zondag 19 juni 2016

up soon! GAZPACHO - 2nd demo + more...

never thought i would find those tracks after all these yrs,but sometimes things are coming to you when you don't expect it,and this is a good thing,one of the members emailed all the stuff they did after the demo 7" on headline recs and their track on the memories for tomorrow comp lp on youngblood recs,good melodic stuff!!!
so gotta thank Jamie for this!
ill share em with you ASAP!!!
gotta edit a livetrack but still need to install audacity and it's been awhile,hope i still remember how to do it haha
it been so fucking loooong...

vrijdag 17 juni 2016

EVOL - 1988-1992 10" OUT NOW! CORRUPTION/BLOEDBAD tapes coming soon!

the wait is over!!!
a venice classic finally available on vinyl after all these yrs,and including the 1988 demotape!!!
you know you need this, and a brazilian release,how cool is that? no lim pressings,pre orders etc,all come on green wax.

500 copies all on green vinyl 
1x 10" is 12 Euro by European banktransfer or 13 Euro by PayPal, excluding shipping.
Shippingcosts, registered letter 1 up to 4 copies:
Netherlands: 4 Euro
Europe: 12 Euro
World: 17 Euro
you need more info?,contact Richard here: 

and another classic re-release on it's orig format CORRUPTION - infest of rage 1986 demo
official release with permission from Billy Wedgeworth (R.I.P.) son William
pimped up artwork and on a pro duplicated tape,brazilian/dutch split release.
25 copies will be available from MOSHOVER recs in brazil,the other 25 from me in europe (OFAL TAPES)
so more info on that soon....

both classics in my book and if you are into the crossover sound,you know what to do...

Richard also re-released the C.K.N. 1985 demo on tape again,10 copies left of that so hurry if you want one...

and more good news

BLOEDBAD 1984 recordings

Raw 80's Holland Hardcore. This tape gathers their recordings from 1984, being their part of the Roodwitzwart 4Way LP, their obscure demo from July 1984, the song "Resultaat van de Navo" from the classic Babylon Bleibt Fahren compilation LP live in Babylon, and on more song from the same gig.

80s Eurocore style, think C.K.N., Lärm, Mob 47, AntiCimex, Wretched, Pandemonium, Inferno and the likes.

Oficial release with lyrics and never published photos and artwork.