dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

LOS CRUDOS - live in cordoba-spain 1996 (soon live split cdr with limpwrist!)


16 tracks from video but cleaned and boosted,2 deleted coz they had cuts...not bad at all,heard worse recordings by em...lemme know if you have any titles,too lazy to look em up for now so...
but lemme know what you think of the sound,probably talking to a wall so i'm not expecting anything ;-0

live @ daley plaza chicago-IL 07-17-'93 between the main courtbuildings and dressed up in suit and ties,pretty cool footage
thx to Rob! kill the heroes



maandag 30 augustus 2010


CLEANED UP VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLEANED UP VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAMN GOOD DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAPPER
CAP. CAS./MAN IS THE BASTARD split lp RE-PRESS out now on :



DELERIUM TREMENS - demotape '83 CLEANED! (basque country)

not the 7'' version but the tape version that was floating around on slsk,and to me a better quality as the ones used for the 7'' on LA VIDA ES UN MUS recs
after the crudos set i wanted to hear more latin stuff and played the DT demo and thought why not try that one too,Paco should press new plates and new records ;-)

upcoming : old uploads in a new jacket! and B.S.E. - discography

now i know how to clean/mix stuff im gonna redo awhole lot of the older posts i did on here
already working on the CONDEMNED/ATTITUDE cdr

and because cleaning crap takes alot of time im gonna post some other stuff
busy with a B.S.E. post,dutch fastcore "legends'' ha ha ,nah these guys were really good,
promised myself and Vin that a 10'' of the wall of death session and the insult split tracks will come out on less slow in the near future

ALL TENSED UP (BSE/TENSE REACTION members) - discography cd digipack /100 too
i wont post that one offcourse but this week will be a dutch week !!!

got B.S.E. /LOMB/MIHOEN-disco/LARM cleaned live stuff/DISGUST - demo's & live,mongo mange gatoo lp/nekromantiker demo/dandare etc lined up,think ill post the whole shabang at once so keep an eye out if you wanna score some dutch classics!

los crudow in cordoba spain '96 = next /maybe together with limpwrist @ gilman as cdr ??????


zondag 29 augustus 2010

BAD INFLUENCE - war's no fun 1983 demotape (san francisco-CA) CLEANED!

and another classic demo that suffered a bit from the tapenoise,but again audacity did wonders and here ya go
again no info,only thing i found was this picture above on the kill from the heart website and taken by: Murray Bowless
quickly made a front ,just for now,i should come up with something better looking soon

the A-TEAM - live on WWPI & WERS campus radio boston-MA 2005 CD-r

MORE BOSTON HARDCORE! and to me one of the best of the last decade!
the A-TEAM

just done cutting/cleaning/boosting the WWPI set 11 tracks incl a SSD cover ;-) no titles tags yet but if someone can help out with titles would be cool! im gonna cut and boost the wers now ,so titles etc will follow later with cover and crap,have to dig up the acoustic set at WERS too,that one is hilarious!!!!!!!!! check back soon!!!!!

THE BOSTON STRANGLER - outcast demo 2010

received the tape version,unfortunately i was too late to answer the pm before it was sold out so only 1 copy and no copies for distro ;-(
but after a few days Ban emailed back,he found a copy and sended it for free,COOOOOOL DUDE!
returned a 7'' and were even,glad i got a copy
said it before this demo RULES! play it over and over ,should be sick of it by now but uhuh
THE TRUTH STICKS WITH YOU! crapper what a track,never heard a band that captured the old boston sound this perfect
and more good news,they are recording a full length lp!!!!!!!! that will be released on NO WAY records from VA no shit !
just found out...this demo is recorded by Ban and he plays all the instruments,dude is genius

outcast demo 2010


the boston strangler is:

Ban Reilly - vox
Dave Sheeman - guitar
Cliff "the spliff" - guitar
Andrew Jackmauh - bass
Justin De Tore - drums

recorded @ the ultra force hideout 04-29-2010
the truth 10 days earlier...

vox and mixed by Ryan Abbot @ the side two studios 06-17-2010



vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

FIT FOR ABUSE - 1996-2010 CLEANED demos!

pictures taken by Al Quint-suburban voice mag.

