dinsdag 25 januari 2011

CONDEMNED ATTITUDE - demo 1986 (bay area-CA)

version 2!
and yup,artwork goes on a deck too,post pics when done
the rest of the compilation will follow as soon it sounds how i want it ;-)
but this is requested so here ya go!
01-when ego's collide
03-homeless crew



7 SECONDS - live @ VFW #18 kansas city-MO 09-21-'84

on a skatedeck sooooon i think;-)

the usual stuff...yada yada yada...
great set from the early days,again somewhere between a good audience/sb recording
lots of talking between the songs but good stuff so didnt cut it off...HAVE FUN,covers laterrrrr



with my internet provider ha ha
so probably theyll cut off my internet connection one of these days so ill try to upload as much as possible tonight! the assholes want 150 euro for 4 months internet,that i didnt had in the last 4 months so
i wooooooooooooooon't pay
ill be back offcourse but have to change provider etc

ill dump links in this post,no cover art for most but will add em later when im back


CAUSE FOR ALARM - live @ the anthrax,norwalk-CT 03-04-1989
sound lies somewhere beteween a good audience/sb
pretty good set i think


WAX - punk och karkek demo 1983 (female fronted!-sweden)
great demo,first part came out better as the 2nd part but still niiiiice!


maandag 24 januari 2011

M.N.P. - mindecision demo '85 (roanoke-VA) CLEANED!

tomorrow you can download it from there aight! or go and dl the version he has up now!

stuff rules! again great political stuff!

T.B.N. - THE BEER NUTS cd out now on punk records!

click image 2x to make it bigger! and buy it!


URBAN BLIGHT - studio 3 session EXD-CIUT radio canada 11-30-2010

10-11 tracks recorded in studio 3-EDX-CIUT radio (still have to cut up 1 track into 2!)

no covers were included in this one...so i started on some,final version laterrr

but get this! great liveset recorded in a studio so this sounds goooooooood! just dl a livetape from my buddy Mike on slsk so who knows a combi of the two will follow;-)
last track is a very nicely done cover of germany's UPRIGHT CITIZENS - bombs of peace!! what are you waiting for ;-0
here ya gooooo!






zondag 23 januari 2011

CHRONIC SUBMISSION - sick of reality 1983-1984-2010 (demo's + studio 3 session for EXD-CIUT radio (ATTEMPT 1)


ANYONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN SCORE A COPY on vinyl ,not the tape ?????????? i need one badly ;-)

hook me up with an contact adress pleeeease!

clip of the reunion show!
while looking for pics i found the demo's as wma files on another blog,these sounded better as the ones i started with so ill do a second version with those 2 rips and will add the livestuff and upload em later tonight probably,if i get it done...

79 ;-) minutes of classic T.O.H.C. ! fits perfect on a cd-r
www.archive.org look for CIUT ,EQUALIZING DISTORT,studio 3 and you can dl full radio broadcasts etc,pretty cool way to share these goodies!
they did an episode on CHRONIC SUBMISSION too,so go check for yourself!

SLAPSHOT - live @ radiobeat-WERS boston-MA 02-05-2005 UNCENSORED!

a few oldies and a couple of new ones in a nice quality!
engineered by Ryan Abbott @ WERS
cd production Matt Breen
copyright 2002 Hollis-Vitale



01-old tyme hc
04-relight the fire
06-tear it down
08-last laugh
10-what's at stake
12-chip on my shoulder
14-back on the map
16-hang up your boots!


zaterdag 22 januari 2011

ALL WHITE JURY - apathetic society 1982 demo (western mass.) NEW DL LINK!

OH YEAH,another classic with a member who became "famous) 2 members from deep wound went on to form the grunge/rock band Dinosaur jr.,the drummer from AWJ Murphy joined em and you know they were pretty big in the 90's...
but this is raw as fuck hc,short too
couldnt think of anything for the back cover/cd sticker so maybe later...but
cleaned it up (removed tapenoise and some weird cutting sounds)
think it sounds nice now

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

NO SENSE - confused mind demotape 1990 (male/fem. fronted!-brasil)

noisy/fast/brutal/hc-ish fem. vocals

& the only thing what makes this grindy are the male vocals imo but check it out,they also released an 8 song e.p. in 1991
which sounds better than these tracks but fooled around a bit...
19 tracks
but first 10 are just short noise tracks ;-) every track is short,pain in the ass to cut so hope its right


gonna take out the tapenoise first before i put it back up,aight? so coming soooooooon!

