maandag 30 juni 2014

S.H.I.T. - live @ the soybomb house,toronto-canada april 6, 2013 (canada)

6 track version,they played 10 tracks in total...
10 track version doesnt sound as good as these 6 & no titles for the other 4 tracks also...maybe laterrrrrrrr
don't know who mixed/mastered these 6,but he/she did a great job for sure,amazing quality live recording!!!!

new 7'' called "generation shit'' out now on LENGUA ARMADA recs!!!!!!!
Martin still makes those lim. ed. screened versions of his records? i need one of those,but think he stopped with the mailorder thingy awhile ago and LA VIDA ES UN MUS does the distribution...
pick it up,will sell out quick,pretty sure!


ANIMALIA - demo 2013 (chicago-IL) lim. ed. euro. release OFAL TAPES #4

will be out in +/- 3 weeks,company who duplicates the tapes is closed till the 15th...

ANIMALIA with Rob-ESKE on drums recorded this demo last year and released it in a lim. run by themselves,think Rob still have a few copies left,go get em! (roblopez82 AT

the 2014 version on OFAL TAPES has the same insert/lyricsheet as the U.S. version ,Rob sended it in black,but think on white it will look better...we'll see how it comes out.
only difference is the audio,
it got the OFAL threatment...

if you are familair with Rob's other band ESKE (discography tape out soooon!) 
you should pick this up!
this is raw pissed off latino hc like it was played around Y2K,no punky stuff
i miss bands like this,hope they stick around for awhile.
again,only 20 copies will be made,recorded on both sides.
15 will be available soon,somewhere...

"cumstains allover my mp3 collection" version here:

after this one,the SANGRE KALLEJERA demo 2013. OFAL #3 /20 copies
5 copies will go to mexico,14 will be available for orders.

recorded on both sides,pro printed-dubbed
not sure if there will be a lyricsheet?? will ask again

BIZKIDS will be #5
10 copies.

ESKE (a.k.a. LOS ESKELETOS) - "resist the enemy" 1999-2007 discography tape

#6,still working on it...

zondag 29 juni 2014

BLAZING EYE - NY's allright tourtape + live @ NY's allright 2014 (LA)

NY's allright tourtape 2014

link expires in 4 weeks...

full gig @ ABC NO RIO-NY's allright fest 2014

stream/dl from here:

badass tourtape! now they need to put out a record.
live recording = pretty nice too,only bad thing is the vocals are a bit low...
audio recorded by Torsten-UNARTIG NYC.
thx for giving the ok to share it! 
you can check out the full set video of this gig on his website

check out this site if you wanna see what's happening in the NYC music scene.
he films loads and loads of gigs from every genre
from BLONDIE till INFEST/DESPISE YOU so something for everybody,and all in a great quality!!!

play loud/stay pissed!!!


zaterdag 28 juni 2014

COCADICTOS - discography lp OUT SOON/NOW!!!!!!! pre order now! (spain)

you need this!

the fem. vocalist passed away in the 80's,overdosed on whatever crap she was using...
but finally they got the threatment they deserve,BAZOFIA recs from spain is gonna release a vinyl lp of their recordings
it was announced yrs ago,but never came out,couldnt find it in any stores/distro's..
includes 2 extra tracks that were not incl on the 2003 CD version.
but pre order are taken now!! 500 copies made

only 8 tracks included in the d/l that comes with the lp so...mp3 collectors can suck it!

9 SHOCKS TERROR - live @ the lintfabriek,kontich-belgium 2003 (cleveland-OH)

one of my favorite/best sounding lintfabriek sets!
sdbrd quality.
miss those days when 9ST,DS-13 etc were spreading the hc virus. good times.

almost done folks,.made a little mistake,will fix it tomorrow,last 3 tracks will be added tomorrow!!!!!!!!

woensdag 25 juni 2014

KLITORIX - demo 1990 (lanzarote-gran canaria)

time for something different
but niiiiiice,old demo,very low bitrate & with a very thin sound,so i tried to make it sound better ,hope you like the result!
and yeah,not really fast or loud but sometimes it's nice to shake your booty


01-mierda da kaballo
02-silla elektrika
04-mila a tomar por kulo
06-presos a la calle

EDIT: orig post 2011,new link on the archive:
still has a few damaged parts in it,this version is done 2/3 yrs ago,will fix soooon!

