dinsdag 29 november 2011

LUDICHRIST - live @ CBGB's NYC april 6th. & may 15th.1986 (NY)

more ludichrist!!!!!!
this was an official tape release!!!

01-God is everywhere
03-young,white and well behaved
04-murder bloody murder
05-government kids
07-big business
09-blown into the arms of Christ
10-down with the ship
11-immaculate deception
13-only as directed
15-most people are dicks

15 tracks,not the incomplete version that's floating around,nor the one without the banter between te songs
nice cleaned version!

maandag 28 november 2011

MENTALLY EXHAUSTED - live @ the dry house,morgantown-WV 08-26-1987 (philly or pittsburgh area???)

01-hunter safety
02-mentally exhausted
03-teachers in space
04-reality of war
05-you make me sick!
07-mall cops
08-Kennedy song
09-mental ward
10-another victim
11-only in it for the money
12-pitch black
13-young criminals

saw they just played their reunion show on nov. 20th!
this is a gig from the early days...
if anyone has info,would like to read it!
completely unknown band,well it was to me,till i found this recently...
GRRRREAT! STUFF!!! i need their demo,if they made one ???????? hook me up please?
here you have it,5 hours of cleaning and this is the result sofar...tomorrow a quick back cover but who cares...

good night!

MOLLESTERS - 18 track rehearsal CLEANED!

taken from
http://www.distortiontodeafness.blogspot.com/  thx Jos!

volume was low,very low,and with lots of hiss
took it out,well almost...still has some but more would ruin it...
first listen loud to 1 of the older tracks,and than to one of these & don't change volume ;-0000000
rehearsal has some really,really good tracks in it! track 9 is a raw version of "plastic" a bit faster,quality is acceptable now,don't forget its hc-punk were listening to..not the new slayer record...


actually,you'll get the whole shabang,rehearsal,7'' & live @ VPRO radio as 1 track,maybe cutting later...go check dtd for more info-stories!

zaterdag 26 november 2011

LUDICHRIST - demo 1985-live @ the right track inn,freeport-NY 1986 cd-r (N.Y.) DONE!!!!!!!!!!

orig line up - Mark,Al,Tommy,Chuck

interview from TILT! zine in the 80's done by Brob smurf punx & from the smurf punx blog.thx!
enjoy reading it ha ha

1985 demo + live @ the right track inn 1986 both cleaned up!
have fun.

anyone has the horror planet 7'' mentioned in the interview???????

donderdag 24 november 2011

THE SNOBS - demo's & 7 inches 2000-2001 cd-r (texas)

in the 80's you old farts had CRIPPLED YOUTH
we had THE SNOBS...
14/15 yr old kids at that time,they weren't old enough to drive so their parent drove em to gigs etc,members are now playing in total abuse. their early stuff is great,you need to pick up the demo on wax!! and on http://www.killtheheroes2.blogspot.com/  (THX! for the minor threat cover) you can download the "Stan sessions" recorded after the demo and to me the best TA stuff...
THE SNOBS 7''-es were both released on the now defunct MY WAR records

yeah lots of stories about Matt but he always been nice to me,actually just remember he send me the recording of the 1st 7'' on a cd-r when it was sold out,mp3's are ripped from that disc,think from master coz you don't hear any vinyl pops/cracks and it sounds clean...so not gonna say anything bad about him,it was a damn great label!!!

now yrs later its actually funny,he had a link to violent minds (12'' was later released on DERANGED recs) on his site and he linked it to a gay porn site ha ha
too bad the FIT FOR ABUSE 12'' also never came out...
same for the WOLFSBLOOD records compilation (unreleased DEADSTOP,RESTLESS YOUTH/LOOSE CANNONS,VIOLENT MINDS ...) which was a label by one of the VM dudes and another guy,who was ok...but yada yada yada...

here you have some sort of SNOBS discography
it contains the last demo (i think) followed by the 2001 demo & sols demo,than you'll get both 7 inches,last track is an unreleased cover of MINOR THREAT st song...33 tracks in total!!
cleaned a bit,so this is it,final version (well,maybe changing 1st 6 tracks a bit (2/3 tracks have a few peaks,volume too high,but maybe you won't hear it...;-0
but for now

LUDICHRIST & DS-13 up soooooon!

dinsdag 22 november 2011

BODY COUNT - now prevent what we can't cure demo '83 (lakewood-CA)

requested...sorry for the poor quality,this is how i got it...
great demo,horrible rip/cleaning job...i don't know,it has an annoying sound in it,can't get it out so decided to leave it like this...
anyone who has a better version,let us all enjoy it and post link please?!
band played gigs with bad influence,secret hate etc...maybe more info laterrrrrrr

