dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

BATTERY - live @ irving plaza-revelation records 25 year anniversary NYC-NY october 13th, 2012 (DC)

this is a great reunion gig by a band who made at least 1 classic record in my book...
their 1st 7'' from '91 on deadlock recs incl their best song ever "i won't fall"
re-released in '93 as the "we won't fall" mcd on lost and found records.
and yrs later on another l&f 2 e.p. cd,soulforce records cd/dvd etc...
they also did records on conversion recs and offcourse REVELATION recs.
i can write more but why waste time reading when you can listen to their music...

this is DC hardcore from from the good ol' days ca.1990-1997


01-in our hands
02-has been
03-what i'd give
04-these are the days
05-brand new place
06-that'll never be me
07-go back to the gym
08-do you believe?
09-never forget
10-until the end
11-young 'til i die (7 SECONDS)

26 minutes and 7 seconds ;-0 no shit....

play/dl it here: (player cuts of tracks at the end,but d/l the zip on the left of the screen,and your ok)


Sunny Singh filmed most bands so go watch this,and the other rev 25 nyc gigs

audio comes from the video with a bit of audacity bullshit.
but came out real goooooood!!!
enjoy kids!


maandag 29 oktober 2012

WETBRAIN - deeemo 2012 (cleveland-OH)

Larry - vocals (THE DARVOCETS)


Shelton - bass (also a member of GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS,and also played in UPSTAB,NO PEACE & GRUDGE MATCH)


you can contact em here:

mwquilala at FUCK SPAM gmail dot com

dirtyrottenarmy at FUCK SPAM gmail dot com

OFAL isnt the place for long reviews and stuff coz i can't write a decent review so...
the list of bands these guys were in should say enough.
 but short: this tape sounds just as good as it looks!
badass artwork,pro printed tape and cover
and you'll get 7 tracks of fast hardcore/dirty/sometimes catchy punk
whatever you wanna call it...with lots of energy and you can hear these guys know their instruments well.
but can't pin down their sound...
it has a bit of all the bands...
so not gonna say anything more than
this is a B.A.D.A.S.S. demotape!

go check it out and pick up a copy if you can!
these will sell out quick,pretty sure....

thx again to Gen for sending music/artwork!


vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

GOVERNMENT WARNING - live @ the starlight ballroom,philadelphia-PA

from the Y.D.I. reunion gig!
full set video
this gig was shot shortly after the release of their 1st 7''
paid Mike-EATTAPES ticket so he could film this,pretty cool gig!
ill look for the FUCKED UP set also and will upload when i found it,but no luck sofar...
download on the left of your screen when your on the archive!

CRAPPER,no player for the video,no clue why but maybe it because it's an NRG file
but on the archive you can dl it,scroll down and you'll see "other files"
than right click the 1.2 gb thingy and save it to your comp
but ill convert it tomorrow to an mpeg or something...aight!

dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

VIOLENT RESTITUTION - demo + st lp 2012 (vancouver-BC-canada) new link!

from vancouver-BC-canada
 this trio delivered a top 10 record of this year!!! 11 tracks of vegan-anarcho-feminist inspired stuff
but don't expect chugga chugga stuff here like abnegation or greenrage,neckbrace,soulstice,sevin etc..
nope,this is sick/fast as fuck/old scool/grind/death metal/powerviolence with incredible female vocals and crazy drum parts,you'll shit your pants hearing this girl spitting out her guts!
and the lyrics are about animal rights,rascism etc...so they got a good message
really,really GOOD record!!!!

 demo 2012

01-murderous colonialist assimilators
02-not in my hood you rascist scumfuck
03-burning rage of a dying planet

2nd/better version

st lp 2012

03-burning rage of a dying planet
05-antropocentric speciesist bullshit
06-animal enterprise
07-murderous colonialist assimilators
09-blood money
10-not in our hood you rascist scumfuck
11-patriarchal regime


zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

donderdag 18 oktober 2012

DESTRUYE Y HUYE - demo 2012 (los angeles-CA)

here you have the 2012 demo by these 4 ladies from los angeles-CA

01-mata tu tele
02-oscura socieda
03-sin miedo
04-ni una mas
06-fuck Ted Bundy
07-trabajo de perro
08-destruye y huye (MG-15)

i'm a sucker for fem. fronted hc/punk so this couldn't go wrong...
played the crappy live recordings i stole from youtube over and over.
but now they finally have their demo out (sold out for now)
and i'm playing it alot!!!
what you get is 8 tracks in the vein of VULPESS,BULIMIA
with a nice raw/old sound/feel to it,pretty cool!
the last track is an B.A.D.A.S.S. cover of MG-15's "destruye y huye" 
so now you know where their name is coming from...

you can contact the ladies here:

too bad  i couldn't send any $$$ to the u.s. for the 5 copies i've ordered
thx to the assholes from my bank for blocking my account over and over...
but who knows the ladies/silenzio statico will do a 2nd run
i won't miss out a 2nd time...
are you still reading

woensdag 17 oktober 2012

DEFECT DEFECT - live on life during wartime,KBOO radio portland-OR 2011 (PDX)

just done with this one,came out pretty good!
another cool LDW gig!

