dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

CAREER SUICIDE - tour 2011 teaser (live 2002-2008) incl both CIUT sessions + CJLO session!

if you gonna print-use these,you should download the versions on http://www.archive.org/ search for CIUT!
or download em from EXD blog-link on the left!

oh yeah finally put em  together and tagged em,cut up the 2002 set from a 1 track recorded from radio...,before i figured out the guys from CIUT shared these on the archive.org ...so used that one,and found the 2008 set on there too,did a little cut in the 2008 also,so all tracks are seperated...

first 17 are from the studio 3 session on EXD-CIUT radio 2002
18-23 are the CJLO session forgot what year it was...but a couple of yrs ago for sure...
24-32 are the 2008 recording of the studio 3 session for EXD-CIUT...

2nd folder contains the interview as track 33,1 hour interview...

euro tour starts in 2 days so here ya go!!!!!!!!!!

interview: www.mediafire.com/?


friday september 2,the pits,Kortrijk-Belgium
saturday september 3,OCCII Amsterdam-the Netherlands (MATINEE)
same day evening show in Munster-germany
sunday september 4,Hamburg-germany
monday september 5,Copenhagen-Denmark
tuesday september 6,Berlin-Germany
wednesday september 7,Prague-Czech  rep.
thursday september 8,Zurich-Switzerland
friday september 9,Mannheim-Germany
saturday september 10,Paris-France

thx to EXD blog for the 2 livesets! CJLO sets comes from slsk...go check out EXD blog! link = on the left side in this blog!

BEEF PEOPLE - music for men-Pavlov's dog session 1985 (VA)

                                                    tomorrow in parts so you can read it!

allright,back up,took out vinyl pops,boosted volume so sounds good for another 25 yrs ;-0
the BEEF PEOPLE from Virginia were:

   Brian Childers - vocals  
and another one who left us at an age to young to go...Brian passed away at age 42 in 2007...R.I.P.
Michael W. Dean - guitar
Willy MacLean - bass
Jack Massey - drums

included scans of the Pavlovs dog 7'' in the folder,huge...so you can read em,has a big story on the inside with  some cool pics,so go download it,and read it!
unfortunaly i'm not a lucky owner of the music for men 7'' so cant provide inserts for that one...
go check it out here:

gonna redo track 01-07 !! something went wrong with volume in mp3's,tried to change but files are f#%$#cked up,not sure what happened,they play fine,but cant change volume in these...but tonight better version!!!!

maandag 29 augustus 2011

CATWEAZLE - 1988-1989 (groningen-the netherlands)

version 2!!!!!! cleaned up!
and no worries ! i didnt butcher the demo recordings,theyre still raw as fuck,but got rid of the tapenoise and did some nice fade ins/outs,
the rest,some volume changes/bass boosts & whatever...came out  nice,except for the '94 demo,sounds shitty compared to the rest...but take it or leave it
more info here http://www.bacteria.nl/  and more bacteria bands later...NO I.D. some sort of disco...& MAKILADORAS - live!

catweazle 1988-1989 V.2 right here:


the CRUMBSUCKERS - cave demo 1983 + CBGB's demo 1985 cd-r (N.Y.) complete! new link!!!

EDIT : search and thou shall find
 track 13 that was missing added now!!!!!!!!!! new download link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been looking for a crumbsuckers demo for i don't know how many yrs & a few days ago i was lucky...
found 2!
i know alot of people are/were looking for crumbsuckers demo stuff,so here it is!
did a few fadeouts and boosted the volume a bit at places...great stuff!!!!!!!!!!