01-uncontrolled nuclear power
02-police presence
03-no freedom
04-slaughterhouse I
05-deadly reign
06-honorable death
07-mass destruction
08-slaughterhouse II (comp track)


zondag 20 november 2011

SOCIAL DECAY - 1985-1990 (island heights-NJ)

New Jersey crossover
collection of the 1985 demotape,1987 demotape,1987 practice,1990 7''
all cleaned up a bit so it sound goooood!
underated stuff!,that bass sound on the 1st demo,especially in "too young to die... BADASS!!!
even the rehearsal sounds better as many of the crap that is produced these days...
this is how the band sounded,no studio bullshit...
go check it out

1985 DEMO

01-everyday habit
02-kill or die
03-scared youth
04-dismal whit
05-too young to die

1987 DEMO

06-sick society
07-fuck your mind again
08-taste my gun
09-scared youth
10-screwy Louie


12-life but who's?
13-get off my back
15-point of suck-cess
16-drowning in lies
18-2 minute warning
19-taste my gun
20-not soon enough (instrumental)
21-sounds like Slayer
22-positively negative (1st attempt)
23-positively negative (2nd attempt)
24-positively negative (3rd attempt)
25-look around (3x)

1990 LIFE's NOT HARD 7''

26-dreams of reality
27-rotate the tables
28-price of life
29-truth in the proof
30-stepped on my pride
31-all i feel is pain


33-you,old and weak
34-Eddie,i gotta be home for dinner

if you want more info/flyers/stories etc you should visit



Dave - vocals (R.I.P.)
Tom - guitar
Steve - bass
Chris - drums


zaterdag 19 november 2011

URBAN ASSAULT - demo '82 (nevada)

version 2!
not sure if i uploaded it on here before,but if you got it on slsk,theres not much difference...
if you still have the one with tapenoise,you might wanna give this a try...
BADASS demo!

02-cool guys
04-political cover
05-i hate ignorance
06-left wing


NEGATIVE APPROACH - live @ the mudd club-NY 1982 cleaned!

version 2,cleaned it up
best N.A. you've heard,set starts off with their best song,can't tell no one
and at the end the BLITZ cover...just listen...HC!
thx to more than a witness blog for orig upload!!!

01-can't tell no one
02-friend or foe
03-live your life
05-fair warning
06-sick of talk
07-whatever i do
09-said and done
10-ready to fight
11-lost cause
12-why be something your not
15-never surrender (BLITZ)
16-negative approach

MANLIFTINGBANNER - last show,lebenstedt-germany 1994


                                                    their "last" gig,recorded in germany 1994
audience,from a 1 track,cleaned a bit and cut up,2nd part came out best,great set!
here ya go

04-one of them
05-a new october
09-balance the books
10-no compromise
12-end the fear

and with the reincarnation of MLB comes unfortunaly also after 3o+ yrs an end to SEEIN RED/LÄRM...
Jos hearing problems got worse and the news = out,SEEIN RED broke up/will break up soon...
wish Jos all the best next weeks/months/yrs coz i cannot  imagine how it would be if you can't play/hear your music anymore,after 30 yrs of playing live/touring the world, it will be hard,again,all the best
hope he will continue doing his blog
go there and wish him the best!
Paul & Olav are continueing with MLB so thats something good out of something bad...
thx & good luck !!!

SEEIN RED post in the works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vrijdag 18 november 2011

M.I.S. - donations for broken glass demo 1987 (longview-WA)

cleaned,3x...tapenoise is all gone now,volume levels are better too...great demo!!!!
1987...so a little metal in it,gooood crossover stuff!!!

M.I.S. were:

Chris - vocals
Eric - guitar
Jason - bass
Tim - drums

01-sudden infant death syndrome
02-what's the picture
03-who's your friend
04-nuclear know how
05-dead infection
06-redneck snob
08-war no more
09-no supporter

donderdag 17 november 2011

PUKE - ställd mot en vägg demo 1983 (sweden)

we're staying in sweden for awhile...sugar pie koko/ds-13 will follow soooon (non swedish but MLB too)
but first this one,
good stuff from sweden 1983
cleaned it up a bit
they did a 7'' & an lp after this tape,both good records but this one's favorite overhere
go check it out


dinsdag 15 november 2011

WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED - st 7'' 2001 (malmö-sweden)