Joey - vocals
Johnny - guitar
Deedee - bass
Tommy - drums
past members
Matt Kelly - vox
Ray - vox
Led - guitar
Kevin Dive(GET HIGH)- drums
Mark (ENTROPHY) - drums
Joe Shumsky - drums
Pat Gerry - bass

aight.after 2 days here we have the cleaned up version of the story so far compilation i did on slsk

this starts of with the 13 track demo from '96 12 tracks of their own + unite or loose from the FU's as bonus
followed by the psycho Ray demo dont know from what year exactly,not even sure if its released,never saw a hard copy but its goooooood!
this one has a different vocalist (Ray) who filled in for Joey
than the 2 tracks from the split 7'' with R'n'R on BRIDGE9 recs
followed by the stab to kill records comp track
than youll get the the mindless violence 7'' released on CRUST recs in '96 recorded on a 8 track in Kurt "peanut butter + tofu" Ballou's (CONVERGE) basement
and last but not least a bonus track recorded during the e.p. session
demos are cleaned up,goodbye to the tapenoise and hello extra bass
demo '96 still not sounding how i want it,but good enough for now

and still playing,if you are in the boston area,you should go to the trouble reunion and make sure you don't miss FFA!
interview with Matt from 2006

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

HEIBEL - THROSH & MASH!!! 1985 rehearsal + 1986 lp cd-r

Bolle - vox R.I.P.

flyers taken from the smurfpunx collective website (will look for link)
damn,sometimes you wish you were never born or sometimes you wish you were born earlier so you could have seen some of your favorite bands playing together
wish i was there in '86-87
but started to listen to hc/punk in '89/'90 so missed a great period of european hc
but nice when you find out later,goes for HATE CREW discovered em a few yrs ago,didnt know it was that good ;-0
there's a rehearsal floating around on the net from Heibel,cleaned it up coz it had alot of tapenoise
removed it and did a "high pass filter"?????? no clue what it is/does exactly but in this rehearsal it added more high tones or took out the bass,whatever
it sounds better now i think,still a huge difference compared to the lp recordings offcourse but that one has a great 80's sound,A CLASSIC!!!!!!!!
read on their myspace their vocalist "Bolle" died a few yrs go
whats that with all those bands members who die at an age way too young to go???
don't know what happened but it's fucked
gotta make some big changes in life too ,35 and fucked up...
hc 2010 live it ! isn't it? nah,take good care of yourself people!!!! your health is the most important thing in life!
but back to tunes
3 brothers were in this band,how cool is that huh,and they still play together in a band i forgot but prob not your taste either so ;-)
heres the dl link
PLAY DEAFENING LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
myspace by a member

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - 1985 discography cd-r CLEANED! (DC) Dave Grohl (NIRVANA/FOO FIGHTERS 1st/2nd band)

cleaned up version of the old post,liveset @ Ashbourn,Burke-VA included in this one too,ripped from a video but removed the noise,more bass but still not satisfied but this took me ca. 14 hours and im fed up for now

but the demo came out reaaaaaal nice!!!! split 7''/comp track had a little boost too,so the sound fits the demo tracks

shitty front...pic from the split 7'' with LUNCHMEAT a.k.a. the thanks 7'' on DISCHORD recs
there's not much too find about em on the net,actually nothing except the listed demo in a few Grohl discography's,no live pics,band/myspace site nada

members played in FREAK BABY before this but they didnt exist that long and changed into M.I.

Chris Paige - vocals
Bryant (Ralph) Mason - guitar
Dave Smith - bass
Dave Grohl - drums

been trying to find some of the missing demo/live titles for yrs now so this is again a request to all of you who know something more


full set video from the liveset will follow too,have to convert it from dvd...the pic on the 7'' and the one i used for the front is taken at this gig
in track 31 on the disc ...everybody was sitting/lying/chilling on the floor ,band and audience
(their 3rd to last show ...and their last show they played together with LUNCHMEAT ever,2nd to last with AGE OF CONSENT,and the last with the mighty (some say ;-) BAD BRAINS)

pretty cool vid
heres a youtube sample of the first 6/7 min
and my favorite track 20/20 hindsight
here you can download the cleaned up 32 track discography
just listening to it and the bass sounds nice full now in the demo but maybe too much for the drums,but im ok with it,hope you are too and if not,live with it or D.I.Y. ;-)

