zaterdag 21 december 2013

GENERACION SUICIDA - en vivo ink annex 2013 (LA)

20 available from DON'T BUY RECORDS distro/mailorder.

20 are in the hands of the band...

BIG thx to Mike D. for helping out with the print colors and stuff.


i wanna dedicate this tape to Katja,the girlfriend of my blogbrother wild devil man.
she left us on dec. 10,tired of fighting the battle called life...
hope you found your peace girl.
and to my blogbrother,hold on bud,just hold on...


last 8 copies are availabe here soon.
need to figure out the shipping costs and crap...

AGIS ZORGVERZIEKERS A.K.A. ZILVEREN KRUIS "health insurances" /INCASSADE SS and other moneymachines...

fuck the dutch government and this damn health insurance company
they should bomb "het binnenhof" in the Hague and all the building of this fucking health insurance company.
in the logo they have the guts to call themselves "caretakers" 
but it's a just a money machine...fucking bastards.

i'm taking care of my old parents for quite some time now
 my mom with Alzheimer,my dad with a handicap (his foot got amputated 2 yrs ago...he is a diabetic...)
and i started on this with a good feeling,i don't have any  problems with their health problems and taking care of em,that's life and the way it is...
but thx to the fuckers Balkenende (former president) en now Mark Rutte and all the fools in the dutch cabinet I'M FUCKED! 
it's getting harder and harder each days to pay for all the medical bills that keep on coming. 
and if you don't pay on time,they give you the option to pay the amount + 97 euro extra or go to court and pay for all the crap that comes with it. another 112 euro
so in bad times they fuck with you a little more,that damn health insurance raises the amount with every letter they send through a incasso agency...
the only way to stop them to raise that amount is to pay the full amount + the 97 euro extra for the letter they sended AND the 112 euro's for the court costs,no shit
its just insane,and that's what they call health "care" in holland.

so in case you wonder why i'm a little pissed sometimes,
this is the reason...

LALLEND TEN ONDER!  so fuck it all we will see where we gonna strand...


another year,and the fun never ends...
recently i got a big package with a shitload of papers in it,
guess what?
these bastards of that insurance company hired this incaSSo agency 

to collect the money,well collect...they just took it,without my permission/agreement on anything
before the money from my montly paycheck arrived on my bankaccount.these nazi parasites took a part of it
and just before i paid off the last amount i owned these bastards...
they took it to court,when everything was almost paid off?????
now they charging me 266 euro's extra for the costs of the court (never knew they took it to court,got the papers on dec. 21,and had to pay on the 22nd,believe it or not)
AND guess again,
another 135 euro's!!! incasso costs extra,and incasso costs mean,sending you a letter...

we'll see what happens...

pretty sure i'm going on holiday for a few months soon,
coz the war is on, ill butcher each copper/incaSSo pig when they enter my house,mark my words!!!

another edit,
had to remove the manipulated logo or they would go to the police and more silly stuff,
so removed the one they were talking about,and replaced em,these are seperated logo's
no manipulated pics.

they got the right to steal my money "because they can" can you believe it and "in the name of the king"
they should shoot him for that.
that law is fucking WRONG! 
but ive got the right to post a picture and tell a story. right?
now what?

and yeah they will get the $$$ eventually,one way or another. that's how shit goes overhere.
but that's not the end of the story...not this time.

nope,it's march now and they raised the amount again to 631 euro's,again,all bills i had to pay are paid off awhile ago!
these are all extra costs they suck out of their thumb and they keep on raising the amount,thats how these incasso/SS operations make they money.
they dumped a letter in my mailbox,and i was at home when they did...those chickens dont even have the guts to deliver the letter in person,coz they know i would have fucked em up badly
and these capitalist cunts are reading this too so make sure you get this!


october 2015,the end of the road,and still pissed for what happened and still happening...something's boiling inside...

woensdag 18 december 2013

GAG - live on distort jersey city-WFMU november 13, 2013 (olympia-WA)

great set!!! 
sound engineer did a great job,only needed a few corrections this time...
and their best recording by them imho

donderdag 12 december 2013

JUDGE - live @ this is hardcore fest,the electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 10, 2013 (NYC)

it was worth the wait folks.
here it is.
the best liveset of TIHF 2013.

took out some silence/tuning/1x "i fuck you in the face" from track 14...if you don't know the lyrics,SHUT UP..., and corrected a few back up vocals-parts...
badass set.



stream & download mp3's,here:

HD multicam video with soundboard audio up for download here:

or here:

zaterdag 7 december 2013

BUNKER OESO - live @ skrätz,brielle-the netherlands 1982 (rotterdam-the netherlands)

17 tracks + an outro.
pretty cool gig.
different sound as the other set,more tracks also and nice ones!
incl. their punkiest track "openbare orde inlichtingen dienst" (public order/intelligence service) 
a track about a special unit of the rotterdamn police

donderdag 5 december 2013

THE OFFENDERS - 1983 demotape/cd-r (texas)

allright folks,

the 1983 demotape by THE OFFENDERS
classis texas hc,and to me their best stuff.
all the versions ive heard sounded flat/thin so gave it the OFAL threatment.
and nope,this isnt done from the GTA cd files,they sound different as these 
give it a good listen and youll hear.