A CLASSIC !!!!!!!!!!!
when i first heard this i was blown away,16 tracks in 6:05
reminds soundwise a bit of the INTENSE DEGREE war inside my head lp (track 12 sounds like the intense degree song too)...you know what happened after that lp...band never got that feeling/sound back on other records (well the peel sessions rule)
same happened to WB...but this ripper right here is a an alltime top 10 record!
their other stuff is also pretty damn good,don't get me wrong...but this beats everything!
7'' is pretty hard to find these days
released on swedish label WE ARE THE ENEMYcool label logo with Bush with an axe
scans of cover/vinyl up soon! still no new/repaired scanner...so patience...

WSBS are


think Rodrigo was in satanic surfers/intensity etc too

01-get it into your head (W.B.H.C.)
02-mutual understanding
03-assasination politics
04-thrash unit 214
06-product of enviroment
07-shorter and shorter
08-shit city
10-refuse to conform
12-maybe tomorrow
13-widespread bloodshed
14-raise the dead
16-halfway to the grave


GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah,does anyone know if this 7'' came with insert,mine came without...if it does,anyone can scan it??? thx in advance!

zondag 13 november 2011

KARKABA - 2001-2008 demo-live-7''-lp (basque country)

KARKABA - 2001-2008

starts off with the classic 22 track demo!
recordings belong on a lp!
my favorite stuff by them...raw/rough stuff!
followed by a liveset recorded in 2005 in villatrúno ,both cleaned a bit so it sounds goooood!

followed by the 7'' and lp,also changed sound a bit coz mp3's i had didn't sound clean enough in my ears
so the 7'' had a few extra high tones and volume of 1 channel a bit louder,drums come out much better now so this is it!
71 tracks,you can call it the european answer to the crudos disco ;-0
anyone having problems with the 7''/lp online,lemme know! and ill remove those/live cd too!
enough talk...
go get it,and buy their records!!!!
lp is still available in various distro's,7'' is harder to find these days...
no myspace or anything i think,so google is your friend.


big THX to Jon for sending the live cd artwork-inserts!!
he also wrote he saw em play many times in the past yrs and said they were playing each gig like it was their last. pretty cool,must be great to see/hear them thrashing out live,directo cd is proof they were a great liveband!
anyone who knows where i can pick up an orig copy of the live cd lemme know! 300 were made so anyone who wants to get rid of it,ill give a good home ;-0

DS-13 live cd-r also up sooner or later,will be a nice one! still working on covers...

CALL THE COPS - rough mix of studio demo 2005

great stuff right here folks!!!
male/female vocals!!!,this is the rough mix of the 12 song demo recorded on 12-13-2005 (studio side only) with a badass bass sound & great lyrics
the track Paris is burning was featured on one of the WSP comps i did
great song about the heatwave that struck france that summer,(think the same happened just before or shortly after Paris in the states...Chicago if i remember correct) a couple of thousand people died in silence,nobody was aware,the government was on holiday and everyone was relaxing and the older people were dying alone at home of the heat...dead bodies were piling up and there was not enough room,so they had to build giant freezers to cool the bodies etc,saw a documentry yrs ago,crazy shit....heat,no ebola virus or whatever fucked up disease WE created...just heat...
we're living in a crazy world huh?
enough rambling
go get this,track 9 cuts...
will repost soon with complete track!

mediafire looks different since yesterday,lots of advertising on the dl page,sucks...maybe change to megaupload ....

zaterdag 12 november 2011

FUNERAL ORATION - the godsend demo lp out now on GUMMOPUNX recs (dl:pink demo '83 cd-r)

it was bootlegged a couple of yrs ago but never been able to pick up a copy,so this is great news!
their 16 track demotape from 1984 pressed onto wax and released by gummopunx recs from Amsterdam,offiicial release!
to me this is the best punk record made in holland ever! send from heaven gives me chills on my back,demented-personal thingy......,great songs! but every single track on this record is just badass,what else can i say than BUY IT !!! and don't forget the AMSTERDAMNED vinyl!!!

awhile ago i started on a cdr version of both demo's but stopped after hearing the lp was coming out
but ill do a cdr of the pink demo...tonight ill add titles to the back and than its good enough for me.hope this will end up on vinyl one day too,coz these mp3's arent the best versions outthere (someone did a horrible cut and made a onetrack of the demo...) but cut it again and tried to make it sound good,anyway this stuff rules!!!!

pink demo '83 cd-r

fixed link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!