MELENA - 2005 demotape (fem/male fronted-finland

now something different

not so old but still great stuff,Melena are from Finland released this tape in 2005 but didnt hear much from em after this release,they did a cd in 2007,remembered it wasnt as good as the demo,they had some songs with a saxophone,can be nice but didnt really work for me...
but this demo kicks butt!
male/fem vocals,the male vocals are crusty while the fem vocals have some nice melodies,combination sounds really good i think
tape is raw,but good produced,a keeper
thx to Andre for the rip!

next will be the altaarin kusipaat demo from '98 also finnish and female fronted! and with sax!!! but catchy as hell


no scanner so only the tunes for now...(yeah ill buy one ;-)


zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

ULTIMATE BLOW UP - demo 2009 & 12 track e.p. OUT NOW ! on KBD recs! (TURKEY)

above the cover of the demo released on http://www.tolivealie.com/
you can dl the demo here,incl all pics

Baris (guitar/vocals) & Onur (bass)
Ugur - slamming and growling

flyer from a gig overhere

12 track e.p. OUT NOW!!! on KILLED BY DEATH records from france
for more info go here

BADASS ARTWORK! and 12 tracks of fast/tight powerviolence with some Y2K thrashy parts,just traded a few copies so if anyone in the netherlands is intrested...
this won't leave my turntable for a fews days,pretty sure
GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!
the band is touring europe as i write this so go see/support em if you got the chance!

COKE BUST & STRIPMINES & DEVOUR + SIC SENSATION - live @ GSS2,raleigh-NC 05-06-2010 tape

recorded by Will-TO LIVE A LIE recs and also released on TLAL recs,go check it out,greeeat label.
each set as 1 track,i can cut em up but a pain in the ass to get all bands/titles so leave it this way
3 sets vbr,cokebust 320 converted from ogg coz the mp3 didnt dl...

maandag 16 augustus 2010

SCOTT BAIO ARMY - it's time to party!!! 1999-2004

denver-CO faaaaaaaastcoregraphy 1999-2004
tracks from the demotape/barbaric thrash comp 2xcd + 7'' on 625 recs
tracks from the join the army 7''
tracks from the split lp with line of decent,check that stuff too,bit crusty but goooood!
tracks from split 10'' with the lumps ,same as the split lp ,lumps are good too! but 10'' is harder to find as the split lp,7'' recently pops up more too,think its re pressed
last tracks are from the live on KZSU radio in stanford,CRUCIAL SECTION & WHN? played a set overthere too,if anyone recorded them,would luv to hear em!
hilarious intro's recorded at a higher speed,so if doesnt make you smile i dont know ...i was just getting ready to get into some heavier stuff lol
reminds me i still have to pick up the split 10'' too,livetape was a D.I.Y. release lim. to 100 copies
hard to track down as tape version...but this is good enough for on your ipod or whatever weird new things you guys are using today ;-)
ENJOY DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry it took so long ;-0

CORPSE - core of destruction - the 1985 demo's (canada)

HOWDY-HO!!! we're back ;-)
needed to calm down a bit or else this blog would have changed into a poop/porn blog with all the "eat my shit" "suck my dick" etc
parent were 4o yrs married too so a little break
like i said before,i don't need all that crap,shittalking/backstabbing/lying etc for a bunch of mp3's
thats the sad state of hc these days
but dont forget kids JEALOUSY & GREED kill character
copying text from other blogs/websites and using it as your own opinion in conversations on the net is even more sad
but im not gonna say more,im done with all that crap,dont play that game anymore,left slsk so i dont hear anymore crap when im online
if someone wants to kick my ass for something ive posted on here or gonna post,so be it
this is me,not pretending if you dont like it,just leave but dont post shit,takes me too much time to delete it all and i better use my time for something usefull like this

