuff onto tape/vinyl? contact Mike! here:

postmaster [at] skateordiemotherfucker DOT nl

badass demo! with some cool Y2K bandana thrash influences!!!!

on vimeo you can watch the full headbangers ball video!!! THROSH AND MASH!

12 track demo here:

woensdag 27 juni 2012

DEATH SIDE - live sendai yahama hall 30-07-1991 (japan)

03-live and live
04-cut the throat
05-life is only once
06-i live just my life
07-live is a chain of games
08-no laughing matter
09-never say die
11-fight your way
12-wasted dream
13-arms control

cleaned up version of the "remastered" version ;-0

requested by mr. asashi,if you think it sucks,you should blame him lol

zondag 24 juni 2012

Karl Dieter - alternative-accoustic (the EXPLOITED cover)

old-accoustic-and-really good! this is weird on here between all the noise

it's an accoustic version of THE EXPLOITED song ''alternative" from their troops of tomorrow lp released in 1982,performed by Karl Dieter
great song,great lyrics and this version is genius,it was on you tube as video,made an mp3 of it so you can play it everywhere you want.


Something's happened,what's gone wrong?
Going down the dole,got to sign on
Millions of kids with nowt to do
You better watch out,they're after you!

I don't wanna join the army!
I know it's a waste of time
No alternative is what they say
The choice is mine!

Politicians,what do they care?
They're all money grabbers they're after their share
They don't even care if you get shot
Cause their ain't no way they'll be there

Do you really want to die?
Kill other people just to survive
Only the dead have their freedom
It's the living that's got to suffer the most
The choice is YOURS!


donderdag 21 juni 2012

SATANS CHEERLEADERS - the garage session 1984 at unsound central,east northport-NY 1984

01-i remember 7th grade
02-living in fear
03-misused products
04-we want you
06-created in your image
07-sex and beer
09-occupy yourself
10-closet Christ
11-cow palace
13-plain brown package
14-down on all fours
15-greek God
16-pitless orange hope
17-river rat
18-no where at all
19-the say-so chant
20-gut feeling (DEVO)
21-Darwin society hour
22-Audi,Peugeot,satannis blessed be
23-point of pointlessness
24-food church

more info here www.unsound.com/bands
website by the band so everything you wanna know is on there! history/ordering info etc...buy the complete collection cd/dvd!

but to be honest...
i'm really bummed how the demo's sound on this disc,after 2 yrs of delays and stuff,expected more of the sound..BUT it has as extra the unreleased lp demo,and this garage session as dvd,and all that together makes it worth buying if you are into raw & a different type of n.y.h.c.
this is the audio ripped from the DVD/online video...
think it came out pretty good

dinsdag 19 juni 2012

LOS MONJO - live @ fiestas de gracia,BCN-spain 19-08-2011 (mexico)

02-reyes de la destruccíon
03-mexicanos al grita de mierda
04-solo en este pais

maandag 18 juni 2012


edit: one of the ladies of D.YH was so kind to respond to my mail and sended the 4 titles for the songs,added/tagged em,and re uploaded.so please dl it again and delete the other...thx

GENERACION SUICIDA - live @ blackwater records,portland-OR september 24, 2011
vocals are a bit low in the first tracks,some annoying noise that ruins the mic sound at times but who cares,it still sounds great! after a few tracks it gets better,my favorite tracks by them "mil armores/dices" sounding really great so all good with me ;-0 and it's live remember,no studio session like the KBOO recordings
and to make it really funny,it's ALL ripped/recorded from video too and than some audacity crazyness...
came out pretty good i think
and go buy the KBOO set on official tape ! http://kfctapes.blogspot.com/  lim ed. of 50 copies on red tapes,looks great,well red is sold out (i've got one left for the nerds...) pink tapes as 2nd run ,also /50 i think,so act quick!


thx to mr./mrs. LOSNOKTURNOS for filming/recording/sharing!

03-los pobres landrones,y muertos
05-el centro
07-mil armores
09-generacion suicida

unknown date/venue

11-citizen bean

unknown date/venue

18-en la oscuridad
22-tu eres el que manda?
23-del corazon

unknown date/venue (50% of the set,i think...)

but 4 badass tracks in the vein of BULIMIA/VULPESS etc...can't wait for that demotape!!!

