maandag 26 maart 2012

DIE KREUZEN - "this hope" 1982-1983 demo's version 3!

cleaned em for the 3rd time,now im done with it,came out better as the other 2 version,soooooo
here you have em!

or use the player/download on here

donderdag 22 maart 2012

CROSSED OUT - live from 3 way livetape (199?)

after those sweet melodies of gorilla angreb its time to make some noise

so a little bit CROSSED OUT for ya'll
12 tracks from a tape released by Z.A.S.  autoproduzione from Italy
also released on vinyl 10'' bootleg,but with a different sound quality...
these 12 tracks are from the 3 way live split tape with DROP DEAD & SUPPRESSION
the CROSSED OUT tracks sounded best so cleaned those first,maybe other bands laterrrr but here's CROSSED OUT

if you wanna hear/check the bootleg 10'' which has a few extra unreleased tracks as bonus\
you should go visit my buds blog 

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

GORILLA ANGREB - live @ radiohuset rocker-denmark 2006 cd-r (denmark)

their best livestuff i've heard,great 16 song set!
it was a pain in the ass to get all titles right,some tracks sound completely different from the vinyl versions
but what we have here is a really good set,faster as the recorded stuff,great vocals,great bass sound,everything is recorded perfect
this could have been a nice official cd,but it isnt...
so saves you some $$ and you can enjoy some nice/beautiful music
but you can also pick up some of their releases which are still available from a shitload of distro's around the globe!
here ya go


woensdag 14 maart 2012

KRIKK - best of rehearsal 1982 (egmond-the netherlands)

KRIKK were a shortlived band from Egmond,a small town in the netherlands
they never released a record or anything,but they had 6 tracks on a compilation tape,and the ode to the parkhof venue on the piss off parkhof 7'' ,tracks from that comp tape are not included in here,the 7'' track is...all 8 tracks are from a rehearsal in 1982,these sounded best so here you have em,as usual cleaned up a bit

02-klare taal
03-borstal breakout (SHAM 69)
04-ode aan bakoenin
07-ode aan parkhof
08-ode aan parkhof 2

dinsdag 13 maart 2012

TOTALT JÄVLA MORKER - live @ pipeline,sundsvall-sweden 2005 (swedish radio broadcast)

a response to Jocke's post on his blog ,see left side...
not sure if posted before,but version 2!

modern Swedish d-beat-kängpunk or whatever they call it
fast,pissed off and heavy as fuck are good ingredients...
so what you get is 10 tracks recorded live & broadcasted on swedish radio in 2005
still has a few mouseclicks in the sound,got rid of some,but a pain in the ass so good for now
skip to track #4,raise volume to 10 & go nuts! ondskans maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakt!

maandag 12 maart 2012

FINAL WARNING - 1983 demo (portland-OR)

allright,mystery solved folks,thx to Gen!

this demo was sitting in my comp for yrs but didnt really know where these guys were from,NY/PDX?
had it up before as the NY one (pretty stupid coz they weren't around in that time) ,butchered the recordings too...

but now  2/3 yrs later,redid the whole thing,came out 10x better and this seems to be a pretty rare demo,it came out in '83 without tracktitles or anything
so can't provide em,but what i can give you is 3 nights of work in mp3 format
12 tracks of fast hc-punk-d-beat early style
don't know shit about d-beat,and not into discharge etc...but
Gen also told me they were the 1st band in the u.s. who played this style of music along with diatribe/iconoclast
so pretty cool to figure out
never expected this coz their other recordings sound completely different
but this demo is really,really gooooood!!!

oh yeah,changed track order... favorite tracks first....

PDX cd still available in several distro's on the net,which contains all studio recording,and a liveset from 1985...
the band/label should release this one too,on vinyl please? ;-0

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

AVSKUM - demo 1982 (sweden-old-fast-and-loud remaster 2012 ;-0)

re-released on cd and in 2010 on 7'' by Prank records
completely missed this release...

so started cleaning the tape,after a few tracks,i thought,lets look if its released and damn yeah,thought wasted my time,but after checking the orig tape rip and 7'' version,i came to the conclusion i prefer to listen to my own version
you know, i like raw/fucked up recordings...;-0
this might sound a bit over the top,but give it a try & PLAY LOUUUUD! your neighbors will luuuv it!

maybe tomorrow another version,track 2,3 & 4 might need a few changes,we'll see...

