dinsdag 31 januari 2012

AT ALL COST - 1988-1990 demo's & live @ CBGB's-WNYU 1989-1990 (rockland county-NY)


big thx to the guys @ http://rocklandcountynyhardcorepunk.blogspot.com/  for the orig upload!!!

a few days ago i was checking some other blogs coz i was sick of my own lol
and checked the rockland county blog and found a few goodies
but this stands out
complete unknown band for me and this is ridicilous good!
its fast youth crew-ish hc but a little heavier,this has some damn cool mosh parts where you can practice all your moves on so you look tuff in the pit ;-0
playing it over and over last days,good lyrics too!
and while listening ,cut up the livesets and boosted volume of the demo's to the max
famous "shitty covers" and here ya go




zondag 29 januari 2012

VULPESS - 1982 demo cd-r (basque country)

been listening to these "sluts" ;-) for yrs now in a bad quality so these babies deserve it to be cleaned up,hope you like the result
great band that shocked spain when the played me gusta ser una zorra (i love being a slut is the translation i think) on national TV back in the early 80's,legendary stuff kids!
repress of the me gusta ser una zorra/inkiscion 7'' probably still available so go look for it! german press on munster recs i believe,gonna check for ya'll

mp3 version this time!


oh yeah did i mention before i luv sluts! luv em ;-0

zaterdag 28 januari 2012

CRO-MAGS - live in austria-europe 07-27-1991 cd-r (sbrd) CLEANED UP!

stole some cool flyer artwork
front was a flyer for an australian show @ the arthouse in Melbourne,in 2004 or something,done by RESIST recs (MINDSNARE dude/s)
but it looks good so why searching for something else huh,anyone having problems with it,lemme know!

removed the 2 incomplete tracks,most of the hiss,and alot of silence/bullshit between the songs
came out much better as the 1 track that was sitting in my computer for yrs
it clocks in 58 min,while the orig set was 73 min...so got rid of 15 minutes
thx to William who ripped this 9 yrs ago,hope you like the result!
have fun!

new link incl. cdr covers

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

THE DESECRATORS - caught in the act-speed up the death process demotape/lp 1985-1987-20?? (U.K.)

more unknown but good crossover from the U.K.!
Steve-CRUZ DUCKS recommended this a few weeks ago and started looking for the demo
found it awhile ago but forgot to post,today he sended the cruz ducks demo & desecrators demo/lp,listened again and damn yeah,totally underated crossover!
version i downloaded on slsk had the old tapecovers included,pretty cool
so here it is
Steve mentioned its recently put out vinyl lp!!! but sold out through the label,only 250 copies made,1 time pressing...maybe your lucky and some distro will still have a copy,good luck!

anyone who has the livetape as mp3,send it over please? would love to hear/post it!




CRUISE DUCKS a.k.a. CRUZ DUCKS - chasing the dragon demo 1987 (U.K.)

02-lies or life
03-visions of death
04-see for yourself
05-chasing the dragon
06-live track

here it is folks,the 2nd demo by the CRUISE/CRUZ DUCKS from the U.K.
they changed their name after the '86 demo into CRUISE DUCKS and delivered this 6 track demo of badass crossover-hc
send in by Steve,so again big thx to him for sharing this goodie
and it sounds gooooood,not decent ;-0
boosted volume a bit and converted em to mp3
here ya go

CRUZ DUCKS - alcohol abuse demo 1987 (U.K.)

another U.K. demo from the crossover yrs,from a 1 track that was floating around as a DR KNOW demo
little dissapointed but this aint bad either ;-)
someone told me its the CRUZ DUCKS - alcohol abuse demo from 1987...

Steve - bass-vocals posted some info,always nice too see bandmembers on here,and to receive the correct information,
cheers mate! & if you read this again,hope you remember the lyrics for "holiday in Sao Gabriel..." and if you can post em in the comment section or email em,would be cool!

here ya go,new link with tagged titles! and did a quick boost too,sound alittle better,louder...damn good/unknown demo!


