vrijdag 23 november 2012

RAGING FUGITIVES - promo cd 2005 (norway)

they squeeze out 8 tracks with a great guitar/bass sound & good lyrics
think this is the promo cd for the 7'' that came out awhile ago
no metal or whatever,early 80's styled stuff so grab it!

contact: raging_rox at FUCK SPAM hotmail dot com

pics of the cover laterrrrr when problem with picasso album is solved,or else ill start a new blog,im tired of this crap...a post like this looks like shit..


zondag 18 november 2012

REPLICA - live on life during wartime,KBOO radio portland-OR 07-27-2012 (oakland-CA)

(click 2x on image to make em bigger)

record it to tape,print it out
D.I.Y. or DIE.

get your diapers ready kids!
coz this i a great gig,incl 3 new tracks from upcoming releases.
added a little more high tones to make it sound a little cleaner,came out gooood i think.

 they recorded 4 new songs recently... 
 1 will be on a bay area comp,and 2 on the new MRR comp lp
and think they just started recording again for a new record,so keep an eye out!
ex members from NO STATIK and the mighty INFECT from brazil and a few more...
but here's the full KBOO-life during wartime session
8 track in 11 minutes
can't go wrong.
THX to Juliana for sending the titles for the 3 new tracks!
maybe i'll type out the interview too,but i hate typing...so this is it for now.


play-d/l here:

or here:

this one will also be part of the life during wartime tape boxset /10

vrijdag 16 november 2012

ADELIT@S - live on life during wartime,KBOO radio portland-OR 08-28-2012 (portland-OR)

great set incl. 5 tracks from the new lp/tape!
took me awhile to get it how it is right now,but came out gooood!!!
made a tapecover for it so D.I.Y. or DIE.
but it should be on a real tape,and probably it will be...

big thx to Erin Yanke-LIFE DURING WARTIME for doing a great job,and being cool about the tape stuff! you guys rule!

enjoy folks.


play/download here:

or here:

limited screened version /50 if you buy this one you'll also get the tape version,orig sleeve etc...
hope there's one left after the weekend....

limited red vinyl with reg. cover /100

350 copies on black vinyl with reg. cover

200 red tapes.

woensdag 14 november 2012

BORN/DEAD - live @ the che cafe collective,san diego-CA 02-12-2005 (oakland)

02-24 hostages
03-the last to starve
04-no one gets out

splitting headache so rest of titles laterrr or D.I.Y or die.

how f$*!#$ing cool is this???

amazing artwork by MARALD,who also did the artwork for the MAKILADORAS lp
one of coolest flyers ever. reminds a bit of the crumbsuckers life of dreams cover...
but he/she is really,really talented.

dinsdag 13 november 2012

zondag 11 november 2012

CRO-MAGS - live @ this is hardcore,electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 10th, 2012 (N.Y.)

www.blowthescene.com for more pics
all taken by Anne Spina 
she did a great job,walked from the left to the right of the stage  for 4 days,over and over to get these shots from ALL the bands.
go check out here website!

01-we gotta know
02-world peace
03-show you no mercy
05-crush the demoniac
06-street justice
07-seekers of the truth
08-signs of the times
09-right brigade (BAD BRAINS)
10-attitude (BAD BRAINS)
11-it's the limit
12-don't thread on me
13-hard times

this one had audio problems too,had a bunch of skips/damaged parts...
last 2 days i've been trying to get it out,
some came out good,while a few others were damaged too much...bummed
so this is it.

donderdag 8 november 2012

FLOORPUNCH - live @ this is hardcore,electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 12, 2012 (NJ)

if you talk shit,you'll get hit!!!

this one had a few audio problems too,just like the ST gig...think it was a microphone issue...but took it all out...so a few seconds are missing so you don't hear those annoying skips/cuts/weird sounds...
pretty good gig!
they delivered one of the best records out of NJ in the past 20 yrs!! fast times at the jersey shore is a ripper/classic!
you don't have to be str8 edge to like an an edge record,its tough,fast,tight
what more do you want?
and they still have that sound live,so a new 7'' would be cool!!!
but i won't bore you any longer,GO! listen to it.

or dl/play here:

woensdag 7 november 2012

FxAxSxTx - demo 2012 (budapest)

to keep it bandana style
here's FxAxSxTx demo from this year.

it's been awhile since i've been blown away by a bands demo
but FxAxSxTx from budapest delivered a badass demo.
you'll get 5 tracks that sound like the best parts of LÄRM
yep,fast as fuck! can't go wrong kids!
13 song 7'' out soon on a few labels!
go check out their demo and 5 tracks from the upcoming "i don't care about your shit" 7''
artwork for the 7'' looks badass too so it will be a ripper for sure! keep an eye out!

zaterdag 3 november 2012

BREAKDOWN - live @ this is hardcore,electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 12th, 2012 (N.Y.)

and again,stole the orig. picture from

another badass TIH set!!!
orig. 1987 line up!