01-stolen ground
02-fuck God,let's punk
03-time to die
04-napalm babies
05-not dead yet
06-your move
07-we've already lost
08-post apocalypse

play/dl here:

BRUDTE LOFTER - demo & live @ RR fest,perron 55,venlo-the netherlands 2012 (denmark)

new band from k-town-denmark!
and these guys are gooood!
they play minimal hc-punk like A.P.A. (AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ) did.
HJERTESTOP comes to mind too,catchy as hell without sounding poppy or anything
all lyrics in danish so thats pretty cool!
the demo contains 7 tracks,and clocks in 14 minutes...not sure if its on a tape or cd but it's
a really good demo!
you can check it out/download for free on their bandcamp site
and buy it! if you like what you're hearing!
you can email them on bandcamp for a copy! if there are any left????

next is a livegig they played overhere at the RR fest in Venlo-The Netherlands September 22nd, 2012 (with URBAN WASTE,MANLIFTINGBANNER etc)
Darcy Trash recorded the fest and he did a great job on this one,this set contains awhole bunch of new-unreleased tracks too!
hope they will release some vinyl soon coz these new tracks sound really good,especially the last track "ung,dum...og desperat" ,2nd part of that song is ridicilous good!!!!
go give it a listen!!!

download liveset here:

check out the video of the gig here:


thx to Martin for sending the titles and Darcy for recording!


4 song ung,dum...og desperat 7'' out in the near future on GUMMOPUNX recs from Amsterdam who also released the funeral oration demo,mornington crescent lp,commie boys 7'',bratpack demo,sick mormons etc...fits in perefect,check out his site here:

make sure you check out the 2nd hand stuff on his site,you can score some classics for cheap!

maandag 15 oktober 2012

NO REPLY - we don't owe you shit! 1999-2001

another one that should have been posted earlier coz this is LIFES HALT's brother band,they toured with em,played many gigs together etc...
played these records god knows how many times,and the demo even more
this includes the 3rd version of the demo and its the best i can do,if you have dl one of the old versions,please delete it???!
the demo has some non 7'' stuff  & it has a great/catchy cover of GENERATION X - day by day at the end.
...you can check out the demo here:

discography contains: the demo (D.I.Y) ,st 7'' on MANKIND recs,split 7'' on INDECISION recs (also available on the indecision split series cd),memories for tomorrow lp comp. track on YOUNGBLOOD records & the sk8 or die! 7'' comp. track on PIG PEN records)

and a better/full scan of the tape/insert up sooner or later,still havent fixed it...lazyyyyyyyyyyy

zondag 14 oktober 2012

SEPTIC DEATH - live @ cathay de grande,hollywood-CA march 29, 1984 !

SEPTIC DEATH's 1st and only L.A. show in the small downstairs of the cathay de grande
the U.K. SUBS were upstairs (playing or hanging out?)
a pretty good crowd (lively) for a thursday night,50-75 people in attendance
an audio recording of SEPTIC DEATH exists,no known video recording exists.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH played too,what a line up
hope these sets will pop up someday too

taken from http://www.septicdeath.com/

tried to steal the flyer coz i thought it was nice to put up with this post but they won't let me steal it,so i'll look for another one online ;-)

01-sweat of a nightmare
02-core of reality
03-never trust
04-poison mask
05-mental cancer
06-septic death
09-negative threat
13-eye missing
17-glue/out of step (SSD/MINOR THREAT)
18-demon (inside of me)
19-? sooooooooooon!

any mistakes,report em !

enjoy! nice set and its audience and from '84! and compared to the time is the boss bootleg this sounds better ,but judge for yourself!
shitty covers soooooooooon!


zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

THE SCOUNDRELS - the first 5 years (1981-1986)

holland hardcore-punk,from zundert.
remastered by their vocalist and sounds pretty gooooood!!!
download it from here:

KOSZMAR - polska dupa-iphone 2012 demotape (vancouver-BC-canada)

here you have the B side

6 tracks of raw/distorted/pissed off canadian hc/d-beat with all lyrics in polish!!!
the band will leave for a u.s. tour in a few days/weeks i think
the band will bring +/- 25 of the euro tapes with em & think they made some sexy shirts too
so go feed em some beers and buy some crap,thx!

iphone demo 2012 (yep,recorded on an iphone,PLAY DEAFENING LOOOOOUD!!!)

they will release their debut 7'' soon on BLACK TRASH records from austria,it will contain 5 re-recorded tracks from the demotape,think another 7'' with all new songs will follow after that one early 2013,so stay tuned for news!

you can listen/buy the polska dupa 2012 demo here:

still got 14 tapes left for sale 3,5 euro + shipping cost
if you buy all 14 together i'll give you a nice deal and will throw in a few SUCKED DRY- falling apart at the seams 7 inches for free!

