zondag 31 juli 2011

GNAR - demo 2006 & live @ burnt ramen 2006 (north-CA)

pics taken by Murray Bowles
                                       THX to Adrian for the info/titles/pics! appreciate it!

anyone else,go get this! if you are into fast/unpolished/pissed off hc,too bad they only existed for a year,and never got any attention outside CA...they were gooooooood!

01-code of silence
02-seven on one
04-we don't need
05-what's at stake

live @ burnt ramen 2006

09-code of silence
10-seven on one
11-what's at stake
12-4 walls
13-we don't need

and maybe more-better live recordings later as you can read below...but think this sounds badass too! so for now this is it!
uploaded again with tagged mp3's!


FLACHENBRAND/FUCK ON THE BEACH - split 7'' (germany-japan)

allright,this is a classic in my book,actually THE record that got me into the fastcore/powerviolence stuff
at that time i was just getting into it,and especially the flachenbrand songs blew me away,though the vocals were annoying but the music was faaaaaaaast as fuck,and with a grrrreat LARM cover as the cherry on the top of the cake
vocals became nice too,now yrs later,the flachenbrand track are still the soundtrack for some mayhem & destruction ;-)

                           F.O.B. tracks are def. no letdown either,last recordings with My (bassist/vocalist) by the way,replaced by a dude after this recordings.... bummer ;-)                                            
      go check it out


GET IT AWAY - demo + live @ WLUW radio (dl link works now!)

they did a 7'' on THIRDxPARTY RECORDS go get it,probably still available somewhere,not even sure if i own this one vinyl,its a shame huh,underated band for sure...
think they didnt release more than the demotape & 7''
tape/liveset are from 2003,will be 12/13 tracks in total ,gonna be a nice one!
if you don't know em and are into bands like BLACK SS/KILL YOUR IDOLS/AWOL with good lyrics about nazi shit,homophobia in the hc scene,women/child abuse...etc...you'll get the point,and if not,you should get the fuck out of here...

demo 2003

01-nation of the damned
02-malt liquer BS
03-they live,we sleep
04-under the knife
05-bride of frankenstein

live on WLUW radio 2003

06-malt liquer BS
08-they live,we sleep
09-under the knife
11-bride of frankenstein
12-without reason (NO FOR AN ANSWER)
13-no class (REAGAN YOUTH)

only took out a little talking and boosted the songs and whatever...nice one



SUCKED DRY - falling apart at the seams 7'' incl covers/record scans

finally some pics online of the record,some of you never saw the "real'' record so here it is,lim cover looks yellow but scanning thingy,its white...

short interview with the band by Mike fifteen counts of arson http://www.fifteencountsofarson.blogspot.com/

and yep,still plenty available for orders or trade for similar stuff,gotta be fast,gotta be gooooood!
soon also available through way back when recs & bong records
go buy some records!

ill post some distro stuff soon

still have the H.O.D./SIDETRACKED split 6'' for sale too,a few...
same goes for the VILE INTENT 7'' (think ive got 2/3 left...)
and ULTIMATE BLOWUP 12 track 7'' ep fastcore-powerviolence from turkey,goood!

contact me if you want any of these or sucked dry 7''inches!

zaterdag 30 juli 2011

ZWEETKUTTEN & ZMIV int.-reunion @ parkhof,almaar 2006 video

screenshots of the end of clip...think ill make some more...
here you have that video i talked about in the zweetkutten post,found a nice converter and made a hq mpeg file of it,so everybody should be able to play it...will upload the file here too,wrapped in a mediafire link,but for those who can't wait/don't wanna download,here's the direct link to the video so you can watch it
enjoy this short piece of history


vrijdag 29 juli 2011

THE BIZKIDS - live @ de VARA,dutch national TV 1981 (fem. fronted!-the netherlands)

Jos had it aslo up on his blog but links seems to be dead,so why not on here too right,its dutch week ;-)
cleaned em up a bit,but too tired too look for info and pics at the moment 6:30 overhere so IK GA ME NEST IN! ;-0

but grab this,6 tracks of female fronted hardcore/punk with a great female vocalist!

03-what's going on?

04-advertise (everytime i think the song is called ''agenten'' you're the basterd,standing on the corner of my street...don't understand why it's called advertise...) BUT THIS SONG,IS DEF 100% THE BEST FEM FRONTED TRACK EVER WRITTEN IN HOLLAND!!!!!!!!! im shaking my booty for a few days now on that track,great vocals!



too bad there nothing to find online about em,no pics,no nothing...so don't know the line up,were these guys/gal from Utrecht?
and session should be cleaned professional and put onto vinyl,recordings/songs are that good i think
recorded for dutch tv in 1981 ,they we're support act for Herman Brood who isn't with us anymore unfortunaly...
a couple of yrs ago he decided to jump out a window of the hilton hotel in A'dam (he was struggling with his addiction of every kind of drugs you can think off,he should stop,but could not stop anymore...and that was it,the end of the one and only professional junky we had,great painter!,good musician too
maybe a post Brood later,he made some good music/songs in his early days,and some nice painting too...so maybe a little brood hommage later...the Brood show from this night is actually released onto dvd,so if you are intrested in that one,go buy it!
will redo these 6 songs coz it still has weird sounds from removing noise in it...