CRUMBSUCKERS - 1983-1985 demo's

cave demo recorded at Nino's studio june 1983 Baldwin-N.Y. on an 8 track
shortly after graduating high school the guys decided to record a demo to shop for gigs,one of the members brother paid for the recordings,for him they recorded the Chubby Checker song "the twist"
after this,they never played it again.

line up on the 1983 recordings:

Dave Brady - vocals
Dave Wynn - guitar
Gary Meskil - bass
Kevin Carroll - drums

CBGB's demo recorded in the summer of 1985 on a 16 track
line up on the 1985 demo:

Dave Brady - vocals
Dave Wynn - guitar
Chuck Lenihan - guitar
Gary Meskil - bass
Dan Richardson - drums

02-don't like it
03-Emil Mauer (you dick!)
04-kids in my school
05-the twist (Chubby Checker)

06-just sit there
07-shit's creek
12-live to work
13-charge of the light brigade

cdr back tomorrow,and i think ill put the liveset from CB's 1986 after the demo's so you've got a nice disc! will reupload when everything is done!
but for now,put on your dancing shoes coz its time to do the twist,bitch!


donderdag 25 augustus 2011

DOWN SYNDROME - dark age demo '83-7'' '84-comp tracks (edmonton-alberta-Canada)

DOWN SYNDROME from Edmonton,Alberta Canada were:

Sjor Lingjerde Throndson - vocals & drums
Bob Kropotkin - bass & vocals
Laurie Bulback - guitar
Dave - guitar on demo only ,on the 7'' recordings replaced by Jan Ek

this folder contains their 15 (*14! removed 1 annoying noisy track,that didnt fit between the rest...) 1983 demo called dark age,BADASS demo!!!
after that 6 tracks from the 1984 7'' (little more polished/better produced but still BADASS!

last are comp tracks from the va - it came from innerspace compilation lp on rubber recs & va - who will survive tape (with negazione,heimatlos,gepopel and alot of other int. hc bands)
they also had a track on the va - network of friends comp but already in here so no need to put it in twice...
they recorded a full length too around '85-'86 but think its never released...
maybe they released more that i'm not aware of,but all of these tracks are a great listen,so again get your diapers ready;-0

02-protect and serve
04-rat race
07-pain and hunger
08-Grody to the morgue
10-whatjah do
11-immoral minority
12-one more time
13-fight for your rights

15-other ways
16-solitary confinement
18-pain & hunger
20-suicidal eyes

21-you're a punk
22-bums (different version)

only tagged the files,didn't fool around with em yet....
well changed order a bit,placed track 8 from demo at the end of the demo,an outro in the middle of a demo SUUUUUUUUUCKS!


woensdag 24 augustus 2011

OUTCASTS - st tape 1989 (hazel crest-IL)

and better recordings too,this tape is recorded 1 year after the "music to eat by" tape,and it was released on wild rags recs in 1989,not sure if it came out on vinyl too,or only as tape release
sorry (not really ha ha ) for the delay & poor scans but only ones i have...
saw the music ...tape was uploaded as wav file,so will repost it as mp3 sooooon




last show flyer
below 3 pages of the maximum rock 'n' roll interview,click on picture to make em bigger/readable size!!!!!!

yes that's a part of DESOBEDIENCIA CIVIL song "lucha sin final"
best song of them,when playing it i'm screaming my guts out and i don't speak a single word of spanish/mexican ha ha but damn,this song is over the top pissed off latino hc!!
only have their lp as hard copy but recently found these recordings...
4 tracks from their 7'' (sell me yours! ;-)
11 tracks from a split tape (with the female vocalist!-need info on these recordings coz theyre gooooooooooood! but crappy rip...)
+ 4 other songs ,no clue where those are  from...
so here you got the 19 tracks together in 1 folder

the lp will follow in a seperate folder with scans of the record
for more info etc. go visit the DC. myspace!


pre-lp/cd recordings


no hay libertad sin desobediencia lp
funny thing about the lp...
they made the record too big for the covers ha ha
really,it wont fit,dust sleeves won't fit either ;-0 my copy came with a thick cardboard dust sleeve...,insert is a cd insert?? so more info needed,does the lp came originally with the cd lyric insert?????????

lp here:
www.mediafire.com/?  uploading!

