zondag 8 januari 2012

ULTIMATE SABOTAGE - demo 1986 + live in enschede 1987 (nijmegen-the netherlands)

                     in the van on the ULTIMATE SABOTAGE-NEUROOT tour on the way to Groningen/Heerenveen (from Andre's blog)

 thx the guy from 433rpm blog for the demo insert + mp3's!!!! link on the left!

for & thx to Brob smurfpunx!

the guy who uploaded this tape Chaos http://www.ultimatesabotage.blogspot.com/  unfortunaly passed away last year...due to cancer...damn disease...,he banged the drums on these recordings...
the guitarplayer Andre Bentlage,also passed away last year..R.I.P. guys
Andre did a blog too, http://www.aabentlage.blogspot.com/ go check it out if you are intrested in art,politics,photography etc...gives me a weird feeling to read stuff while knowing he's not here with us anymore,but nice to see its still online....
Andre was also married/later divorced with vocalist StepVaessen,who is currently dutch correspondent for Al Jazeera indonesia......
recently ultimate sabotage was mentioned and played on dutch television were Step was interviewed for a tv program called "zomergasten"
before this,not many people knew she was active in the squatters community.so pretty cool to find out...
and you can hear it when/how she's talking that bigger things were coming for her...
great band,and she was a great vocalist,this is hardcore/punk history kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
below you can read a story of one of Andre's friends about them growing up...,it's in dutch,but use a translator!!!!!



Step - vocals
Andre - guitar
Loony - bass
Chaos - drums

God save the queen (SEX PISTOLS) nice parody about our queen Bea,and yeah Holland is dreaming at the moment,so pretty ''on topic" this song....
and with Bea leaving in a year or so...this guy will be our king,and as you can see,he's dreaming too...so we've got NO FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                              (get rich sleeping)

back up soon,with tags for both incl cd-r covers-cd sticker!


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  1. Hey Dan,
    de Ultimate Sabotage tape kan je hier vinden:
    Zal binnenkort een andere live-opname van Dona Nobis Pacem posten op System//Sabotage//Chaos.

  2. THX!!!!!!!!!!!
    en zeer geintreseerd in dat livesetje! die andere heeft al aardig wat keren in de mediaplayer gezeten
    maar nogmaals dank voor deze!
    grrr Dan