donderdag 20 januari 2011

INDIREKT - live @ Hans Engel memorial 2003 video

a response to Jos post on distortiontodeafness ;-)
saw it was Anneke's birthday a few days ago so this might be nice too

format: AVI - size: +/_ 100 mb - quality: B- length +/-15 min.

quality could be better ,but this is still a great video! on youtube there are a few cut up clips of this short set,but won't post link coz YOUTUBE SUCKS! the assholes terminated (yeah what a word huh) my account coz i was violation some reagan youth copy rights????? had 3 clips uploaded,3 yrs ago! ??? and now whoop,everything gone,few yrs uploading,fuckers! im pissed ha ha

but we were posting an indirekt video here so...
they played this short gig (6 songs?) as a memorial for their murdered friend Hans Engel,this gig took place in hoorn 2003
more info on venue soon

buy the "total warpath" 2cd from them here,incl 5 new recorded tracks! huge booklet etc! everything they've done + live melkweg '87 tracks!

maybe ill put up some livesets soon! audio!

CONTROLLED BY FEAR pre-RUPTURE!) - demo 1988 (australia)

as promised...
cd-r sticker and back laterrrr

unreleased 1988 demo by the band that became RUPTURE
in the last years i discovered some great old stuff,this is one of em,but now yrs later this became some of my fav. aussie stuff! ,playing it ALOT lately
raging stuff ala nailed down,drop dead and the likes
it already had a pretty good sound but tapenoise was faded out,took out the noise and boosted it a little bit so sounds a bit thicker and without pops and stuff at the end of the tracks


01-radio plug
02-royal parasites
03-str8 edge
05-you're all the same
06-bullshit religion
07-armed forces
08-rockstar attitude
11-we need unity
12-no asio
13-profits from death
14-social issues shit
16-rascist cunt
17-believing all those lies
18-conservative thrash
19-1788 to 1988
20-innocent slaughter
21-gun control
22-the only good cop,is a dead one

if this was a 10'' or lp it was a classic in its genre for sure,who knows it will end up on vinyl someday,would be badass. but for now enjoy this!

TOTAL CHAOZ (pre-LARM) - 1980-1981 demo/rehearsal (holland hc)

covers still in the works,not sure if this will be it...;-)

LARM 30 yr anniversary disc #1!
this one took me a couple of days to get it how it is right now,so hope you enjoy this as much as i do
this is probably the oldest hc stuff youll hear from holland,i can't think of a band that played this type of music at that speed in 1980,djee 4 yrs before this my mom gave birth to me in the same town so theyre almost going for 31 yrs now,hats off!
and after all those years,settled now but still the same ideals,so you can only have lots of respect for these guys even if you don't agree with their politics
but i won't bug you with that,you all want the tunes right?
here are the 1980 demo and a rehearsal demo from 1981
cut/cleaned a bit so should sound gooooooooood!
more info on who was in the band at that time sooon,have to check for that
but Jos switched to bass and Berletta & Dorien did vocals,Paul did some back ups
Jos recently posted the 1980 demo also on his own blog so go read the story he wrote about his dad and growing up as a young hc kid in a'foort,pretty cool story!
and make sure you check out the rest of his blog too,the place for some holland hc history

dinsdag 18 januari 2011

GAZPACHO - the demo 1998/memories for tomorrow comp track

Isaiah - vocals
Paul - guitar
Jaime - bass
Noel - drums

the demo 7'' was released on HEADLINE recs from L.A. in december 2000 as part of the single collection
in a lim. one time pressing of 300
many yrs after it came out i was able to score a copy on vinyl,but still looking for the 2nd and 3rd demo,never released on vinyl but if someone has the mp3's i would luv to hear em
for those who don't know em
they we're from CA,and shared a member with lifes halt at that time ,i think it was Noel
they play fast but melodic/youthfull oldschool/youthcrew
hard to pin down their sound but its catchy as hell,luv that record.

track 6 is their track from the memories of tomorrow compilation lp/cd that was released by youngblood recs

and tommorrow my new all in one inkjet printer should arrive so finally can put up some scans of records and the decks i painted
gazpacho cover will be one of em,so check back laterrrrrrrrr

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - demo 2003 (fem. fronted!-oakland-CA)

niceee demo!

01-smear campaign
03-run silent,run deep
04-charred flock

BETTER LIVING - lost children demo 1983


cant find anything about em,even the KFTH doesnt have any info,thought they were from philly but probably wrong again
cleaned/gooooooooooood stuff
go get it!

