zaterdag 28 januari 2012

CRO-MAGS - live in austria-europe 07-27-1991 cd-r (sbrd) CLEANED UP!

stole some cool flyer artwork
front was a flyer for an australian show @ the arthouse in Melbourne,in 2004 or something,done by RESIST recs (MINDSNARE dude/s)
but it looks good so why searching for something else huh,anyone having problems with it,lemme know!

removed the 2 incomplete tracks,most of the hiss,and alot of silence/bullshit between the songs
came out much better as the 1 track that was sitting in my computer for yrs
it clocks in 58 min,while the orig set was 73 got rid of 15 minutes
thx to William who ripped this 9 yrs ago,hope you like the result!
have fun!

new link incl. cdr covers

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, I was the one who ripped this probably eight or nine years ago. Thanks for cleaning this up.

  2. hey William,
    thx for that! it's one of the best sets outthere
    ill post it and will add covers later,so you can check tonight
    thx again!

  3. still i'm waiting the copy yu promised from the sucked dry 7''

    how are you???


  4. William do you remember the venue they played? wien arena or something? would be nice to add it to the tags...
    thx again

  5. hey Mike,
    everything good comes slow ;-0
    not bad but still lazy as you noticed
    but last days im packing/sending out stuff and yesterday looked for the email with your adress
    and just took 2 records out of a box so were getting closer lol
    ill try to get em out after the weekend!!! also including a dvd of that cursed che cafe gig... PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!start complaining on here if you havent received anything by next saturday ok,that will help me move my lazy ass a bit
    sorry for the wait!


  6. hahahhhaaahahah
    i was trying not to be a bitch but you know, when someone promises you a gift it's always good to get it.ahahahahh

    i know what you're talking, i have promised to sent some money for a isterismo tape that i never did...bummer

    you remember the CURSED, that's nice
    cheers from shitty athens city