24-mata tu tele
25-oscura socieda
26-sin miedo
27-ni una mas!

thx to the ladies for sending the track titles!
keep an eye out for their demotape on silenzio statico recs! out soon/this summer!

raw as fuck,japanese influenced hc-ponk/d-beat whatever...great stuff!!! dead noise/aspex! members!

28-sick power
29-no more give up
31-moment of death
33-recover of body
34-violent militia
38-last bomb

too lazy to fill in the last 2 HELPLESS titles
can't figure out the 3 LA VOZ titles either ...new songs maybe?
hope they'll start recording soon coz these songs are goooood!!!
same goes for POLISKITZO...still have to check the 2nd 7'' so who knows it might be tracks from that record,for now,4 unknown...
all i can do at the moment...hate it to put it up without all titles but it came out really nice and its time for you to enjoy these tunes too
here ya go

and if you can help out filling in the missing titles,please post em,email em,send a dove... whatever,lemme know! it will be appreciated!

zondag 17 juni 2012

GENERAL CONCERN - demo + satan is a smartypants 7'' 1987-1989 (longview-WA)

another rarity from longview-WA
the general concern demotape from '87 + the 7'' from '89
demo sound more hc,7'' has a little metal in it but if you remember/enjoyed the good ol' crossover days... this is your thing!
remember the M.I.S. demo from awhile ago? also from longview...this is a little better,the demo is reaaally good! great bass sound!
been looking for the rest of the missing titles for awhile but no luck...the 3 with titles are released on a compilation tape also...but can't find anymore info on the demo...
so i can wait forever with putting it up but that won't solve the "problem"
if you can help out with titles or have some more flyers-live pics whatever,lemme know,ill add the 7'' covers laterrrr


02-not the same
03-too late for change
04-mental extremes


12-satan is a smartypants
14-think again
15-convential war
16-punk contradiction
17-nutty narrow's bridge
18-get smart
19-trusted hypocrites

NO - st 12'' 2012 (U.K.)

8 tracks on this B.A.D.A.S.S. 12'' lp
just released on STATIC SHOCK recs from the U.K.
the description static shock gave was a good one
this is really a record that puts U.K. hardcore back on the map
seriously the best record made in the U.K. the last couple of years!!!

raw as fuck MECHT MENSCH/DIE KREUZEN worship but not just a rip off,this sounds fresh
guitar dude does an amazing job! drummer bangs the shit out of the drums too,vocals sound good too
NO COMPLAINS,nope not even about the lyrics missing,not much bullshit on the insert also,saves some time reading and why read if you can play it!
awesome record that will end in the top 3 of this year for sure!
go pick it up it's worth your $$$$!

nope,NO! download...c'mon its just released...

but 2 of you might be lucky ;-0

bought 2 copies on grey wax,and 2 download codes were included,got it on mp3 so
here they are....

type in this code and you should be able to download it,only 1 time so don't ask for a new code...


2nd one,also 1 time only!


the rest of you can listen to it here

 or buy it here

woensdag 13 juni 2012

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

D.R.I. - trashing hard @ the dynamo,eindhoven-the netherlands 03-20-2011 cd-r

1:19:51 minutes in total fits perfect on a cd-r if you burn it with "burn disc at once'' or else it won't fit!

it may be a sunday night,but it could be your last night...
so i wanna see the whole place go off TRASHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!

B.A.D.A.S.S. liveset!
maybe a inside-backcover tray laterrrrrrrr but for now this is it...
all artwork/pics stolen from the worldwide web for the good cause ;-0 if you did any,you rule!
& i'll try to get a dvd rip of this gig online for download but it's huuuge,so will upload to the archive.org probably ...ill bump this post when i did...
and forget the trashing hard at the bluebird theater cd-r i did awhile ago,this one came out really good i think but here's the dl link

Dirty D.

next month they will play overhere again,go see em if you can!!!!!!!
and go to http://www.dirtyrottenimbeciles.com/ and donate a few bucks to Spike's fund! everything helps...or order some stuff,whatever,do something!

maandag 11 juni 2012

next/soon: LUDICHRIST - live @ the right track inn,N.Y.C. 1986 (full gig this time...)

yup,finally found the full gig,16 tracks in total
up soon after the usual stuff...