 (+/- 28/9 copies are in the hands of the band,5 copies are on the way to france-KFC tapes)

donderdag 11 oktober 2012

NEON PISS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio PDX 2011 (bay area-CA) UPGRADE!

version 2! with a better sound!
taken from the podcast,so in real stereo this time (other came from a 128 kbps mono file)
and it's a huge difference compared to the other version
you will be hearing guitar/drum parts you couldn't hear in the other version
only little bad thing is you'll hear some people talking in the studio while the band is playing ,it's only in one of the tracks so this is a nice upgrade

or play/download from here:

www.kboo.org donate some $$$ if you enjoyed the life during wartime sets
 they doing a drive at the moment!

maandag 8 oktober 2012

CARNAL KNOWLEDGE - demo 2007 (brooklyn-N.Y.) pre-ZOMBIE DOGS!

01-just green eyes
02-call me bitch,meet my fist!
04-bad friends forever
05-power and control

cleaned it a bit...not the best sounding demo you've heard,but these 6 tracks are pretty goood! just found out the ladies are pre-ZOMBIE DOGS who released a pretty good lp this year,or was it last year,anyway,too bad they didnt record these tracks again in a studio,would be nice,think this is the only thing they did as CK...
so grab it!

COMPLEX - tervetuloa yhteiskuntaan 7'' 1994 (finland)

can't tell much about em,just got intoduced to em myself
in 1994 i was still listening to skatepunk ;-0,this sounds nothing like that stuff
this is mid tempo hc with rough vocals but pretty damn good!  if you have the chance to pick it up,DO IT!
thx again to Gen for sending!

PERIKATO - jälkiteollinen painajainen 7'' 2012 (finland)

01-otan vastaan kaaoksen
02-jälkiteollinen painajainen
03-varman tuhon merkit
04-oikeus kuluttaa
05-vääjäämätön kuolema
08-aika kärsiä
09-sodan kauhu (KIROUS)

Jussi Kaskinen - vocals
Joel Neves - bass
Ville Valevuo - guitar
Harri Kuokkanen - drums

400 copies on black wax,100 on clear vinyl
RAAKANAAMA records 2012

euro folks can buy it here,pricy but well worth your money!!! this is a 10 song ripper. all short,fast and loud,can't go wrong!

go check it out here

d/l here

thx to Gen for sending!

up next the COMPLEX 7'' also from finland but from 1994...that one tonight after wsp6

woensdag 3 oktober 2012

MAKILADORAS - live @ de groote weiver,krommenie-the netherlands 2002-2005 (groningen e.o.?)

 below the niemandsland lp front cover by Marald GO BUY IT!

live @ de groote weiver,krommenie-the netherlands 11-05-2002

01-buiten schot
02-vriend en vijand
03-werk is religie
04-verloren zaak
05-elite moraal
06-misdaad loont
07-wijken voor de rijken

live @ de groote weiver 10-15-2005

10-het bloed kruipt
11-verloren zaak
12-als een dier
13-vrees niet
14-werk is religie
16-dagelijks brood
17-buiten schot
18-in eigen hand

Eva - vocals
Michel - guitar-vocals
Rick - bass
Bart - drums (2002 gig)
Michael - drums (2005 gig)

awesome female fronted metal,yep metal! THE HAUNTED anyone???
 but the lyrics are different as most metal bands,and all lyrics are in dutch and are about all kind of political issues in this shitty country...go check their website for translations!

play/download here:

maandag 1 oktober 2012

MURDER ONE - 1997-2002 (france) pimped up version!

contains the 10 track demo,14 track split cd tracks + 4 compilation tracks,everything they released between 1997-2002

01-when will it end?
02-stop that fascist crap!
03-fed up
04-got to explode
05-my own way to live
09-can't shut my mouth
11-closed circle
12-state propaganda
15-what can we do?
17-share the work
18-uno solo siglo
19-my own standard
20-human race
21-out of reality
23-fed up (live)
24-time to react (live)
25-just a distant genocide
26-no change in sight
28-blood suckers

if i'm not mistaken MURDER ONE has one or more members from THE MADTHRASHERS (yeah can't go wrong with a name like that!) but not sure,ill ask for a bit more info...
MT is grind-ish,this is more hc,but with a good dose of metal also....pretty good stuff!