woensdag 30 juni 2010


dont be shy...it must suck when you dl something and some tracks are damaged so POST A SHORT MESSAGE and ill replace the link or post a link for that song only
just help me out a bit to make this a nice blog aight!


track 19 from the JET$ET disco was corrupt and i posted a new link to track 19 only...

CONDEMNED TO DEATH demo 2009 demo link is now working too!

and after a year the POISON PLANET demo 7'' is in the works again;-)
Nick is finishing the last things on the cover art so it should be ready for the plant soon
checking finances,but probably this one will be a split label release with OFFSIDE records from france,
Alex & i talked about a split release in the early stages of our label & he wants to release the demo too so i think this would be a killer split release
so keep an eye out for this one on vinyl!
they recently recorded new tracks too,some really good stuff! nice DK cover too you can check em on myspace or facebook


dinsdag 29 juni 2010

SOMETHIN' ELSE - demo 1986 (NJHC) COVERS! (for Vin b&q)

saw your post and the ugly cover so i thought lets return the favor
hope you like the end result.only thing i changed is the gun,i thought it looked a little girly so i made it a little bigger ;-)

also made some new mecht mensch covers,sticker later and than ill upload orig files in a folder for ya!

take care

everyone else,go dl the audio on


by DANLIFTINGBANNER (yours truly ;-)

a trip down memory lane...

after 20 years i picked up my pencills again and went back to my schooldays
ive got an education as an ordinaryhousepainter...

but when your learning to paint doors,ceilings and shit,they also teach you "commercial painting" you know,back in the day everything was painted,names from stores,stuff on windows whatever,but like many old professions,this kinda died

the computer does the same job,sometimes even better and alot faster

i was tired of cleaning up stuff on my comp,so decided to start painting again

decks this time..,and i suprised some people including myself

this are the first 6 i made,the yellow was the 1st attempt and came out nice after 20 yrs so... started on the white ST deck,16 hours later it was done and i think it came out really nice,now im hooked and gonna paint all cool drawning i can find ha ha

the EXCEL deck is a remake of the collectable excel skates deck,you cant see it on the shitty pic but it has also "skates" painted in green underneath the skull

a neighbor gave me a pic of Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan movies,no shitty pic but in animation/pin up style,wasnt sure if i could do it...im no picasso;-)

but started and 12 bottles of coke,4 gr weed and 25 hours (spread over 1,5 week) later,i ended up with the one pictured and even i wanna hang it on my wall,its a cheap deck but it fits nicely...

70% is done with my middle finger (all grey-ish stuff) so i "fingered" Tinkerbell for a few hours LOL

but serious,gonna continue painting for sure,got 2 R.K.L. designs ready and a BGK one+ an exorcist design/painting so gonna use this blog for posting my skate deck paintings too.like it or not,im gonna pose around ;-)

if you got some cool drawnings,send em over,luv challenges!

better/more piocs later,just finished a beowulf deck and a new cycotic youth deck,the one on the pic is done too,but changed the bottom to "santa monica suicidals'' removed the venice california...top has 3 skulls...youll see,it looks better now...


maandag 28 juni 2010


maybe nice with the CA disco upcoming,CA had members of CONDEMNED TO DEATH
this thingy right here is the 2009 demo.which include 3 classic CA/ATTITUDE tracks
line up on this demo is
Rotten Scotty - vocals
Rick Strahl - guitar/vocals
Sven Soderlund - guitar/vocals
Slade Andersen - drums
Keith Chatham - drums
make sure you check out the C2D vats demo & their st 7'' on R-Radical recs (7'' is on this blog too),both classics in my book and highly recommended!!! grand theft audio did a cd version of everything,demo/7''/lp/live,lp isnt my cup of tea but you might like it,shouldnt be that hard to pick up a copy,check your recordshop/mailorder and im sure they carry it,CLASSIC STUFF!!!
tracklisting demo 2009
02-crucified system
03-big time game
05-aggresive system
06-anti social

donderdag 24 juni 2010


OH YEAH,ITS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ready for order kids so go get your copy now!!!!!!!!!!!!! contains 8 bonus tracks!!! last recordings have 2/3 founding members of CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER! i cant wait to hear those bonus tracks,hate cd's but just ordered this baby,you should too!
more VENICE related stuff later,huge ST blow out,+/_ 20 livesets and whatever more,and offcourse pics of the venice skatedeck serie i painted last weeks,check back soon!
tonight some crappy recordings from SUICIDAL live @ KLXU radio in DC 1984...

