woensdag 26 maart 2014

THE METS - livetape 1985 (delftzijl-the netherlands)

almost easter and it's all because of YOU.

the live tape that was missing in the discography.
will be added to that post sooner or later...
track 4 = fight to die normal. 
wrong on insert.

still trying some things.
orig. mp3 + version1 wav

should be done before 04-20...

maandag 24 maart 2014

TOZCOS - demo & live @ mass media records,santa ana-CA 11-20-2013 (santa ana)

damages members + a very young lady on vocals.
but she's pissed.
like it!
they play 6  tracks in this set,the last one is a new song.
first 5 tracks are taken from the 2013 demo,a couple of versions are floating around now but they 
are all not that great quality...
so added a better sounding version of it to the liveset
11 tracks in total now.

Monse - Vocals 
Limon - Guitars 
Kevin - Bass 
Corrina - Drums 

contact info:
send an email to the damages adress.

buy a copy of the demo here:

donderdag 20 maart 2014


my mommy rides a skateboard!

woensdag 19 maart 2014

EXILES - demo 2013 (UK)

the U.K. one.
not the metal/crossover band from Chula Vista called Exile with the same logo minus the s...
this is a 3 track demo,from a very young band,its not tight or anything,a few simple chords
but i like their sound.
only bad thing is,its only 3 tracks...  
grab it and PLAY LOUD!!! 


dinsdag 18 maart 2014

THE OFFENDERS - live @ emo's,austin-TX 03-09-2002

I Hate Myself
I don't like the way I feel
Tell me is this real
I don't like the way I think
My mind is like the kitchen sink

I Hate Myself

I live a life of self abuse
I think it's time to tie the noose
It's too late now to reconstruct
I know I'm gonna self destruct

When I die I'll go to hell
You know I'll like it very well
Lots of junkies just like me
Screaming for eternity

we must rebel/endless struggle lp out now on Southern Lord records! 
10 tracks of the reunion done,7 left...

vrijdag 14 maart 2014

ESKE a.k.a. LOS ESKELETOS - 1999-2007 discografia tape out soon!

everything they ever recorded between 1999-2007!
demo/outtakes,the big trouble in little village 7'',unreleased 2nd 7'',unreleased "what's left?" lp 
on a 62 min. tape.

this is chicago,not venice.
but artworks looks a bit like the venice stuff...badass.
insert will be done in a cool cholo font,and no not some shitty free font...ill buy a nice one for this.
or if there is an artists on here who can write in classic cholo style,send me an email! 


donderdag 6 maart 2014

SICK/TIRED - live @ A389 recordings X bash,sidebar tavern,baltimore-MD january 18, 2014 tape (chicago-IL)

the GENERACION SUICIDA tulle gig and this one are the best live rips i did in the past years.
took some time but this is it.
incl. 9 unreleased tracks from their upcoming lp on A389 records
keep an eye out for it,pretty sure it will be their best sounding stuff they did sofar,coz the new tracks rip hard.
only 10 copies of the tape will be made.
if you want one,D.I.Y.



woensdag 5 maart 2014

LIFE LOCK - demo 2014 (los angeles-CA)

and another badass demo that just came out.

they just released this 5 track ripper on KILL YOUR HEROES TAPES.
in a lim. ed of 100 copies.

emailed em for a few copies and asked if it was ok to put it on blog after receiving the tapes.
shortly after it they sended the pics above and an mp3 of the demo.
so i could post it now.
that's the spirit.

this is on repeat the last 2 days.
really good harsh/pissed off hc.
with a little oi/skinhead flavor thrown in the sound.
great thick production/wall of sound.
dude who mixed/mastered this did a great job.
BADASS TAPE! that should be released onto a onesided 7'' yep,that good.
pick it up!!!




for the dutch/euro folks,i've ordered 5 copies,4 will go in the ofal tapes bigcartel thingy.
or send an email if you want one.



no return.

BLAZING EYE - live @ the world rage center,manic relapse fest vol. II 02.22.2014 (LA)

another video rip and not the best quality...so...
pics are snapshot from video.


maandag 3 maart 2014

1984/CRUCIFIX - dehumanization 30 year anniversary @ manic relapse fest vol. II the continental club,oakland-CA 02-22-2014

stream or download 320 kbps mp3's below or grab the uncompressed/lossless files in the 2nd link

WAV/FLAC etc files for all the nerds

full set video below (track 01-16) the encore (indo-china)  = seperated vid.check the right of your screen when your on youtube...)

1984 paying tribute to CRUCIFIX.

with 2 orig. members Jimmy Crucifix & Sothira Pheng.
they played the whole duhumanization lp + indo china again as encore and 2 tracks from their 2 7 inches.
still sounds badass after all those years and these dudes are probably over 50 by now...
hats off folks.
sound is pretty good for an audience recording,dude did a great job.



NEW CRIME & THE STASI - 2014 DEMO'S (philadelphia-PA)

2 new bands from Philly,
both really good!
STASI demo is officialy out/available and the new crime tape is almost done,theyre waiting for the artwork and than its ready to go

check out THE STASI here: (includes a mediafire link in the description)


NEW CRIME - demo here:


ill put up the mp3's when i got a tape/all titles....
and you should check out Jake's youtube channel for some cool hc-punk vids,mostly full gigs,awesome.

the intro for the NEW CRIME demo SUUUUCKS!
but from 2:30 till the end of the tape its ridicilous good,raw/sloppy punk wih a great bass sound. "no fucking talent"
if you are into the BAD NOIDS/WET BRAIN and bands like that,do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.