01-terminal disease
02-sun and sand,sea and beer
04-lobster fever
05-old Tom
06-holiday in Sao Gabriel do Rio Negro
07-chemical abuse

line up :

Task - vocals-guitar
Cracknell - guitar
Steve - bass-vocals
Ross - drums

they also recorded a 2nd demo called "chase the dragon''
and then changed name to the CRACK BABIES
they build up a good hc following as the crack babies...


a bump for Marcelo

2nd demo as CRUISE DUCKS up tonight!
big thx to Steve again!

maandag 23 januari 2012

ANDROPOV'S ASSASSINS - columbus tape 1983 (columbus-OH)

a rarity
this is everything they recorded,pre RESISTORS!
songs were used for a compilation tape with a couple of other columbus bands,THE PATTERN and 2/3 others released on gravelvoice records
only have the AA recordings,but stuff RULES!
track 4 sounds awhole lot like the CIRCLE JERKS deny everything...
cleaned up/boosted so sounds gooooooood!

tomorrow a little more info,too lazy to look/type it out at the moment...

01-andropovs assassins
04-criminally insane
05-take me to war
06-staple gun


THRESHOLD OF PAIN demo tomorrow,sorry...

zaterdag 21 januari 2012

YAKARA - syogyou mujou demo 2004 (japan)

6 track demo of raging faaaaaaaaaast hc!
the guitarplayer played in some other bands before but cant remember,so have to look for it,its been awhile...but this demo rips from start till finish and after 8 yrs it still doesnt let down
VITAMIN X played with em on one of their japan tours,so you know what to expect
they did a bunch of comp tracks too,and i think a full length too but never heard/saw it anywhere
go look for it
demo is loooooooooong gone

01-syogyou mujo
04-sajou no sisou

donderdag 19 januari 2012

MEGAUPLOAD taken out/of the air/net by the F.B.I....

the guy behind it was a dutch guy living in new zealand,he and a few other people behind megaupload are arrested by the F.B.I.
also 3 people from Germany,1 from Estonia,another from Slovakia and they re hunting a few others
megaupload had problems before with UMG universal music group
and the whole "piracy"thingy is pretty on topic lately,so this is the first of many bad things to come i think...
hackers organsiation "anonymous" is already "bombing" all kinds of goverment sites/servers but don't think megaupload will return,just like napster...fucked up!
but for now,grab what you can folks,might be over soon! (ah well,ofal will go on a little private server or something;-0)
and yup,will reupload the last posts to mediafire!


woensdag 18 januari 2012

THE RAMONES - live @ de melkweg,amsterdam 08-05-1986 (VPRO's wilde wereld radio broadcast)

finally finished,took me 4 days to get it how i wanted it,and here you can check the result
last track is a nice int. with Joey,ill translate the questions later for ya'll so you know what the dude's asking
play loud and shake your booty!!!

there's another version floating around with more tracks,but from 2 different sources,this is the full radio broadcast from 1986,edited by yours truly
the other version comes from the VPRO archive broadcasted a few yrs later on a AM radio,shitty quality but think i can pimp em up a bit like the 15-16 below,so check back later

01-do you wanna dance
02-somebody put something in my drink
03-psycho therapy
04-blitzkrieg bop
05-rock 'n' roll highschool
06-i wanna be sedated
07-the KKK too my baby away
08-crummy stuff
09-i don't wanna go down the basement
10-love kills
11-Sheena is a punkrocker
12-glad to see you go
13-animal boy
14-California sun
15-we're a happy family
16-Joey interview


UNSOCIETY - demo '97 (pre-BROTHER INFERIOR!-oklahoma)

02-public service
03-seed of faith

not as good as BROTHER INFERIOR,more punk or not as heavy as BI what you want,but that doesnt mean this is a bad demo...nope
its a good demo,if your a fan of BI youll luv this one too
if you have the "anthems for greater salvation" lp youll reconize the intro,it was also used as the intro for the lp...a ripper,go get it somewhere...

did brother inferior made a demo,anyone knows/heard/has it???

dinsdag 17 januari 2012

ANARCRUST - demo-peace thru power-live 1988-1989 cd-r (rotturdam-the netherlands)