DIRECT ACTION - 1984 demotape (ontario-canada) version2! with inserts

Tim - vocals
Xig - guitar
Dave - bass
Mike - drums

03-hate generation
04-living dead
05-i like speed
08-tomorrow is too late
09-direct action
10-trapped in a world
11-gimme liberty
12-angels of death
16-eat the rich

had it up before,but this i a better version! didnt butcher it this time ha ha
but...the asshole who ripped it,fucked it up
really bad edit job,and than tracks mixed up so they dont match when you play em in a row on your mediaplayer...
funny guy!!!!
but with audacity you can glue stuff back together,so 2 hours later and this is the result.tapenoise removed too,with fade ins/outs...so nothing lost from the orig recordings!
track 4 has a weird start,couldn't find the beginning on another track so.....only - about this thingy,rest of the demo sounds BADASS!!!

the guys from the EXD blog posted the tapecovers awhile ago,stole em (THX!)
so here you have the complete thing.


dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

ROTTEN FUX - pist as fuk! - vomit stench demo's + live & wasted at burnt ramen 2006 (bay area-CA)

drunk-junk punx from the bay area,are these dudes still alive? ;-)
i remember when they got the 1st demo out and people gave em a year or so before overdosing or something..that how fucked up they were ha ha
but they managed to squeeze out another demo,again in horrible quality...and a 7'' on six weeks recs,thats a ripper,cool artwork too!
as a bonus you'll get a liveset at burnt ramen 2006,got one from 2007 too but still 1 track,maybe ill add it later
for now go listen to this,cleaned up the recordings so its way better as the 1 track thingy floating around..but still....PLAY LOOOOOOOOOOOOUD AS FUK!

pist as fuk! demo

02-no chance for peace
03-no future
04-i hate you
05-days of rage
06-STD song

vomit stench demo

09-my rules
10-animal torture
11-i'm sick
13-stupid girl
15-days of rage

live @ burnt ramen 2006

18-animal torture
19-my rules
20-stupid girl
21-STD song
22-no chance for peace
23-days of rage
25-sick of life
26-world full of hate (THE FARTZ)



maandag 22 augustus 2011

UBER - to the toilet demo 2006 (spain)

best band in spain at the moment imho...

catchy as hell punk 'n' roll...
hope they will release a full length one day,coz the 7 inches are awseome,but always too short
maybe some sort of disco later but not really into posting stuff thats still available in stores etc...so don't pin me down on that one....
but here's their 1st effort.
ordered a few tapes for distro overhere when it came out,but tapes were gone,well almost...1 left....
so Uri thought he dissapointed me,but most important thing to me was offcourse that i got myself a copy ha ha
told him i wanted that last copy reaaaal bad,he laughed and said,give me your adress and ill send it for FREE!
ohhhhh yeaah! you don't see that much anymore,people giving stuff away for free
so the guy rules forever!
here it is,scans could be better but too lazy to scan em seperate


DEAD STOP - 2002-2006 a tribute! words & music (belgium)

CLICK 2X ON IMAGE TO GET FULL READABLE SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep folks,a tribute to probably the best hardcore band we had in europe in the past decade
belgium's DEAD STOP
i can write some bullshit,but above is a tribute zine,made by close friends of DS,this are their feelings about them,and yeah the love for ds goes deep by some of em ;-0
but this is a very well done tribute,it reminds me of the LIFES HALT - so long...& thanks for all the lim. records...zine that was given away at their last gig,it had memories of friends etc,lifes halt tribute post later ;-)
but now its time for DEADSTOP!
as a bonus i made a "fanclub" cd-r of two of their shows here in holland,one of the gigs is floating around as bootleg on the net for 14 euro's! DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!! not legit,the band didnt get any copies etc...and stuff is released before on the kerstival cd with other bands...not worth your $$$$
so i made this as response...emailed Kris,and he said,no problem dude,post it
so i present to you
DEAD STOP - live @ light the fuse festival,hengelo 2004 + live @ kerstival alkmaar 2004

thx to Rob LIGHT THE FUSE for posting the LTF set
Kris & the rest of DS for existing!