woensdag 30 mei 2012

ABUSIVE ACTION - demo 1987 (N.Y.)

01-youth of today
02-behind the mask
03-helping hand
04-i love N.Y.
05-battered youth BADAAAAAAAAASS track!!!
06-tread man
07-fighting for a cause

another demo by ABUSIVE ACTION from '86-'87 and sounds alot tighter,bit faster too
great stuff!!!! ala NYC MAYMEM/STRAIGHT AHEAD
here ya goooooooo!

edit : requested so megaupload link replaced!

1987 demo

1985 demo here:

woensdag 23 mei 2012

HERPES - demo 2011 tape (rome-NY)

here you have the 2011 demo by HERPES from rome-NY
6 raw tracks of POISON IDEA worship but with some FRAMTID influences too,so it sounds a bit d-beatish/crusty but this is a very nice mixture for sure!
5 tracks by their own and "pure hate" a cover by P.I. as the closing track
pretty brutal stuff!
thx to Gen for sending!

02-hex it out
03-transcend to shred
05-death science
06-pure hate (POISON IDEA)

if you wanna order a tape/worn panties,whatever...you should visit their blog
and email 'em!

dl the demo-OFAL ''remaster''

zondag 20 mei 2012

ANTI STRESS - che schifo! demo 1989 (north lombardio-milan-italy)


anyone has any pics or even better the tape insert??? hook me up please!
here are the mp3's
enjoy and spread em around!

01-quel cazzo che mi pare
02-piccolo soldato
03-stazione di rho
07-che schifo
08-non sei punk


zaterdag 19 mei 2012

NO CUT - tragic a present 1983 demo (japan)

cleaned up demo!
had too much bass and a shower of tapenoise,all gone now
best i could do,so this is it. 

this sounds much more hc as their 1988 7'' and comp tracks.no need to check out those ,they SUCK
sound on the 7'' is great but boring ass songs...
no info in english to find online so saves some time typing ;-0

donderdag 17 mei 2012

FALSE JUSTICE - 1988 demo (Barnegat-NJ)

FALSE JUSTICE - demo 1988 recorded june 2nd at lioyd studios

Doug - vocals
Mike - guitar
Tom - guitar
Ed - bass
Rich - drums

2nd demo will follow also but is a pain in the ass to get it how i want it....
but this one came out NICE!
if you are into fast youth crew-ish this might be your thing
to me this reminds of the UP FRONT spirit lp,one of the best old school/88 styled records written imho
but go judge yourself!
alot of people think their 2nd demo is better as this one,but in casa OFAL this demo gets way more plays as the other one,its faster,not as polished as the '89 demo,but enough talk
it's time to stick together,you and me!

[request] think they did another too before this one,and there's a liveset floating around too,anyone who has em,hook me up! thx
(and just thinking,i grabbed alot of cool NJ demos from the demotapes blog and cleaned em up,might be doing a NEW JERSEY DEMOLITION cd-r soon with a bunch of classic demos,we'll see,gotta finish some other crap first)

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

NERV - demo 2011 + THESE NEEDLES - st lp (iowa city)

submitted by Joe (sorry it took so loooong!)
who bangs the drums in NERV & THESE NEEDLES from Iowa City
he wanted his bands on some blogs so people got a chance to hear/get to know em better
pretty cool isnt it?
the Nerv demo is my favorite from both bands,Brad from LOS VOLTAGE plays guitar in Nerv too
these guys put out a 9 track demo last year
those 9 tracks sound fast/thrashy and with some cool old DC/CA hc influences
really has an old feel to it
probably my favorite Iowa band from now on! GREAT DEMO!!!
a split 7'' with WILD CHILD from Minneapolis will follow soon on SMRT recs,KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT!

go check out the NERV demo here:




THESE NEEDLES - st lim. lp 2012

Joe plays also drums on this record,and the bassplayer from Nerv plays bass on this record too,which has 17 tracks on it!
different from the Nerv stuff....
sometimes punky,raw,noisy,more structured and pretty original
this is a record you need to listen a couple of times before you can judge,exactly what im gonna do ;-0
but this has some nice/cool songs on it for sure! favorite track sofar = track #4 the demand for him
go check it out
you can download the whole 17 track lp for free right here,if you like it,BUY IT! contact Joe through the NERV bandcamp to get a copy!

THESE NEEDLES - st lp here:


THX Joe!

zaterdag 12 mei 2012

PCP - early days-live (2 gigs) + 7 inches-demo cd-r (groningen-the netherlands)

fight back! 1998-2002 CD-R front

st 7''

01-evolution slaves
03-fight back
04-lawyers and liars

life's a war 7''  (la idea recs & many others (la idea = SIN DIOS label)
line up:


lyrics were written by Janick

05-animal or man
06-life's a war
07-destroy your TV

pressed on thick/heavy vinyl,comes with some sort of booklet with lyrics,usefull adresses etc! pick it up when you see it! maybe some spanish distro still has some if your lucky...

split 7'' with B.S.E. on UPS recs
line up:


09-drunk daze

demo 2002 (dont own orig,so not sure what line up...)