ANARCRUST peace thru power 1988-1989 cd-r
not the usual hardcore-crossover,kinda same as blatant yobs,more political lyrics...
too bad some of you can't understand the dutch language coz theres some nice talking in between.
trapped! about racism/fascism...very on topic that song,too bad some people are blind for reality,and don't
see the signs..or just wipe em away...but thats the way it goes these days huh? people throw their morals/principles out of the window for what? ....scenepoints? lol
it's actually pretty sad...so these guys were/are right
other topics deal with womens abuse,violence,the edge,a hommage to the chinese restaurants NI HAO!,charities etc...great stuff!

the drummer Ron played in PIPOKOEIE/DAS BRÉÉTELS before he joined ANARCRUST
after ANARCRUST he joined SPECKNECK who are still playing...

thx to Ron & mr. powerviolence for the info!



maandag 16 januari 2012

ILLEGAL 80 - den endelose ende demo 1983 (copenhagen-denmark)

17 tracks from 1983,and to me probably the best stuff ever written overthere!
great demo,quality could be better but as usual,PLAY LOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUD,and you'll be fine
have fun!

tracktitles: in english/danish lol
too lazy to find out how to type danish on here,but ill make a cd front with logo/titles on a jpeg...
tags in the mp3's are in danish,so who really cares right,all good.

06-kold og ond
07-magtens redskab
08-destruer magten
09-ingen tak
10-dod tilfredshed
11-de fattige millionaere
13-ikke chance
14-pengeskabte ulykker
15-unbegraensede graenser
16-jeg vil ikke mere
17-den endelose ende


zaterdag 14 januari 2012

SPOILED BRATS - think for yourself demo 1986 (louisiana)

their 2nd demo from 1986,never heard/saw the other other online
but this a badass demo!!!
faaaaaaaast and with a thick bass sound,great quality too,only raised volume a bit
here ya go and yeah,don't forget


02-victim of society
03-together forever
04-skatin' not satan
05-jock party
06-not like you
07-thrashed again
08-running free
09-lets beat up our friends
10-the fun song

Glen - vocals
Art - guitar
Mike - guitar
Steve - bass
John - drums

below you can dl the orig version,but you have to dl each track separated
this was taken from (thx!) & go check


vrijdag 13 januari 2012

PUTRID DEBRIS - va - peace through power tape 1989

cleaned up a bit,but still raw as fuck,rehearsal room recordings,faaaaaaaaast,grindish,who cares
play looooooooooooud!!!!
good stuff!!!!

01-equivalent to you
04-total deception
05-war reason #1
06-sero-positive death

donderdag 12 januari 2012

AMPACHEN - tracks from MBP split demo 1986 (groningen-the netherlands)

groningen '85 from nederpunk.nl

line up:

Marcel - vocals
Rinze - guitar
Onno - drums

04-sunday morning
10-dinner time
11-chemical plant
13-easy feet

requested by Zac,here ya go
cleaned  up a little,sounds goooooood!
more punky as the usual stuff but pretty damn good! if you are into funeral oration and stuff like that,give em a chance,melodic hc punk from Groningen.
maybe MBP tracks laterrr but only have a few tracks from that side...

woensdag 11 januari 2012

DEPARTMENT OF COREUPTION - hanging material demo 1988 (NJ-NY) new link with titles included!

01-2 to 3
02-free will,free hell
03-search for myself
04-death reflect

thx to Robert for the titles/release date!
good thrash-crossover!

 new link with titles!

BUITEN ADEM - täringzooi demo 1986 live @ WNC,groningen-the netherlands 1986 (groningen)

finished quicker as expected...BADASS liveset,some weird sounds/pops in it,couldnt get everything out,but its much better and doesnt bother me so all gooooooooood!
this set includes some tracks that you might know from CATWEAZLE demo's (polluted enviroment/mushrooms) pretty cool to hear these early versions!