CORPSE - both 85 demos CLEANED!
removed A.M.S. from the 2nd demo,it's also on the first and both sounded the same so no need to put it in twice...
tried a few things,still not the best job ever offcourse but its def better,no hiss and boosted volume a bit and less bass in the drums of the 2nd demo
i don't know everything so gotta google for info,but if you like the previous direct action post,you should get this one too,just as good,maybe even better coz theyre a little faster,neg gain fans should dl too,cant go wrong ;-)
edit: cant find any info,nada dl-ed these demos yrs ago on slsk and there s an U.K. band too with the same name,who also released a couple of demos in those yrs,but more punky stuff
but cant find anything on this band so everything you know is welcome


TEEN IDLES discography (+/- 70 tracks) next but that one will take alot of time,some stuff sounds really poor but i wanna do it for awhile now so will start tonight! check back soon!

i luv you all ;-0


maandag 9 augustus 2010

CON 800 - demo 1982 cd-r (hermosa beach-CA) BOOSTED!

YOUR A FUCKING WASTE!!!!! another classic demo,cleaned it up a little bit,louder/little more bass and it should be ok,but havent listened loud yet,middle of the night overhere so if its crap,ill redo it tomorrow
members went on to play in the DESCENDENTS (Doug) and PENNYWISE (Fletcher) etc..
here you have their first demo,theres another one too,hope it will pop up someday,email send to release this baby so fingers crossed
01-party nymph
02-nuke wars
03-tuna gardens
04-El Salvador
05-con 800
06-close minded people
09-California youth control
10-Darwin's theory
12-enternal now
13-pump the ground
14-manic depression
15-time to fight is now
16-outta gas

zondag 8 augustus 2010

R.I.P. Billy Wedgeworth (CORRUPTION)

just got a sad email from his wife Sandy,
Billy passed away on sunday august 1 2010
a day before i emailed him...i dont know what happened but just wanna let you know the corruption 7''/10'' wont probably ever see the daylight
Billy was the lead vocalist of the band corruption,he also was the lead vocalist for HIRAX in 1987

i asked Sandy if she still wants me to release it or just leave it all behind,but fact is he was really excited there was a new young generation outthere that still wanted to hear their music
im really sad i never had the chance to talk him
there are some bullshit stories on the net about him and his death
just let him rest in peace.

we'll meet on the other side,hope you found your peace
update : Sandy decided to let me continue with the release so thats really nice,ill make something nice of it,i promise!!!!!
if anyone has pictures of corruption/Billy or cool stories you know where to contact me!!! any help is appreciated!! thx in advance

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

DIRECT ACTION - demo 1984 (canada) CLEANED!

toronto-canada hardcore
bitzcore recs from germany did an lp in '88 of the best demo songs and the best from the 85 lp?
but never saw a real copy,or else i would have bought it for sure
no one will let this one go probably coz stuff RULES!
demo had lots of weird noises but with audacity you can do nice things
sounds clean/cleaner now,2x as much bass,more volume and here ya
16 tracks that sounds somewhere between the genetic control 7'' and negative gain's back from the dead lp so you know what to expect


covers later,coz im gonna clean up alot of stuff and dump just links for awhile

donderdag 5 augustus 2010

COLERA - demo 1983 cd-r (brasil) CLEANED-NEW CUT!

and cleaned/cut another one,there are 2 versions on slsk,one with 11 tracks and alot of tapenoise,the other complete 12 tracks but the dude cut off the tapenoise but also parts of the tracks,sucks
found a 1 track,the other rips came from the same 1 track,tapenoise etc
but now its clean! and a better cut as the other too,did some fade outs so sounds niceeeeee!


DARK LEGION - psychosis demo 1986 (canada) CLEANED!

taken from the lockjaw blog
cleaned it up,and here ya go
10 tracks (+ a D.R.I. cover) in the cryptic slaughter style,vocals are more brutal but it fits perfect
never heard from em till last week,but play it over and over,you should too!
back cover/cdr sticker tomorrow

woensdag 4 augustus 2010


ANGRY? no man,its this,yo! watch the beat!
a nice way to thrash away the anger with a smile on your face
their best work right here,first 2 7 inches,but i like eveything they did
cd with 7'' es and split on mendit recs,still available from various distros i think,split lp with the waste long sold out
site is still in the air so go check
moshzilla 7''

premiun iced tea 7''