vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

HUASIPUNGO - "en vivo" ABC no rio-N.Y.C. october 10, 2009 (N.Y.C.)

12 tracks of pissed off latino hc,full gig. 
unknown date,but it was a few weeks after the stabbing/killing of the @PATIA NO/DRÖMDEAD guys in Venezuela 2009...they talk about this in the 6th track of this gig...
great gig!

you can download it tonight/tomorrow from:

make sure you check out the rest of his blog if your intrested in latino/a hc/punk/politics/anarchism!

below 2 new tracks,if you know the titles,please post a comment?


donderdag 29 augustus 2013

LEEWAY - live @ CBGB's N.Y.C. june 18, 2006 (NY)

2 gigs @ CBGB's-N.Y.C. 
on "disc 1" the 1986 gig & the "save CBGB's" june 18, 2006 show.
on "disc 2" the 2nd version of their gig overhere at the Youth Centre,Staddijk-Nijmegen from 1991 
old link is dead for awhile now,will put it on the archive this time.

but starting with the CB's 2006 gig,stream & download here:

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - life sucks harder than you do! surf punks docu tracks VPRO tv 1981

SUICIDAL in their early days,first line up!

broadcasted on VPRO dutch national television in a docu about surf punks.
stream/download here:

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - live @ Bob's,Los Angeles-CA 09-03-1982

think this is the oldest S.T. gig i have.
first line up if i'm not mistaken,quality is no soundboard,but still nice & it includes some unreleased tracks.
stream & download from here:


zondag 25 augustus 2013

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - live @ dynamo open air,gofferpark,nijmegen-the netherlands Y2K (venice-CA)

skull = Mike Muir art/design from an old suicidal skates flyer/ad.

another badass S.T.liveset.
recorded overhere in Y2K @ the dynamo fest. in Nijmegen.

and a couple more livesets will follow,from paradiso,amsterdam 1987
not the 5 track "americore" thingy thats floating around but 11/12 tracks,from dutch radio...
and the bizarre fest in germany will follow too,sounds also pretty damn good,so were gonna put the whole shabang on the archive.
after the ST stuff,a couple EXCEL gigs.


SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - live @ monsters of rock,estádio do pacaembu,são paulo-brasil august 27, 1994 (venice-CA)

up next.
available for download in a few days,will take some time...


DEFORMITY - live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio east orange-NJ august 14, 2013 (N.Y.)

WFMU studio.

DEFORMITY from NY playing live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio august 14, 2013 
this sounds pretty badass,didnt know em before i heard this,it's raw & noisy
good stuff! 
but not sure if its edited correct,at one point i heard rut & bug in every song ha ha,rut is a pretty badass track btw...
no website or anything so google for more info.
track 8 = a bonus 1 track version of their full set @ 285 kent,brooklyn-NY august 31, 2012
ill cut it up when i figured out tracktitles....that one is ripped from a video,recorded by Jake Lafferty,RAW AS FUCK!!! pretty damn good.

play loud fuckerrrrs.

zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

donderdag 22 augustus 2013

SACRED REICH - live @ hellfest,val de moine,clisson-france june 16, 2012

too much copyright crap involved in this one...so chances are this will be deleted soon...
but it's a badass gig,great artwork too.
recorded at their 25 yr anniversary tour.

stream & download from here:


F.U.C.T. (FEAST UPON CACTUS THORNS) - 1988-1989 demo's

picture taken by: Dan Hoffman

dl these from the screams from the gutter blog yrs ago,think theyre offline now coz whole blog changed,but glad i saved it.
just before i went offline 4 months ago,i talked to a band member,he was glad he finally found the recordings online,promised to clean/cut the recordings and let him know so he could add titles...
but in those 4 months i had a bad temper,kicked the shit out of my computer,so i lost alot of things that were in that comp,i dont care about losing mp3's and stuff,they have no value to me so im only bummed i lost a few programs and my userlist from slsk,he was in there too,dont remember password so here are the recordings.
maybe he will read this one day and hope he can help out with the titles,would be nice
should be also a demo out there with a 15 minute track at the end,where they had a bit too much LSD so they freaked out on their instruments for 15 minutes and recorded it,LSD soaked session ;-),but never heard/could find it,would be cooool to hear it.
but rambling again...
crossover stuff,great guitar riffs,too bad they never released a record of these tracks in '89...
here's the 1989 demo,version 2! 2 other demo's will follow soon.


