zondag 30 oktober 2011

PRENATAL LUST - demo 1982 (texas) CLEANED!!!

03-bad taste
04-entertainment tonight
05-death culture
06-speeding ticket

from a one track mp3,cleaned it up,pain in the ass but this came out really nice compared to the original
go check it out,awesome Texas hc from '82!!! track 7 has a little part that was damaged too much...


filthy cd-r cover laterrrrrrrr

zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

THRÄSHERS - demo 2011 (sweden) COMPLETE DEMO! 10 tracks

ooooooh yeah!
what we have here is the 10 track demotape from sweden's THRÄSHERS
my slsk/blog buddy Mike pointed em out so checked out their bandcamp site....
they remind me of the good ol' days (damn i sound like an old fart) of DS-13,E.T.A.,THE DEAD ONES and more of that Y2K thrashy stuff
10 tracks of fast hardcore with swedish lyrics in 9 tracks,good choice!
prefer it when bands sing in their own native language,even now i have no clue what their lyrics are about,yeah shitlife isnt hard to guess lol
but it sounds more sincere... to top it off,they made some nice tape artwork too
so all in all this is a BADASS! demo,that should be pressed onto wax
emailed the guys for a couple of tapes but no luck for uncle Dan...
first run of 120 copies already sold out...
BUT they're doing a second run of 50 (why not make it 100?) don't miss out!
check their bandcamp here

thx to the folks @  D-TAKT & RAPUNK recs/DISTORT THE WORLD TAPES
 you can now download the full demotape,10 tracks,right here!!!
say thx!!!!!!!

PERSONAL REGRET - demo 1985 (las vegas-NV) CLEANED!

taken from noise addiction but cleaned it up!
badass las vegas hardcore with a great thick bass sound,just done,go get it!
cant play loud at the moment so not sure if all tapenoise is gone but sounds good sofar...

dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

MAD CONFLUX - crazy action party 1985-1991 cd 2005 (japan)

requested by Marcelo,
here you have it,contains all compilation,splits and 2 livesets,have fun!



next will be the NOISE DISTRACTION flexi incl scans
awhile ago  i scored 2 copies for cheap,and its actually one of the only old japanese records i own beside the COP/SOB lp's (scans will follow as soon i got my printer/scanner repaired but you know im a lazy fuck...so sooner or laterrrr)

RABIA - demo 2005 cd-r (NY)

RABIA - demo 2005
i've got alot of rabia inside me at the moment so here ya go,awesome latino hardcore from the big city!
think the band never released anything on a label,which is a shame,coz these 6 tracks are good enough for a record! maybe some day...
go check it out! its gooood!!

demo 2005 cd-r incl covers

more info

2006 demo maybe later if i can figure out the titles...that one has a 2nd guitarplayer on the recordings,think it was one of the guys from NJ's ANTI ARMADA...but its been awhile,that demo is posted in the early days of ofal,so if you want that one,go 2 yrs back on this blog! stuff rules!


maandag 24 oktober 2011

IMMORAL MINORITY - retaliation demo 1985 cd-r (vancouver-BC-canada) CLEANED!

cdr sticker + back soooooon!

another tape from Jacques collection...THX!
just got rid of all the tapenoise...you can hear it a bit in the bass intro,but thats all,BADASS demo!!!
have fun listening! & 2nd version up soon i think,some tracks still have some volume changes,some tapenoise,annyoning sounds,will fix! but for now,check these,awhole lot better,if you think not,dl the other version here


Bill  - drums/vocals
Brian - bass/vocals
Dean - guitar

01-die democratic
02-food bank fun
03-who's right,who's wrong?
04-no toys for you
06-practise what you preach
07-they're cowards
08-untamed war
09-a difference in youth politics
10-immoral minority
11-i don't need your help
12-feeling good

KNOLCYPERUS - demo (hoorn-the netherlands)

not my cup of tea...but downloaded a few unknown old dutch demo's from Jacques on slsk
this was one of em,before i delete it,just put it up here,its pretty rare i think,punky stuff from Hoorn (also hometown of INDIREKT) with SAX!
whole bunch of tracks 20+ so if you wanna check out some obscure dutch punk stuff,go for it!
and think ill clean this a bit too,has too much bass ,think i can get this awhoooooooole lot better
full demo

track 11 GOED GEK! cleaned up!

lemme know if you want me to do the rest too,before i spend 2  hours or more i wanna make sure its worth the time,if no one cares,ill leave it...

donderdag 20 oktober 2011

BRAIN TUMORS - demo 2011 (minneapolis-MN)

new band from Minneapolis
and they delivered this demo tape last year
12 track as 10 tracks (first track = 3in1) and limited to 100 copies!!!
fast/thrashy/punky music with great vocals,awesome guitarsound too!!
some reviews say 9 shocks terror-cleveland  influences but don't hear it much...
go check it out yourself,7'' is also out,will upload later coz the band doesnt give a fuck about it being online..you can buy! & dl the tape here too

for the lazy fuckers


MANLIFTINGBANNER - the revolution continues! 2x lp disco,including 8 new tracks out sooon!!!!!!!!!