01-safe in a crowd
02-life of bullshit
03-don't give up
05-you gotta fight
07-all i ask
08-your problems
09-pipe dream
10-dissed and dismissed
12-sick people


recorded mixed by Len Carmichael
the band played a great set,and he did an amazing job on the recording!

watch the multicam video with the soundboard audio here

donderdag 1 november 2012

VISION - this is hardcore fest,electric factory,philadelphia-PA 08-11-2012

download it from

orig. picture taken from

KILLING TIME - live @ the electric factory-this is hc fest,philadelphia-PA august 12, 2012 (N.Y.)

unfortunaly not the complete set but these 9 tracks sound B.A.D.A.S.S. and one of the best ever written NYHC tracks is included... "wall of hate" so all good.
great gig,great recording!!!
and these guys should keep on playing coz it still sounds like in the good ol'days
dude on vocals is 47,but sounds just as pissed as at age 17/18
go check it out!

01-cheap thrills
02-fools die
04-what i want???
05-no more mr. nice guy
06-my reason
07-new release
08-wall of hate

22.55 minutes

video by Sunny Singh hate5six

soundboard audio recorded/mixed by Len Carmichael 
butchered by OFAL,only did a few fade ins/outs!

MINDSET - live @ this is hardcore fest,union transfer,philadelphia-PA august 9th, 2012 sbrd

orig. picture taken by Anna Spina 


03-leave no doubt
04-be the spark
07-glue (SSD)
08-hear me now

audio recorded/mixed by Len Carmichael ,you can contact him here:

you can watch/dl a combination of the soundboard audio and the HQ video filmed by Sunny Singh

BUY THE NEW LP!!! its a great record!! 10 tracks of 88 styled hardcore,with some cool guitarparts that will remind you of the classic turning point 7''
you can't go wrong with this one.


play/download the TIH set here (note:player cuts of tracks at the end! mp3's in folder are ok)

GORILLA BISCUITS - live @ this is hardcore fest,philadelphia-PA 2012 cd-r (sbrd)

cd-r front-inside

01-new direction
02-stand still
04-high hopes
05-good intentions
06-big mouth
07-sittin' around at home
09-things we say
10-do something (CIV)
11-biscuit power
12-time flies
13-two sides
14-first failure
15-hold your ground
17-N.Y. crew (JUDGE)
18-cats and dogs
19-start today

sbrd audio recorded and mixed by Len Carmichael
TIH 2012 live videos shot by Sunny Singh-hate5six
edit/butchered by OFAL (took out some silence/talking and did fade ins/outs,thats it...)
pictures for the cd-r front & upcoming cd-r back taken by: Danielle Parsons 

big thx to Sunny & Len for filming/recording/mixing/sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& Danielle for the pics!!! (hope your ok with it???)
maybe a dvd with 19 chapters up laterrrrrrrrrrrr,been awhile since i burned a dvd,not even sure anymore if nero is still in my comp.will look and post it on some torrent site...someday....but here's the audio


or play/download here:


player cuts off the end of tracks but download the folder on the left (play/download) than right click with your mouse or whatever modern crap you are using ;-0 and save it to your comp,unzip the rar file and you'll get 19 tracks,bitrate 320 kbps. use burn disc at once when you burn it to a cd-r! or else you'll get annoying cuts...

now enjoy the tunes and PLAY LOOOOOOOOOOOUD!
coz this is a great gig,by a great band,with a great crowd.

DR. KNOW - live @ the orange pavillion,san berdino-CA 2000

dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

BATTERY - live @ irving plaza-revelation records 25 year anniversary NYC-NY october 13th, 2012 (DC)

this is a great reunion gig by a band who made at least 1 classic record in my book...
their 1st 7'' from '91 on deadlock recs incl their best song ever "i won't fall"
re-released in '93 as the "we won't fall" mcd on lost and found records.
and yrs later on another l&f 2 e.p. cd,soulforce records cd/dvd etc...
they also did records on conversion recs and offcourse REVELATION recs.
i can write more but why waste time reading when you can listen to their music...

this is DC hardcore from from the good ol' days ca.1990-1997


01-in our hands
02-has been
03-what i'd give
04-these are the days
05-brand new place
06-that'll never be me
07-go back to the gym
08-do you believe?
09-never forget
10-until the end
11-young 'til i die (7 SECONDS)

26 minutes and 7 seconds ;-0 no shit....

play/dl it here: (player cuts of tracks at the end,but d/l the zip on the left of the screen,and your ok)


Sunny Singh filmed most bands so go watch this,and the other rev 25 nyc gigs

audio comes from the video with a bit of audacity bullshit.
but came out real goooooood!!!
enjoy kids!


maandag 29 oktober 2012

WETBRAIN - deeemo 2012 (cleveland-OH)

Larry - vocals (THE DARVOCETS)


Shelton - bass (also a member of GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS,and also played in UPSTAB,NO PEACE & GRUDGE MATCH)


you can contact em here:

mwquilala at FUCK SPAM gmail dot com

dirtyrottenarmy at FUCK SPAM gmail dot com

OFAL isnt the place for long reviews and stuff coz i can't write a decent review so...
the list of bands these guys were in should say enough.
 but short: this tape sounds just as good as it looks!
badass artwork,pro printed tape and cover
and you'll get 7 tracks of fast hardcore/dirty/sometimes catchy punk
whatever you wanna call it...with lots of energy and you can hear these guys know their instruments well.
but can't pin down their sound...
it has a bit of all the bands...
so not gonna say anything more than
this is a B.A.D.A.S.S. demotape!