MISFITS - earth A.D. demo '83

the usual stuff blah blah,6 tracks of early misfits,not a huge misfits fan but the lp kicks butt,some of these tracks are on the lp but this is more raw and some instrumental,pretty cool!

if anyone can recommend some good misfits bootlegs with a raw sound would be cool,would like to check some older livestuff but they did so much i dont know where to start ;-/


01-earth A.D. instrumental
02-we bit
04-wolfsblood instrumental
05-queen wasp instrumental

maandag 17 januari 2011

KWIK WAY - demo '85 (oakloand-CA) cleaned!

some hc/surf/fast food inspired stuff from oakland-CA but not the "normal" surf stuff (if you like the surf zone track from RED TIDE a few posts ago,you'll love these parts too!)
songs are mostly remastered available on the reissue of the 1st lp with bonus the unreleased '87 recordings,but demo's rule because of the raw sound etc...cleaned em offcourse
buy the cd boxset here :


6 tracks that already had a great sound,took out the noise and whoop here it is
ultra core,fastcore,early powerviolence whatever you wanna call it ,for '83/'84 this was pretty rough
great stuff,only bad thing is... it are only 6 tracks ha ha

CONTROLLED BY FEAR! = pre-RUPTURE - demo '88 is next after this,yup more of the same noise ;-) but came out gooooooooood


zondag 16 januari 2011

VIOLENT FORCE - velbert dead city demo's 1985-1986 (germany)

huh,what's that? metal?,yup good old thrash
demo's from '85-'86
don't forget your roots! ;-)

DEAD KENNEDYS - rock against Reagan @ the Lincoln memorial,washington-DC 07-03-1982

here we have one of the many live DK recordings floating around on the net,but cleaned it up had way too much bass in it,and bad cuts,glued it and cut it again,still no cd quality but its a nice listen now and a great document,beginning of nazi punks sounds weird but i couldnt get it right,thinks it missed a few seconds,still a great set!
cd-r cover laterrrr


PLEASED YOUTH - sure we're pleased demo 1984 cd-r (new jersey)

more NJHC!
took the tapecover from http://www.demotapes.blogspot.com/ (where else ha ha,the place if your looking for NJ stuff) and butchered into a cd-r cover,front isnt finished yet but laterrrrrrrrrrr
came out real nice this one!

edit:last week on ebay a copy of the original tape went for 256 bucks!!!!! so what do you prefer ;-)

INSURRECTION - comfort of a cage demo 1984 (perth-australia)

male-female fronted stuff from perth-australia!

in 40% Lydia does the vocals and Mat does vox in the other 60% of the songs while Lydia handles the guitar,im a sucker for good fem. vocals so i prefer the tracks were Lydia sings,the 200 song gives me chills on my back ,title track has dual vocals,awseome too!

ill try to make a nice back cover for this one,and type out the lyrics again so everyone can read it ;-)

think it came from another blog an aussie one,ill look for the url!

and maybe another version soon,still not 100% satisfied how it sounds...but good for now

original tape insert included in the folder,but too big,they wont load ;-/

GROUND ZERO - unreleased 1984 demo (ann arbor)

GZ ANNoO 2004

another one that became one of my favorite u.s. demos after cleaning it,and this didnt even made it to tape
and its so damn good,i wanna release 3 old demo's this year,gonna try to do this one too
so fingers crossed;-0
but here are the mp3's ,in some tracks you still hear some scuffs or how you say it? nothing major/really annoying
and great to read the band played the last couple of yrs again,mabe re recording so hope i can contact em about the demo
offcourse youll hear it when i know more!
http://wdean.fatcow.com/ for more info on the ann arbor scene!
make sure you check the reunion vids from 2005,still sounds great after all those yrs!

FATE UNKNOWN & THE ALLIED - i estimated your worth today CLEANED!

classic demo's,wanna redo the ALLIED but its sounds way better as the orig mp3's so have fun!
fate unknown were from detroit,not sure about the allied...but will look for info
FATE UNKNOWN (when you play loud you hear some annoying sounds from removing the hiss,but couldnt get rid of it,the bass sound changed too much so it sounded bad so ill try another rip this week,maybe that one will turn out better...but YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL right ;-)

just read on their facebook page a 7'' will be released in spring 2011,now let's all hope it will be the '81 demo;-)
WTF ill redo both,its been months ago,sure i can get it better now,so better version up sooner or later...