DAYS AHEAD - demo's + 7'' WITH INSERTS/COVER! included this time...


but the good stuff ;-) members went on to form the band BONES BRIGADE!                 

this one is for Pat (still around?) & miss Megan,promised it a year ago or something;-) here they are..           

cleaned em up a bit but the last 6 tracks (reconcile demo) still hurts your ears a bit ;-) cymballs of the drum are too LOUD,cant fix it...but don't forget,these 2 tapes were school projects,no official demo releases,handfull of tapes were made and given to friends etc...picked this up from the FNS guy i think...but its been awhile and who cares ;-)
fast youth crew ala UNIT PRIDE/BREAKAWAY and the likes...really underated record! offcourse the cover didnt help,damn this is probably the worst 7'' cover ive ever seen,really poor printwork,you know im famous for doing shamefull covers but i made a cdr version and will try to make a better frontcover with the pics from the tapes...some info on back will follow too,so 90% done.

LOS CRUDOS - live @ clevo fest 1995 video/audio later!


sit down on your ass and watch/listen to this;-0,great set!!!,gonna rip the audio for sure,how cooool is that bass sound!?
and great speeches between the song,hes right about alot of things,still is...16 yrs later...sad isnt it'.
login in means you can dl the video so you don't have to rip it with a tuberipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES - demo-7 inches (disco lateerrrr)

i'm a total wreck... wanted to put up the demotape,raw mix of the 2nd 7'',both 7-es and the liveset at radio K,but lost the compiled stuff folder i had,so need to redo those
so for now here you have the demotape & both their 7''....too bad they didnt release more coz this was one of the best hc (real hc ;-) bands that existed the last 10 yrs,if you never heard em before this could have been made in '82/'83
sloppy,fast,funny ...some nice ingredients for a good record,tour cover is a nice one too #-ed/200

FJ was:
Eric - bass (on demo only)
D-boon - bass (on are a total wreck 7''only)
Andy - vocals
Colin - drums
Matt - guitar




donderdag 28 juli 2011

THE NIXE - live at de melkweg,amsterdam-the netherlands 11-20-1996 CLEANED!

more dutch stuff,fem. fronted punk from utreg this time (LAITZ_from nieuwegein-utrecht will follow laterrrrr)
3 females,1 guy to be precise,they recently released their discography on vinyl lp that came out nice!  released by POLLYMAGGOO recs,but unfortunaly no liveset from the good ol'days,but sometime ago,i found this ,together with the frites modern reunion & and the nitshitz,all 3 played that night,it are videorips,coz i also found frites modern clips,same sound...
it has alot of noise/cracks/annoying beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps in it,tried to get rid of that,this is the result,have fun with it
oh yeah boring had 3/4 cuts,removed em but you can hear it once,sounds like a skip now,better than a weird cut pop of a few seconds,so this is the best of me....

buy the lp from

go bug em here



woensdag 27 juli 2011

SPECIAL FORCES - 40 songs to kill by 1984-1987 cd-r (berkeley,san fransisco-CA)

                              did you ever say yes,when you should have said no?
                               as promised,40 songs to kill by discography cd-r
they started in august 83,steve replaced a guy called Erik on drums,with this line up the 1984 demo & the world domination lp were recorded in '84 and the lp is released in '85 on boner records
a classic records i still need in my collection,so donations are welcome ha ha
the st lp is unreleased by my knowledge,7'' at the end are from the end 80's,early 90's but still great stuff,except for a track or 2 which are slower tracks,this is a damn great discography that should be on vinyl (2x lp) and for others a remastered d would be nice too
but for now,this is it kids!
took me awhile,redid the demo,think it sounds better now,and also added the KALX int,downloaded that from the noise addiction blogspot,thx!
so 40 songs to kill by and a 5 min int. as track 41

Orlando - vocals
Bill - guitar
Kirby - bass
Steve - drums


SONS OF ISHMAEL - live @ the roach motel,Guelph,Ontario-Canada 12-26-1986

scan stolen from the equalizing distort blog! go there for some canada hc-punk history!

requested 4 months ago or something but no comp/internet before so here it is,supposed to make a nice cover for this one but lost all programs too i used for making these shitty covers ;-) so have to start all over again and will take some time.so this will change into a nice cdr soon!
from a 1 track,cut it up and removed tape noise,hope you like it,think it misses the 1 track from the set coz it started weird...but 19 tracks of S.O.I. is nice isnt it?

01-service to your country-end to your life
02-small town mentality
03-does it matter
04-be a man
05-burnt farmer
06-Elvis inc.
07-church inc.
08-condemned to live
09-mr. personality
12-posse comitates
13-jingle bells
14-follow the leader
17-break free
18-ducks unlimited
19-today's victim,tomorrows agressor

any help with the 2 missing titles is appreciated!


DIRTY DIRT & THE DIRTS - 6 song 7'' + 3 bonus (ESPERANZA fans,get this!)

talking about underated records
here we have the dirty dirt & the dirts 7'' from '98,this has Rich Booher on vocals,you should know him as the vocalist for ESPERANZA,he did alot of other bands besides esperanza (some were included in the  ESPERANZA disco posted before,but i messed order of the tracks and all songs are mixed up now...any help with the 3 unreleased esperanza tracks in that folder is appreciated,so i can remove the other stuff...thx)
this is pretty much same style as esperanza,offcourse you hear a difference but just as good,well thought lyrics too,go read it! while you wait for the tunes!
oh yeah track 7&8 are dl-ed from their myspace yrs ago when it was still easy to dl from there
track 9 is taken from the SK8 OR DIE! comp 7'' post scans of that record later
esperanza demotape scans will follow too! both versions,and later a nice metallica "pastor of muppets" lp rip off cover for the disco...
and if anyone has the full DD&TD discography,hook me up????? pleaaase ,i won't post it on here,but just wanna hear those old songs,never heard the demo etc and think they recorded over 20 songs,would be cool to hear em!