edit: old post,bumped it coz i got an email from the bassplayer
hopefully titles and more info soon...they recently played a benefit show

you can listen/download it here as a 1 track.

ill post a new link on the archive.org when im done/titles are added,so you can stream/download it...
patience my dear comrades.


woensdag 21 augustus 2013

LARS ADAKTUSSON - säger ifrån 7'' 2010/2012 (sweden)

DMC records 005
underated record!!!!!!!
they named themselves after a swedish tv host,political commentator ,and future candidate for the euro parliament in 2014 for the christian democrats.

recorded in 2010,released last year on DMC recs.
fast/raw hc/punk from sweden,13 tracks on this ripper.
grab it,stuff rules!

you can email the label here:


band info etc here:


email them for worn panty's etc.:


SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - live @ estadio del rayo,vallecano,madrid-spain june 18, 1993 (venice-CA)

ripped,edited & "remastered" by yours truly in the last 4 days...
took some time but this sounds fucking GOOOOOOOOOOD! 
Rocky fucked things up in "how will i laugh tomorrow" (annoying solo's)
besides that,it's a great sounding S.T. gig!!!!!!!!


LUICIDAL - live @ the LVCS,las vegas-NV december 15, 2012 (venice-CA)

LUICIDAL @ the las vegas country saloon,playing songs from the first 3 S.T. records!

Mando Ochoa - vocals
Ricky Reynaga - guitar
Louichi Mayorga - bass
R.J. Herrera - drums

stream/download here:



zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

THE BROOD - st lp 1986 (venice-CA) new link!

happy new year fuckers!!!
2012 and we're still crazy & proud!
so time for some venice hc-crossover

THE BROOD - has a ex member of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH (John Flitcraft)
and 2 members that went on to UNCLE SLAM
maybe some played for ST too...not sure,lp came out on PROFILE recs (who also did CRO-MAGS-LEEWAY etc)
pretty damn good record with one annoying accoustic track,"hidden fears".. but you can't go wrong with tracks like "good vs evil" etc
this reminds of the best parts of NO MERCY/SUICIDAL
even the vocals are in the Mike Muir style,if this would have come out with the ST logo on it this could have been the "join the army"record ;-0,
to be honest,i think this is better as join the army,production issue maybe...
but i'm typing way too much already
here you have it

01-call of the dog
02-born to lose
04-screaming for life
05-hidden fears
06-the fine line
07-good vs evil
09-i can't take it
10-the calm
11-stormin' the city
12-going out in style

Jonathan Nelson - vocals-lead guitar
Todd Moyer - lead guitar-backing vocals
John Flitcraft - bass-backing vocals
Amery Smith - drums,percussion-backing vocals

request: anyone can scan the insert of the lp,i don't have it...thx in advance! 

edit: 2012 post,bumped it-new link! 


donderdag 15 augustus 2013

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - live @ java rockin' land,carnaval beach ancol,jakarta-indonesia june 22, 2013 (venice-CA)

click on images to make em bigger/dl orig. size but they will be included in the download too...

alright folks,after 3 days it's done,badass liveset,pro recorded.


stream & download here:

woensdag 14 augustus 2013

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - live @ this is hardcore,the electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 10th, 2012 (venice-CA)

skull by yours truly,made 2 yrs ago or something...

this is it for now...
came out pretty gooood!

S.T. is one of my favorite bands ever,been listening for 22 yrs to 'em 
their classic 1st lp is a top 5 record in my book...
and they still kick butt!!!


or stream/download here

WAKING THE DEAD a.k.a. NO MERCY - live @ the grenada theater,dallas-TX may 7, 2013 (venice)

2013 & still cyco.

Mike Clark - vocals/guitar
Deven Pahl - bass
Rob Woods - drums


01-i'm your nightmare
02-master of no mercy
03-widespread bloodshed
04-choosing my own way of life
05-we're evil
06-in the pit
07-waking the dead

awesome gig with that typical NO MERCY guitarsound & Mike is doing a good job on vocals too.
luv it.
can't wait for newer recordings.

stream & download here:

WTD = NO MERCY!!! yep,NO MERCY  is back,re release of widespread bloodshed + 2 bonus in the near future and theyre also working on a new record,gonna be gooooooood! 

next :
SUCIDAL in Jakarta Indonesia 2013 sbrd.
check back soon!


