woensdag 28 oktober 2009

GORILLA BISCUITS - live @ the dutchess,leeds-UK 06-11-'89 (sb) cd-r

192 kbps from flac,soundboard! great set! back/link later tonight

dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

GORILLA ANGREB - live on WFMU radio 03-14-2006 cd-r

so some softer tunes...when im going down,im taking you with me...

zondag 25 oktober 2009

LESS SLOW,MORE GO! recs #1 teaser SUCKED DRY - FALLING... 7''





THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everything i dreamed about since i was 14 yrs old...
the last couple of yrs i talked alot about doing a record but now i finally managed to get my shit together and put out this baby
all in all it took waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long,but its my first one,and i did everything myself...
i have to thank 2 persons who helped me out...

first one is Frankie Deny who helped me out with the printer colors and stuff,without him the covers wouldnt look this nice/tight

2nd one is the butterfly in my head that made me go insane...
you were the only one really positive about the whole label/record thingy and gave my confidence/creativity a boost
you were and still are a huge inspiration...hope all is well with you.


hope everything will work out the way i want and i can continue putting out 2/3 records a year...
if not,ok with me,i did my thing,no one can take that away from me anymore
but im glad its done,it gave me a bunch of grey hairs but its a damn great record,so it was worth the struggle...
finishing up the last things,7'' should be available through the band in the U.S. (25 pre covers/75 reg.) sooon!

so if you live in the states and want one,order em from them first,probably saves you some $ on shipping!!!
europeans can contact me through my myspace when you see the info!!! so dont ask yet!!!!!!!!!!!!
still have to set up a myspace/paypal buying thingy and stuff,pain in the ass...

but here's the 7'' unmastered (how i send em to the plant)
real 7'' sounds even better offcourse;-)

7 tracks of fast,brutal hardcore from these kansas city youngsters,the damage is done in 5,5 minutes so you know what to expect ha ha


zondag 18 oktober 2009

ENSIGN - live 1998-2005

germany '98 as 1 track + CBGB's NY as 1 track...first one came out as an official live tape...
insert + front cover used for the cdr cover...
both do not sound really great but acceptable...
think i have the SOIA set somewhere too from that night but if i remember correctly only 9 min. or something...most precious blood played too i believe,horrible band ;-)
still play the later ensign every now and then,what ever happened to indecision records?
they did some good stuff...

zondag 11 oktober 2009

IN DEFENCE & BIRDS OF A FEATHER - live @ OCCII,amsterdam-the netherlands 09-30-'09

go to http://www.vimeo.com/
dload the vid,burn it to dvd! here's a cover ;-)

dl the BOAF set here!!!!!!!!!!!!

vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

RADICAL RETARD - sometimes demo '92

dutch crossover hardcore from the early 90's,just recently got this demo,didnt know em before till my buddy Pat pointed out that i should listen to em
and GODDAMN,where was i with my head back then...
7 tracks ala attitude etc...,if you are into the 80's crossover sound,you should give this a try!
pretty damn good demo,title track is my favorite,play it over and over...
02-low life
03-Freddy flinkstoned

woensdag 7 oktober 2009

GORILLA BISCUITS - live @ de melkweg,amsterdam-the netherlands 09-05-'07

flac to VBR
audio recorded by BLIV,a real audio taper...dude walked around with mics on his cap to record this show and the 013-tilburg show,both came out gooooooooooooood!!! the audio from this set is also used for the dvd combi ingking/bliv did... one of the best "bootleg" dvd's i have,rev recs should release it,great dvd to watch! ...but ill tease you no longer...heres the audio from that night...

zaterdag 3 oktober 2009


ripped from the video from youtube...so dont expect a great soundboard quality,the version on slsk had a bunch of cuts etc so i though let's give it a try
it came out clean/flat but listenable...just PLAY IT LOUUUUUUUD!!! HA HA
maybe im gonna re rip again,might can get it a bit fuller...
but here's the 1st attempt.


live in the buffalo pub in their hometown durham
audience recorded with a walkman or something,raw sound but pretty cool set!
from flac to mp3 320

donderdag 1 oktober 2009

TORMENTOR - 1989-1990 demotapes cd-r

you are probably thinking WTF is that!...well
DONT FORGET YOUR ROOTS,no matter what is is...
dutch death/thrash metal,done well
this is the old school stuff,not too much technical weirdness,just brutal fast/tight death/thrash
made a cd cover from the tape cover and there you go...

and remember ,the godfather of hc said if before,long hair/short hair,straight or not,UNITYYYYYY ;-0000000