DEAD KENNEDYS - live @ the island club,houston-TX august 18, 1984 (san fransisco-CA) done!

lossless version sooner or later,laaaazyyyyyyy


zondag 22 juni 2014

BOBWIRE - demo 1985 + s.t. lp 1988 + shouldn't exist lp 1989 + negative punks lp 1989 (lisse-the netherlands)

BOBWIRE vocalist Erick posted a comment in the st lp post
if i was intrested in the 2 lp's that came out after the classic st lp
those records were released in 1989 on "old world recs" from germany,they also did the crivits lp/right direction 7'' before this one if i'm not mistaken...
the st lp from '88 & the one from '91 are both D.I.Y. releases
sound on these records is more crossover,but pretty good!
had to admit i wasn't really familair with the 2nd/3rd lp's.
don't know why i haven't checked out the other 2 records coz they sound awhole lot better than most of the modern crossover releases that came out in the last yrs,lyrics making a difference also.
no beerbong bullshit etc...
Erick mailed they were bad in promoting their stuff in those days & they were also not part of any scene
so the records didnt get the attention they deserved.
  they had NO copyrights on the 3 the states you have the RIAA here in holland we have BUMA/STEMRA who are dealing (a.k.a. filling their pockets with money that belongs to the artists) with the copyrights issues and they were confused the band wanted the releases without any copyright bullshit,so thats pretty damn cool!
first 8 tracks are from the demotape,pretty cool demo and their punkiest stuff.


Erick - vocals
Erik - guitar
Ewoud - bass
Pat - drums

if anyone has some decent live recording by em,send em over!!!!!!!!!??


lp's sooooon,new mediaplayer installed,12...and no clue how to add  tags/artwork or change tags in the damn thing...


woensdag 18 juni 2014

ACTIVE GLANDS demo '83 (deep cove-north vancouver-canada)

ACTIVE GLANDS were from Deep Cove,north Vancouver-Canada 
vocalist Ron was from Surrey-BC

tracklist demo 1983

01-she's a tease
02-i'll be me
03-Clifford Robert Olsen
06-hooray for the U.$.A.
07-do something
09-heavy metal freak

on this demo the line up was:

Ronsid Fart (Ron Bereziak R.I.P.) - vocals 
Garth - guitar
Kelly Schaefer - guitar
Pat Rysiew - bass (is now a teacher at UBC)
Robb Lima - drums

the vocalist Ron died a few years ago,so may he rest in peace...

here's V1 of the 1983 demo,redid it but no clue where it is...
will replace it when i found it.

zondag 15 juni 2014

CONFLICT - ''america's right'' 1982-1983 (tucson-arizona) new link on the archive: stream/dl!


and yeah,they were GOOD!
awesome female vocals!!!,probably one of the best female hc vocalists ever!
this cd-r thingy contains their 7 track demo from 1982 on unjust recs
track 5 is not complete,1st part missing coz it was damaged,removed it ..but did a nice cut...
followed by the valley fever comp tracks + 2 other comp tracks
followed by 14 tracks from the last hour lp on placebo records from '83
last tracks are live tracks!
last 6 tracks are from a gig @ Nino's 1982 others from various livesets...all great quality so a real nice listen!
and yeah band deserves a proper official discography
think they not even have a myspace or whatever is the new hype today....

orig post: august 2011

new link requested so from now on,no more expiring links,stream & d/l from here:

woensdag 11 juni 2014

CHUMBAWAMBA - still fighting the fences-live @ vrankrijk squat,amsterdam-the netherlands february 10th,1987 (U.K.)

painting from the glory days of Vrankrijk by Patries van Elsen

just found her website,GREAT art!!!! & more go check it out

03-tired of mild
04-come on baby
06-Mr. Hesseltine
07-angry words
08-next question
09-on the day the nazi died
12-slag aid
14-the history of rock 'n' roll