dinsdag 22 juni 2010

324 - 6 track demo 1997 tape (japan)

more faaaaaaaaast japanese stuff,got this a week ago as 1 track,cut it up and here ya go
6 tracks of brutal grindcore influenced stuff for all you maniacs outthere


zondag 20 juni 2010

ROMANTIC GORILLA - demo '93-fun 7'' & comp tracks cd-r (fem. fronted!-japan)

demo 93 cover

fun 7'' cover - released on the german label "striving for togetherness

Again its time for some fucked up japanese noise,female fronted this time,and boy does she scream out her guts! really amazing
if you are into fast & pissed off hc,this is your thing
thx to OS-Mike for keeping on buggin Nicholas-BORED STRAIGHT to rip the demo & fun 7'' ;-)
cd-r covers later...painting a cycotic youth/beowulf deck at the moment so no covers till im done
but enjoy the tunes!!!!!!!!!!
and for more info go check the band's website

dinsdag 15 juni 2010

NO RESPONSE - more pollution from greenbay demo 1983 mp3's

16 tracks from m4a to 320 kbps mp3...
no tapecover or anything so ill make one soon!
got a request on slsk if i had this and remembered i dl it years ago,digged it up & pretty nice demo so why not upload it on here too

here ya go


covers later,micro edge demo maybe tonight,not sure,weather is too good to stay indoors so im sitting on my white ass in the sunshine to get some tan,you should too!

zondag 13 juni 2010



i was collecting some drawnings/record covers with skateboards on it for on a friends website ( http://www.skateordiemotherfucker.nl/) go check it out,cool website!!! done by Mike D. from TUCO RAMIREZ.SKULLS AND FLAMES (S.A.F.) and currently WAKING THE DEAD.

and remembered these 2 demos had pics in the folder with skate stuff on the pics,so digged em up and played em offcourse
totally forgot what a classic demos this are,so im gonna share em with you...
thx to one of the french blog dudes i can't get along with for adding titles ;-)))) horrible edited so i redid it,think it sounds alot better now
will look for some more info on both bands but probably a pain in the ass...

'' MICRO EDGE '' is the next upload,the best thing outta canada after NEG. GAIN!!! if that demo was released as an lp in the early 80's im pretty sure it would be on everybodys list of alltime classics
great FU'S-boston vibe
here ya go! cover in orig size incl in folder...

MICRO EDGE - united we skate demo '83 NEXT!!!

zaterdag 5 juni 2010

AMSTERDAMNED - DOPE! '82-'83 cd-r NEW VERSION!!!!!!!!!

amsterdamned didnt release anything by themselve, they appeared twice on a compilation (als je haar maar goed zit released on vogelspin recs in '82 and some bootleg 7'')

liveset from 1982,recorded from the board @ paradiso A'dam in '82,it sounds amazing,luv that bass sound,too bad you don't hear it in modern day recordings anymore
a nice piece of dutch hardcore/punk history

set at de buze is alot rougher/raw as the a'dam set but both great,2 titles of de buze set are unknown to me,hope someone can fill em in!

!!!!!!!! new link with covers incl and correct track titles and 2 removed tracks (noise) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


donderdag 3 juni 2010

THE JET$ET - 1981-1984 disco cd-r (holland hc)

THE JET$ET were an political hardcore band from the groningen area and part of the "rood,wit,zwart collective"
you know that name probably from the compilation lp's they did,one had also JET$ET tracks on it...bloedbad and a bunch of other bands were in the collective too (bloedbad disco + next!)
will look for more info tonight but not much to find sofar...
edit: track 19 seems to be corrupt,so heres a dl link for track 19 only...

dinsdag 1 juni 2010

INSTED - live @ fenders ballroom 1989 cd-r CLEANED-UP NOW!!!!

Allright kids
a few days ago i posted AVO's fuck positive hc 7'' but to be honest,i need my weekly posi dosis to keep everything in balance ;-)
and i still enjoy INSTED 7''& 1ST LP alot
i've been listening to these recordings for yrs with the hiss and especially in the banter between the songs its a huge difference compared to the the 1 track set
played it a couple of times the last 2 days and i luv it,great sounding set with early songs
busy painting so for now this is all the info you get,but you are used to it by know arent you? ;-)
go to www.myspace.com/xinstedx if you wanna know more about em
and Marc-TOWEL if you read this,you were there so post a little story please,wonder what happened during tell me? (pillow) fight ?;-)
anyway,took me and Vin some time to make it sound/look this good,hope you all will enjoy it!!!