HELL YEAH! 14 yrs after the release of the cd discography...MLB announces a double lp discography
including 8 new tracks! recently recorded,in the same style of the older stuff,or maybe with a little DEADSTOOLPIGEON thrown in,but thats no bad thing either,
one of my favorite dutch bands ever,so cant wait to hear those new tracks...
had some clips on youtube but they deleted everything,so maybe ill upload something to vimeo soon!
but go check it out here:




dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

BOBWIRE - st lp 1986 (lisse-bollenstreek;-0-the netherlands)


Erick - vocals
Erik - guitar
Ewout - bass
Pat - drums

this is their st record from 1986,own release if i'm not mistaken...not completely sure where these dudes were from,think its Lisse,but saw Leiden/Rotterdam on the net too,so pick your favorite!
but this is badass hc-crossover with good lyrics,just as good as the MONGO MANGE GATTOO lp,so if you liked that one,grab this one too! stuff rules!
great artwork on this record,awesome tunes,good lyrics,A MUST HAVE! recently picked it up for 15 bucks,not bad,so more info etc sooooon!
but here you have the boosted mp3's! sounds goooooood!
this one was requested so HAVE FUN DUDE!

06-turning mad
08-duty to kill
10-bully boys
12-bored working man
13-slave of society
14-listen to the pope


maandag 17 oktober 2011

PANDEMONIUM - de pandemonium affaire demo 1983

almost forgot this one in the dutch hc series...and....
another demo that´s in the top 3 of best dutch hc releases ever!
their lp and 1st 7'' were a bit dissapointing (production issue),2nd 7'' rules but has only 3 tracks...so this is it!
their best work,in my opinion...
not included on their discography... so all say thanks to Jeroen/COALITION recs for screwing up the mastertape of this demo,lol,well thats the story ive heard...
but other rumors are this is getting remastered from a good sounding copy and should be out some day on noise and distortion records from belgium!
but it should have been out by now...did nothing to these recordings..,why bother when its out soon in better quality done professional right?
ill look around for some cool pics/flyers too



good demo that was suffering from a bad rip/poor recording??? dont own this original but cleaned it up
and it sounds awhole lot better for sure
female fronted! latino/a hc! go check it out!!
band released a 7'' too,go pick it up!


zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

ELASTICDEATH - live @ caffeine,sao paulo-brasil march 15, 2009 (rio de janeiro-brasil)

 recorded by Luis!
powerviolence from Rio de Janeiro-brasil but done the california way
complete SPAZZ worship is what we have here,but done really well!!!!!!!!!!!!!
band sounds goooood  live! great set with 3 spazz covers,an infest cover,la revancha cover,and closing of with rise above by black flag
17 tracks in 16:20 yihaaaaaaaaaaaaa
PLAY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woensdag 12 oktober 2011

ALERGIA - ratas de ciudad demo 1989 (mexico) CLEANED!

taken from the ANARKO JUNK blog when it was still online,too bad its gone,had some great bands on it,but mediafire is still hosting all his files so thats nice
this is raw hardcore punk from mexico like MASSACRE 68,KAGADO DE PERRO,HISTERIA
tape had lots of noise in it,high quality mono recording lol
took out most of the noise,but still has some,more would ruin it...made it stereo too and boosted it
compared em & came out better but still...
anyway go check it out if you are into raw fucked up anarcho punk mexico styleeee!


dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

LIKE A HORSE - free! demo 1985 cd-r (columbia-MO)

click 2x on image to make em bigger,but included in folder too!

Another band i only knew of a few compilation tracks they did.
and since compilations are not my favorites i hardly remembered these guys...
but when browsing some files on slsk i saw this and a few bells started to ring,so queued it
and you know what? BADASS demo!!!
cleaned it a little coz it already sounded pretty good,equalized volume/channels
made a cdr cover from the live pic that was included,and someone made the front already,only changed a little,/contrast..
and if you think RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE was original in the early 90's,listen to Alburquerque bus junket...
here ya goooooooooooooo!

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

CRIATURAS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 04-13-2011 (texas)

01-flores en la tumba
02-sin final
03-los elijidos
04-sombras ocultas
05-aranas en la corazon
07-no hay futuro
10-hay viene la muerte

7'' was a little bit dissapointing,but a production issue,nothing wrong with the songwriting...
but they played this set on http://www.kboo.com/  and this blows away the 7''  without a doubt!
and a bunch of newer tracks too,looking forward to the new record.
great female fronted hc-punk from austin-texas!

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

WAKING THE DEAD/DFC split out soon/WTD/RUPSBAND brazilian tour 2011

flyer 75% done...

finished brasil tour shirt design! thx to mr ups for doing contrast thingy!

more info + 3 audioclips from the upcoming record

dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

ORGANIZED SPORTS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 04-21-2010 cd-r (portland-OR)

B.A.D.A.S.S. set!!!!!!!!!!!!
and redid it completely,1st track has no volume issues anymore,and track 5 is fixed too,if you dl it before,grab this one,sounds better!!!

maandag 3 oktober 2011

DESKONOCIDOS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 10-07-2009

Austin-Texas punk live on LIFE DURING WARTIME,KBOO radio 10-07-2009
this is a great set,the band progressed alot after their 7inches,the "en la oscuridad" lp is a really good record that suprised me and many others.
go buy it here:


02-acto criminal
03-no son libre
04-por que
06-juventud perdida
07-quien te va a salvar
08-vamos a bailar
09-en la oscuridad


for more info on the band,go check!


go check/download the band live @ work in the OCCII in amsterdam last year.
thx to DarcyThrash for sharing! make sure you check out all of his vids on vimeo,there are some nice ones to download!


cd-rrrr sticker tonight,you have to add it yourself to the folder coz im not gonna upload it again...
but for now,go dl this,sit down on your booty,and enjoy this ,coz this is really,really good!!!!!!