zondag 10 juni 2012

KONKURSSI - Putin äpärä demo 2007 OFAL "remaster" 2012 + demo 2008 7'' 2011 (finland)

2007 demo sounded a bit thin,so gave it a shitload of extra bass,and some fade ins/outs
sounds much better now i think
first 12 tracks were released by a japanese label...forgot which one but ill look...

the 2nd demo from 2008 is recently? released by a bunch of labels nunchakupunk/off records/crustterror/kämäset levyt records/hohnie records/äänekkäät äänitteet

just got a camera from my neighbor so lets see if i can put up some decent pics of the record tonight...

raw,fast finnish hardcore/punk like back in '82.great stuff!!!

both in one folder 18 tracks!

http://www.punkinfinland.net/  if you wanna score some good finnish records/read stuff

NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES - i saw you die 1982 demo's tape download (but ...looking for a better/cleaner rip!?)

had a demo-live thingy planned but this sounds too crappy,tried to clean it a bit but too much hiss and damaged parts also,not worth spending time on so ive got a request to anyone who has a better rip of this recording ,lemme know!
its a great tape,but this ones abused in the yrs but give it a listen,some great tracks in here!
and to my knowledge its not on the 1979-1985 2 cd on weird system from 2007...but as said,not sure...


D.R.I. up tonight i think
and this post will be replaced soon by an evil one 666 posts,so it has to be metal ;-0 not sure what,OCCULTIST livegig maybe...

dinsdag 5 juni 2012

RAYOS X (R.I.P) - live on life during wartime 09-28-2011 (L.A.)

had it up before but these guys just released their first full length...and broke up.
record rips! great production/sound quality this time,8 really good songs on an lp with cool artwork
out now on mata la musica recs (MUNDO MUERTO vocalists label)
and you can dl the whole discography (yup incl the new lp!) on the blog of one of the rayos X guys
coladerata blog (see left of your screen)
to me this new lp is simply the best stuff they recorded so its a very nice way to go out!

but here's their LIFE DURING WARTIME studio session again,with corrected titles!
go buy the record! and if you live in europe,MUNDO MUERTO is currently touring europe,go see em live if you got the chance!

zondag 3 juni 2012

HOGANS HEROES - live @ city gardens,trenton-NJ 1990 + fastlane-NJ 1991 (part 1!!!)

pictures taken by Ken Salerno @ city gardens 1990!

part 1! of the city gardens-fastlane CD-R
the gig at city gardens,9 tracks +/- 23 min. missing 2 tracks,dont have em,sorry but 23 minutes live is long enough ;-0
and you'll get the fastlane set soon,sound is not as good as the ones before but enjoyable for sure-still lowering the vox/drums a bit,way too loud...

but these 9 tracks @ city gardens came out really good also,another great HH set!

03-let's rock
05-stuck in a rut
06-better youth
07-build to last
08-breaking the rules
09-last will

fastlane set + cd-r cover SOOOOOOOON!

demolition cd-r up soon also!
will contain some classic NJHC demo's from early 80-'90's all from the demotapes blog but cleaned up a bit for your pleasure...

HOGANS HEROES - live @ CBGB's NY august 19th,1989 cd-r (NJ)

and came out real NICE!!
band sounded good live,damn! even the dread or alive song rules live
so i've got 3 words for you
GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

rest hopefully up soon....+/- 2 hours of HH,will contain early demo's & live 1985-1991
will post more pics etc when im done with audio-cdr cover but
for now go check here:

vrijdag 1 juni 2012

LOVE CANAL - demo '83 version 2!!!

redid it,came out much better as the other version!
one of the last posts on this blog so make sure you enjoy it!

these guys also released a great lp in '86 if im not mistaken,sound is different as on the demo,but its still an very enjoyable record!
you can get that on the system sabotage chaos blog (link on the left of your screen)
rumors were they were gonna release a dicography cd on GTA recs but think it never came out coz i never saw it anywhere and its years ago,a shame,coz the demo/lp and the comp tracks they did would make a very nice discography)
i would be happier with the demo/comp tracks on vinyl,but thats just my opinion and who cares about that lol
but who knows it will happen someday...would be cool

(still having problems with the pictures,have to delete pics from old posts to do a new one,aint working...
... so will post link to the new blog soon!)