We're told that after the war
The nazi's vanished without a trace
But the italians (not only italians....) are fascist
Still dreaming of a master race

The history books they tell
of their defeat at '45
But they all came out the woodwork
On the day the nazi died

They saw the prisoner at Spandau
was a symbol of defeat
Whilst Hess remained imprisoned
And the fascists,they were beat

So the promise of an aryan world would never materialize
So why did they all come out the woodwork
On the day the nazi died

The world is riddled with maggots
The maggots are getting fat
They're making a tasty meal of all
The bosses and bureaucrats

They're taking over the boardrooms
And they are fat and full of pride
And they all came out the woodwork
On the day the nazi died

So if you meet with these historians
I'll tell you what to say
Tell em that the nazi's never really went away

They are out there,burning houses down
And peddling rascist lies

And we'll never rest again...
Till every nazi dies....

Not really what you would expect on here musicwise...,but this was on the B side of the DONA NOBIS PACEM/CHUMBAWAMBA live split tape released by the YURA Collective in the late 80's
promised to cut up the one track,took me awhile (10 hours...yeah sucks,but when your half way done quitting is no it was a long night yesterday.
And im not familair with the sound of chumbawamba so only raised volume in the songs,vocal parts were really low in some tracks...splitted channels,and than equalized volume for all its louder!
this grew on me while working on it,first time i really hated it,boring ass stuff lol...but it had some nice moments...
but after awhile,i started to like it,the sound got carried by the bass/female vocalist (Petra?)
punk/new wave stuff  with good lyrics
and when playing "next question" i have to shake my booty
come on baby too,great songs!
nazi/nicaraqua are a capella,really nicely done,good lyrics are all you need...
but i wont annoy you any longer

here ya goooo

 repost from 2011.

new link requested so from now on you can stream & download it from here:

dinsdag 10 juni 2014

BIZKIDS - God shave the queen 1981-1982 tape (haarlem-the netherlands)

insert colors are weird on new computer,maybe ill change it to black/white....front pic will get different col. too.
tapestickers will also be in black with red/white printing.

God knows how many hours this one took but it was worth it for sure.
imagine,these recordings were archived on a 30+ yrs old VHS tape...
now it's 2014 and here you have a nice clean digital mp3 version.
stuff like this needs to be heard and not forgotten.
to me this was a highlight of the dutch hc/punk movement from the early 80's.
awesome female vocals,great bass sound,great songs.

heavily influenced by the DEAD KENNEDYS,
they started as a highschool band
 in a city/village called Velsen.
at that time they still had a female behind the kit.
Henk joined em later on.
with this line up they toured the country for a couple of yrs.
till 1983,the year Sander (bass player) passed away R.I.P.
the bizkids were playing for the fun,after Sander passed away the fun was gone.
and continueing the band was no option.
unfortunaly they never hit a studio to record a record or something.
there are 2 livetracks released on a live at parkhof lp and thats it.
Henk is still bangin the drums,shortly after the BIZKIDS
he joined the band ABANDON
they changed the name to THE SUNDANCE KID and are still playing under that name
reggae tunes folks,so roll a big one
and shake that booty!

check out his channel,has some other bizkids livesets on it too!!! 
and he also played/still plays for some thrash (metal) bands.
and this is all Henk could remember.
time flies,memories fade fast when you smoke weeeed & drink too much aka having fun.
so it comes with 4 untitled tracks....
but the cool thing is,you never heard em before,anywhere!
or you should have been there in '81-'83....
Henk learned the songs on his drumkit as #1,#2,#3 etc.
maybe Annegreet still remembers em but its not easy to track her down
Anne & Theo mochten jullie dit ooit lezen...
Henk heeft een exemplaartje voor jullie van het teepje!



BIZKIDS - videoclip with VIP's & Agentje from the "als je haar maar goed zat" DVD


Paradiso/VARA gigs here:

newspaper advertising for a benefit gig for the armed resistance in El Salvador.

newspaper ad for a gig with local/region bands.

pics from Henk's archive!


got 6 copies for sale in a week! 
get in touch if you want one,5 euro's + postage