donderdag 8 maart 2012

GOVERNMENT ISSUE - live @ love hall,philadelphia-PA 12-03-1983

cd-r back sooner or laterrrrrr

01-teenager in a box
02-blending in
04-plain to see
05-time to escape
06-notch my crotch
08-dead dog
10-4 wall hermit
11-these boots are made for walking (NANCY SINATRA)
13-hall of fame
14-sheer terror
15-puppet on a string
16-here's the rope
17-twisted views

from a 1 track mp3,great set,great sound! CLASSIC STUFF!

woensdag 7 maart 2012

YOUTH AGAINST FASCISM - libertad y justicia para quien? 7'' 1997 (chicago-IL)

01-ranchero chido
02-nazi scumheads
05-libertad y justicia para quien?
06-nuestra raza

Nuco - vocals
Fernando - guitar-vocals
Beto core - bass
Ferna - drums

released by ALARMA recs,think its defunct now,pretty hard to find releases,especially when your an euro bastard like me,but glad i picked it up when it came out,poor copied cover (who said i did a shitty 7'' cover ;-0) but it came with a biiiiiiig insert,all goooood.
after this one they changed name to YOUTH AGAINST and they released an lp/tape also on Alarma recs,but never been able to pick a hard copy,not even the tape version but recently spotted it in a polish distro so need to order it,but im boring you
here you have the mp3's of the 7''!  lyricsheet not included,will scan laterrrrrrrrr


NO LABELS - society's problem 1982-1983 cd-r (raleigh-NC)

no core comp tracks,Jayne Doe demo,why are we here? 7'' comp. & live arcade space,everything they did between 1982-1983
they did a couple of comp tracks too but all from the demo/s so no doubles included

back cover laterrrr,or not ;-0
think i have something by em on a raleigh scene report dvd too,will look and put it up

dinsdag 6 maart 2012

EXCOMULGADOS - demo '89 CLEANED! (spain)


luv the bass sound and the vocals alot,always wanted to release this demo,had contact with one of their friends on slsk but lost the username after changing server,sucks!

but we still have this,cleaned it up,so sounds awesome!


zondag 4 maart 2012

NFN (NON FIKTION NOIS) - !contaminacn mundial! 7'' (chicago-IL)

back up with a new/working link
and again,this is probably one of my favorite latino records ever!!!!!
released on Southkore recs yrs ago,sold out,
and it never got re-pressed so good luck!
this is not like the punky stuff thats coming out of LA lately,so don't expect some catchy tunes to shake your booty too,but expect some gooood raging pissed off hardcore!
nothing more,nothing less
think they never released anything else,a demo probably,never heard it,but would be coool
im accepting donations lol
mp3's are fine too!

scan of the insert laterrrrrr,still havent fixed scanner

THE ACCÜSED - live @ parkhof,alkmaar-the netherlands 1988 (seattle-WA)

02-starved to death
03-the bag lady
04-losing your mind
05-take no prisoners
06-Martha splatterhead
07-scared of the dark
08-maddest stories ever told
09-bethany home
10-inherit the earth
11-smothered her trust
12-halo of flies
15-wrong side of the grave

cleaned soundboard recordings!

their set @ simplon groningen will follow later,lost the one with titles so need to figure out the 18 titles too,might take awhile....will put up the set @ bolwerk,sneek 2007 too,need to cut a few tracks and that will be done,also from the board!

zaterdag 3 maart 2012

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - backyard session,bell air-CA june 21st, 1986

6 tracks ripped from dvd and converted/cleaned up ! would be a nice 7'',it would beat the bands in SM boot for sure! includes a minor threat cover! (yeah yeah they covered it too)

THE A-TEAM - live on WWPI & WERS radio boston-MA 2005

UNFINISHED!!! so need help with titles? anyone?

still no luck in finding the disc with the acoustic set on it,but to be honest,too lazy to check more also lol...
good boston hc ala negative fx/slapshot etc
everything they released is a ripper so pick up whats still available,worth your $$$$$!
cleaned/boosted the WWPI set,WERS set sounded good,as always

01-fall on your sword
02-your happiness,my target
04-Bush league
05-waving the flag of retardation
09-how much art? (SSD)


12-Hyde walks besides me
13-control your baby
14-Bush league
15-armor of apathy

acoustic set laterrrrrrrr