01-polluted enviroment
08-we wanna hef fun
09-watching you
11-Diane (HUSKER DÜ-Jules MBP on vocals) anyone has the complete MBP side of the MBP/AMPACHEN split demo? if so,pleaaaaaaaaaase hook me up! THX!
12-het raam uit

here you have the demo + liveset in one folder so live = track 12-27!
have fun and play LOOOOOOOOOOUD!!!!!!


info?,see post below!
and Maynard,do you remember the last 3 missing titles? can't figure out what titles are...so help is appreciated! thx

maandag 9 januari 2012

BUITEN ADEM - täringzooi demo 1986 (groningen-the netherlands) CLEANED UP!

more dutch hc for ya'll,and again from Groningen.

02-we wanna hef fun
04-doodze (kill all fascist pigs!)
09-het raam uit
10-stupid solution

this was the first band from the guy who does http://hellpunk666.blogspot.com/
cleaned it up a bit for ya,removed the tapenoise and some volume boosts
pretty good stuff with a nice thick bass sound and some good lyrics to top it off

line up

Gerard - vocals
Stefan - guitar
Mark - bass
Maynard - drums

Mark and Maynard started BUITEN ADEM when they were at age 14! they recorded another demo at age 15,with another guitarplayer in the line up,but they lost the recordings (damn!)
that was also the last thing they recorded,shortly after recording the lost demo,Maynard & Mark started CATWEAZLE,they both did vocals on the 1st CATWEAZLE demo
Stefan played in many metalbands after BUITEN ADEM,Gerard never made music in another band,but wrote lyrics for CATWEAZLE...this is all Maynard could remember so
enjoy folks.
thx to Maynard for the info
make sure you check out his blog,it has some goodies on it!,and his other bands PCP & DESCENT INTO HELL etc. etc.


soon new link with their liveset @ WNC 1987 included,think ill cut it up tonight

zondag 8 januari 2012

ULTIMATE SABOTAGE - demo 1986 + live in enschede 1987 (nijmegen-the netherlands)

                     in the van on the ULTIMATE SABOTAGE-NEUROOT tour on the way to Groningen/Heerenveen (from Andre's blog)

 thx the guy from 433rpm blog for the demo insert + mp3's!!!! link on the left!

for & thx to Brob smurfpunx!

the guy who uploaded this tape Chaos http://www.ultimatesabotage.blogspot.com/  unfortunaly passed away last year...due to cancer...damn disease...,he banged the drums on these recordings...
the guitarplayer Andre Bentlage,also passed away last year..R.I.P. guys
Andre did a blog too, http://www.aabentlage.blogspot.com/ go check it out if you are intrested in art,politics,photography etc...gives me a weird feeling to read stuff while knowing he's not here with us anymore,but nice to see its still online....
Andre was also married/later divorced with vocalist StepVaessen,who is currently dutch correspondent for Al Jazeera indonesia......
recently ultimate sabotage was mentioned and played on dutch television were Step was interviewed for a tv program called "zomergasten"
before this,not many people knew she was active in the squatters community.so pretty cool to find out...
and you can hear it when/how she's talking that bigger things were coming for her...
great band,and she was a great vocalist,this is hardcore/punk history kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
below you can read a story of one of Andre's friends about them growing up...,it's in dutch,but use a translator!!!!!



Step - vocals
Andre - guitar
Loony - bass
Chaos - drums

God save the queen (SEX PISTOLS) nice parody about our queen Bea,and yeah Holland is dreaming at the moment,so pretty ''on topic" this song....
and with Bea leaving in a year or so...this guy will be our king,and as you can see,he's dreaming too...so we've got NO FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                              (get rich sleeping)

back up soon,with tags for both incl cd-r covers-cd sticker!


donderdag 5 januari 2012

S.H.I.T. (something horrible in town) - fart power demo 1989 (belgium)

more sillyness outta belgium,if you are into BELGIAN ASOCIALITY,chances are you'll enjoy these tunes too,fast to real fast-hc/crossover with too much bass,but it came out better as the orig,so fuck it,not gonna redo it
PLAY LOUD,your neighbors will luuuuuuuuuuv it!
the intro for stress is offcourse stolen and shouldnt be on the tape imo but its included for your pleasure
no other complaints,23 yrs after recording,and still sounds badass,go get it!