NEGATIVE YOUTH / SADISTIC YOUTH - life is like a drunken orgy in hell/tale of the two titties 1987-1988 demo's cd-r (NJ)

just found out NEGATIVE YOUTH changed their name after the 1987 demo and released the "tales of  the two titties' 1988 demo as SADISTIC YOUTH

NateGLOOM recs posted the 1988 demo on his blog
and reconized the logo/po box,its the same as negative youth's so tried to dl it but link was dead...but on slsk somebody was sharing it,so "cleaned/boosted"
link is still dead on tpm...so here ya go! hilarious stuff! 19 tracks,43 minutes of filth lol,this is my thing,yeah im a little pervert,cant help it.;-0

negative/sadistic youth - 1987-1988 demo's

edit: bumped/new link:


oh yeah,Vin bloggedquarterred mentioned they have a 3rd demo too,anyone who has it ,post link and you rule forever!
and almost forgot...


dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

ALERT! ALERT! - demo 2011 (poland)

first time i heard these guys was on the va - illegal by choice 7'' track 6 from the demo is used on this comp.

 but this is the hard to find demo
hard copy is impossible to find and took me a year to get the mp3's...
no info/contact adress to be found on the net,sucks coz these guys are good!
polish hc with a little d-beat flavor. done well.

01-totalne zagrozenie
03-tysiace lat apokalipsy
04-proroctwo orwella
06-kolejny kruchy rozejm
07-prewencyjny atak
08-krew w piach



bought a USB turntable...

but rips sound like shit,don't know what im doing wrong,but i'm done with it. 

zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

PEACEBREAKERS - live @ venue,new bedford-MA december 15, 2012 (MA)

8 tracks in this one
great stuff folks,drummer is beating the crap out of his kit in both sets,this must be awesome to watch live.
7'' = delayed but keep an eye out for it!!!!!!!!!!!
emailed for the missing titles but no response,so fuck it,ill add em when the 7'' comes out....


PEACEBREAKERS - 1st gig @ the democracy centre,cambridge-MA march 2, 2012 (MA)

the first show of the PEACEBREAKER who will be releasing their debut 7'' soon.
i can't wait to give it a spin.
gonna rule for sure.
this set has 3 tracks which are not on the demotape...

vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

ALERTA! - demo 2013 (BCN-spain)

finally scored a copy of this ripper.
and yep,another great band from Spain. 
this is their 10 track demotape,released in may.
this isnt punky like alot of the stuff thats coming out of spain lately but faaast hc,like KARKABA 
this one goes in the top10 of 2013 demo's for sure.

tapes will sell out quick i think,only 100 made,silkscreened j-card + button & its on sale too
so what are you still doing here? 

more info go here:

new 7'' will be out soon on TRABUC RECORDS & IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS too if i'm not mistaken,split label release...

keep an eye out for it,MALDITO PAIS 7'' out now on TRABUC! 


vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

DYNAMO - demo-animal instinct 7''-police state 7'' + live on WFMU radio 1996-1999 (NY)

the stuff you would expect on blogged and quartered...
ICEMEN/UNDERDOG members,or Carl with a few roadies,Vin should do a post on em,he s good in finding/writing info,im a lazy fuck ;-0

this thingy includes the demo from '96?

01-cold world
02-time takes it's toll
03-together we stand
04-my own rules
05-face your fears
06-my rage

 animal instinct 7'' from '97

07-animal instinct
08-together we stand
09-playin' for keeps
10-raised on hate
11-you're gonna get yours

police state 7'' from '99

12-thou shall not kill
13-police  state
15-wrong side

live on WFMU radio august 24, 1996

17-thou shall not kill
18-police state
19-you're gonna get yours

rest of the set was damaged...if you have a good one,without the "skips" lemme know!

7 inches are good! think killing time mixed with antidote...demo is different,actually only 1 track from that one gives me a hard carrot,the other tracks have solo's and some other stuff i can't stand,but time takes its toll = a badass track,but here you have all 3.
have fun.

edit: 2011 post but bumped with a new link on the archive