11-digital nightmare
13-human defeat
18-nowhere freedom

live @ Vera,Groningen-the netherlands 199?
line up

Janick - vocals
Oene - guitar
Pelle - bass
Maynard - drums

23-life's a war
24-nowhere freedom
25-destroy your TV
27-fight back
28-lawyers and liars
30-drunk daze
31-suicide (FLEAS AND LICE)

live @ Flensburg-Germany 199?
line up:

Janick - vocals
Oene - guitar
Pelle - bass
Maynard - drums

35-life's a war
36-lawyers and liar
37-destroy your TV
38-nowhere freedom
39-drunk daze
40-fight back
42-suicide (FLEAS AND LICE)

megaupload link was dead so here it is again,requested by Mikxxx
but in 2 parts! so you gotta move the tracks from one to the other coz folder 1 = #1-20 (demo/studio) folder 2 20-44 (both livesets)

part 1

part 2

PCP were a political band from Groningen-the netherlands,connected to the squat scene like alot of the Groningen bands did...that means also lots of line up changes
i can write  more but for more detailed/correct info you should visit the bacteria site
and thx to the guy from  http://hellpunk666.blogspot.com/ for sharing the livesets!

more info here:

vrijdag 11 mei 2012

SHIKARI - live @ Vera's basement bar,groningen-the netherlands 05-07-2002 (groningen)

SHIKARI from Groningen played their last show in 2005 in simplon groningen and reunited in 2008/9

this is one of their earlier gigs in the Vera basement bar in Groningen
this comes from video,but boosted etc
is the only word i give you
never saw em live myself but friends saw em many times and they always kicked butt
this is/was probably one of the best live bands we had overhere

SHIKARI was/is:

Mark - vocals
Maurice - guitar
Bas - bass
Michael - drums

and yeah,these guys played in every groningen band before/after this
from the 80's till now,here some names...

this doesnt sound like any of the other bands
but give it a play if you are into chaotic/noisecore
and look for their records if you like em,theyre still available in some cool distro's!
for detailed info go check

www.bacteria.nl/shikari.htm Michael's site! if you are looking for any info on dutch/groningen bands,you should def check out his site,it has ALOT of info etc on it
also a groningen directory/galleries/mp3 dl center & whatever more,you can spend some time there ;-0

liveset here as 1 track,might cut it later....

too big for mediafire so rapidshare this time,in the middle you see save file to computer + a thick green arrow,press the dl button below and it should work,1st try also so hope it works...

IDIJOTZ - GLORIOUS DEATH - 1983 demo's (steenwijk)

classic dutch hardcore from Steenwijk,home of "de buze"...they shared member/s with glorious death
little more info soon + both demo's with a new link
IDIJOTZ - demo '83

01-police department
04-operation Grenada
05-nuclear disaster
06-de doorsnee boy
09-on the edge




MORNINGTON CRESCENT - 1982 demo 1 (amsterdam-the netherlands) + discography lp OUT SOON!!!

another demo that should be released onto vinyl!
big thx to Rene for sharing a better/FUCKING AWESOME! ;-) version of this one!!!!!!!

edit: Emile just posted a comment:

MORNINGTON CRESCENT is gonna release an lp soon!!!!!!!

on GUMMOPUNX records if im not mistaken...
the lp will contain the demo 1 in the best quality
the 7'' recordings,a 7'' flexi track
and a couple of unreleased studio tracks from 1983

cant wait to hear those unreleased tracks!
for more info and a cool video ;-0 go here

woensdag 9 mei 2012

UNNATURAL SILENCE - nuclear attack demo 1983 (vancouver-BC-canada) V.2!

...removed some pictures from older posts so i can do a few more posts with pictures...

the link was dead,and cleaned up 2 yrs ago
so cleaned it again and now its done,best i can do.

BADASS demo!!! with some very early d-beat influences,in the track Hiroshima you can hear it which direction they were heading to
too bad these guys never released a record,if this demo was pressed onto wax in 1983 it would be a classic in these days...
some canadian label should release this!
and check out the liveset from 1985 with their 2nd vocalist
it's on the melonvillehc blog (see left side of blog)
and if anybody has the 1st track of the orig tape,email it please!,its actually 20 tracks...but only got 19
yada yada yada

maandag 7 mei 2012

RAJAT - demo 2012 cd-r (finland)

sorry,cant upload anymore pics,again....
but theyre included in the folder!
probably gonna sign up for a new blog coz im not gonna pay for extra storage
when i do,ill post link to the new blog,but who knows it might be the end of OFAL...
lately im getting more and more annoyed/PISSED OFF by the whole blogging thingy/greedy bastards a.k.a. mp3 downloaders leaving no comments and so on...
but not going into that crap
here's the download link!
awesome female fronted hardcore from Tampere-Finland!!!


INFEST - live @ U-gene's pico rivera-CA 1990 7''


PLAY DEAFENING LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woensdag 2 mei 2012

BONELESS - punk is dead,so what? 2007-2009 demo & practices cd-r (CA)

one of the most underated LA bands from the last couple of yrs
their 12 track demo from 2008 got many,many plays overhere.
production was a bit thin/clean in the demo recordings so gave em alot of extra bass and stuff
and crapper,it turned out really good!!!!
good enough for on a piece of wax
practice tapes are raw as fuck,luv it!
volume etc pushed over the limit (you know,all the way up to 11.... ;-0
done with the recordings,trying to make a decent cover for it tonight,so ....
go get it when done,STUFF RULES!
and who knows if times will get better in the record label industry and people start buying records again,this will end up on vinyl.....ofal demo series... ;-0 all in the future....we'll see


dinsdag 1 mei 2012

SHIPWRECKED - demo 2004 (norway) + LP out now!!!

SHIPWRECKED stamped limited edition of the new lp "FU's my america" rip off (record store day press /113)
still copies left! just picked up a copy
BADASS! record
this is one of the top 5 records this year for sure,21 tracks in the vein of the old TAANG/X-CLAIM stuff

you can check out the demo from 8 yrs ago here:

02-pearls & pigs
03-challenge crew
06-keyboard avenger