LETHAL VIRUS - life of disorder demo '85 (vancouver-BC-canada)

pretty unknown hc-crossover from Canada
no cover-no info
only thing i can tell is they played with BLASPHEMY yup,the black metal band,but musically it has nothing to do with em,it's more hc/crossover
this is a pretty good demo,think the guys might be Polish dudes livin'in Canada,coz 2 tracks have (polish) behind it, but not sure
anyone who has more info,please lemme know!


01-life of disorder
03-Norma (polish)
05-bad type
06-fuck it all
09-unknown (polish)

woensdag 4 januari 2012

GOVERNMENT ABUSE - demo 2011 (sweden)

5 song demo
check here

these guys played gigs with THRÄSHERS on their last tour
just stole the mp3's from Jocke's youtube channel,if he/the band is ok with it ill put em up,no titles unfortunaly,and cant find any info,so Jocke give us some information will ya? coz these guys are good!
5 tracks of old school hc/punk/sk8 influenced stuff the way it should be,raw,sloppy,faaaaast
good demo!

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

SLEEPWALKERS R.I.P. - live on LIFE DURING WARING-KBOO radio,portland-OR april 28, 2009

03-play our sound
05-young and old

pretty badass female fronted punk! played live in the KBOO studio in 2009
unfortunaly i don't own the 7 inches myself so need help with titles! thx!

BLOEDBAD - 1983-1985 (groningen-the netherlands)

front = the bloody massacre on the people of Naarden (dutch city) by the spanish on dec. 1st 1572
by Jan Luyken

Edwin Jansse - vocals-guitar
Rob Zwaving - vocals-guitar
Michel Alam - bass
Sanni Potharst - drums

Edwin left the band in '84 and was replaced by Michael Kopijn-CATWEAZLE/PCP etc (from PCP some kinda disco thingy soon! after bloedbad is done!)
short time after him Sanni left and that was it,they never released a record of their own which is a shame,coz these guys produced some of the best hc written overhere
collected all i could find and put it together
67 tracks in total! 102 minutes,so it will be a double cd-r
and dreaming of the protest demo on vinyl,,hope it will happen someday and not a shitty boot but official with info/pics etc,they deserve it!

01-16 rehearsal demo 1983
17-33 protest demo 1983
34-42 va rood,wit,zwart lp 1983
43-49 demo july 1984
50-53 va-holland hc tape/lp #2 1983/4
54-66 live at Babylon,Hengelo-the Netherlands 03-03-1984
67 va-babylon bleibt fahren lp 1984

the did a bunch of compilation tracks too,they were on the "alle 55 kort tape" and a few more but all from one of these above if im not mistaken...so no doubles included.

01-16-2012 : Edwin,email effe svp,computer heeft kuren en kan niet eens meer een reply posten op me bloggie...
maar hier ook bezig met idee voor de achterkant  hoes,zat te denken aan dezelfde kleuren als de voorkant,en oud sierlijk lettertype
...en oja,waarom de julie '84 er ook niet bij,klinkt als een tiet en past er wel op qua kwaliteit/lengte!
zo gauw als ik wat af heb,stuur ik het door voor keuring!
grrr Dan

17th CLASS - speedway squad demo 2001 (rochester-NY)

02-invasion of old glory
03-blitzkrieg bop (THE RAMONES)
05-graverobbers from outerspace
06-soggy spoonfuls of kaos
07-fiends in the night
09-no friend of mine
11-keep 'em scared and they'll obey
12-you've got a brain... (THE FARTZ)
13-fuck 'em all
14-social trap
15-mutant monster crabs
17-i turned into a martian (THE MISFITS)
18-never enough

they also put out an lp in 2003 and a 7''  in 2002

on PUNK BEFORE PROFITS recs ,lp kinda sucked back than,sold it after getting it,packing was cool,thick cardboard cover etc...bummer i sold it,but someone else is happy with it...
this demo is awhole different story
more raw,thrashy,dirty,more hc? added a few high tones so it sounds a little cleaner but still dirty enough
go judge yourself