go check it out and pick up a copy if you can!
these will sell out quick,pretty sure....

thx again to Gen for sending music/artwork!


vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

GOVERNMENT WARNING - live @ the starlight ballroom,philadelphia-PA

from the Y.D.I. reunion gig!
full set video
this gig was shot shortly after the release of their 1st 7''
paid Mike-EATTAPES ticket so he could film this,pretty cool gig!
ill look for the FUCKED UP set also and will upload when i found it,but no luck sofar...
download on the left of your screen when your on the archive!

CRAPPER,no player for the video,no clue why but maybe it because it's an NRG file
but on the archive you can dl it,scroll down and you'll see "other files"
than right click the 1.2 gb thingy and save it to your comp
but ill convert it tomorrow to an mpeg or something...aight!

dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

VIOLENT RESTITUTION - demo + st lp 2012 (vancouver-BC-canada) new link!

from vancouver-BC-canada
 this trio delivered a top 10 record of this year!!! 11 tracks of vegan-anarcho-feminist inspired stuff
but don't expect chugga chugga stuff here like abnegation or greenrage,neckbrace,soulstice,sevin etc..
nope,this is sick/fast as fuck/old scool/grind/death metal/powerviolence with incredible female vocals and crazy drum parts,you'll shit your pants hearing this girl spitting out her guts!
and the lyrics are about animal rights,rascism etc...so they got a good message
really,really GOOD record!!!!

 demo 2012

01-murderous colonialist assimilators
02-not in my hood you rascist scumfuck
03-burning rage of a dying planet

2nd/better version

st lp 2012

03-burning rage of a dying planet
05-antropocentric speciesist bullshit
06-animal enterprise
07-murderous colonialist assimilators
09-blood money
10-not in our hood you rascist scumfuck
11-patriarchal regime


zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

donderdag 18 oktober 2012

DESTRUYE Y HUYE - demo 2012 (los angeles-CA)

here you have the 2012 demo by these 4 ladies from los angeles-CA

01-mata tu tele
02-oscura socieda
03-sin miedo
04-ni una mas
06-fuck Ted Bundy
07-trabajo de perro
08-destruye y huye (MG-15)

i'm a sucker for fem. fronted hc/punk so this couldn't go wrong...
played the crappy live recordings i stole from youtube over and over.
but now they finally have their demo out (sold out for now)
and i'm playing it alot!!!
what you get is 8 tracks in the vein of VULPESS,BULIMIA
with a nice raw/old sound/feel to it,pretty cool!
the last track is an B.A.D.A.S.S. cover of MG-15's "destruye y huye" 
so now you know where their name is coming from...

you can contact the ladies here:

too bad  i couldn't send any $$$ to the u.s. for the 5 copies i've ordered
thx to the assholes from my bank for blocking my account over and over...
but who knows the ladies/silenzio statico will do a 2nd run
i won't miss out a 2nd time...
are you still reading

woensdag 17 oktober 2012

DEFECT DEFECT - live on life during wartime,KBOO radio portland-OR 2011 (PDX)

just done with this one,came out pretty good!
another cool LDW gig!

01-stolen ground
02-fuck God,let's punk
03-time to die
04-napalm babies
05-not dead yet
06-your move
07-we've already lost
08-post apocalypse

play/dl here:

BRUDTE LOFTER - demo & live @ RR fest,perron 55,venlo-the netherlands 2012 (denmark)

new band from k-town-denmark!
and these guys are gooood!
they play minimal hc-punk like A.P.A. (AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ) did.
HJERTESTOP comes to mind too,catchy as hell without sounding poppy or anything
all lyrics in danish so thats pretty cool!
the demo contains 7 tracks,and clocks in 14 minutes...not sure if its on a tape or cd but it's
a really good demo!
you can check it out/download for free on their bandcamp site
and buy it! if you like what you're hearing!
you can email them on bandcamp for a copy! if there are any left????

next is a livegig they played overhere at the RR fest in Venlo-The Netherlands September 22nd, 2012 (with URBAN WASTE,MANLIFTINGBANNER etc)
Darcy Trash recorded the fest and he did a great job on this one,this set contains awhole bunch of new-unreleased tracks too!
hope they will release some vinyl soon coz these new tracks sound really good,especially the last track "ung,dum...og desperat" ,2nd part of that song is ridicilous good!!!!
go give it a listen!!!

download liveset here:

check out the video of the gig here:


thx to Martin for sending the titles and Darcy for recording!


4 song ung,dum...og desperat 7'' out in the near future on GUMMOPUNX recs from Amsterdam who also released the funeral oration demo,mornington crescent lp,commie boys 7'',bratpack demo,sick mormons etc...fits in perefect,check out his site here:

make sure you check out the 2nd hand stuff on his site,you can score some classics for cheap!