dinsdag 29 december 2009

AEROSOLS - LP + 7'' '09

been waiting for months for this one
just out,and sold out in a few hours i think
not funny anymore,i cant believe there are that many aerosols fans outthere
dont get me wrong,band is one of my favorites from the last couple of years,but normally not that many people care about the faster type of hc...
im pretty sure most fuckers bought multiple copies to put on ebay..already saw one..


every goddamn youth attack record sells like its pure gold,even if its the biggest crap ever
cool for them,but not for me...

well,here you have the mp3's
at least you can give these a listen till the 2nd press drops,but be quick ha ha



and i totally forgot to tell that this is GODDAMN GOOD RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
highlights to me : settle for hell & presidental pardon

so intense & pissed,chills on my back,damn
buy it if you have the chance,as always the lay out looks great!

maandag 28 december 2009

SIN ORDEN - arte y cultura y resistencia lp '09

homemade cover for the video below...


well,not so much thrashcore on this one.

just before the end of the year i got SIN ORDEN's new lp,took some time before it popped up in distro's...
they didnt slow down,still have the fast drum parts...but the songs are more structured,lets say more hardcore...
production is good and fits the recordings,makes this another top 10 record
expectations were high,im satisfied ;-0
gonna play this fucker alot

lp dl
live in santiago de chile,december 18,2009 @ bar uno
think they played 18 songs in total,no full setlist yet,have to sit down for it...

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - show us... lp '09

Idaho's hummingbird of death's full length release was long awaited by me,from the demo on these guys blow me away on every new release!
this is no change,same style,but maybe a bit tighter/heavier
i don't know what to say more,these guys are in my top 3 of all time bands,and they only exist for 2,5 yrs
this is raging powerviolence/fastcore 21 tracks in 20 min (theres an ultralong song on it,but i think its annoying so never play it haha,also not in this folder,if you wanna hear it,go dl it somewhere else ;-)
think a mix of NO COMMENT and old D.R.I. and you cant go wrong
col. old school tattoo art looks like shit in my opinion but its just not my taste...but doesnt change my opinion of this,still shreds every other release this year,incl my own.
for now go thrash your room and break something
and buy the record on http://www.cowabungarecords.com/ still some nice col vinyl available! saw test press too,just bought myself a late christmas present ;-0

vrijdag 25 december 2009

TRAS DE NADA - ratas de ciudad lp comp + split 7'' tracks

sin orden/tras de nada/NFN,my favorite 3 latino bands..
all 3 from chicago if im not mistaken....
pissed off vocals,great tunes!
looking for their demo recording or whatever else they got out!

donderdag 24 december 2009

U.S. DISTRESS - oh boy demo '84

again,dont know shit about this band,they did 3 tracks on the exposure to convinction tape,all i could find from em,looked for more info but nothing that matched their sound...

but damn good demo! bitrate 320 kbps

with tracklist this time


THE EELS (boston) - demo '84

got this for a couple of yrs now,dl it from slsk but never saw the dude online again so couldnt ask if he had titles or more info...so i cant tell you anything,only thing i know they were from boston and put out out some more rock-ish stuff after this
but this demo has a couple of really good hc tracks with an old FU's vibe...

if anyone knows anything or has titles,please leave a comment!? thx


BATTLE RIFLE - guaranteed...e.p. '09

gangsta ha ha powerviolence from houston-TX,funny shit
pretty damn good too,more changes in the vocals so not as boring/grindy as on the demo
good record! def. worth picking up!

YADOKAI - demo '09

1st show pic.

back to my favorite releases of this year...

BAY AREA-CA hardcore but also with a touch of japanese hardcore,pretty damn good,just heard about em and found mp3's so here they are..ECOLI,NSJ MEMBERS!

bitrate 320 kbps (from m4a)


02-the depths

03-sterile enviroment

04-squandered victory

05-no motivation

zondag 20 december 2009

LOS MONJO - rock basura cd (both 7inches)

LOS MONJO from guadalajara-mexico brings you 8 tracks in the peligro social vein,not fast but pretty damn catchy,members also play in PUTAS MIERDAS i think,who recently put out a new 7''...keep an eye out,should be good!

!LIBERATE! - amor y pasion 7'' '09 (LA)

as requested,more latino hc/punk!
starting with one of the best bands outthere right now

!LIBERATE! from los angeles-CA
10 tracks on this piece of wax,400 black,100 clear
go get em here:




donderdag 17 december 2009

ANTIDOGMATIK SS rompan filas demo '84 (spain)

12 tracks bitrate 224
their best stuff imo
should be a vinyl release,unfortunaly only on cd discography...sucks
with the delerium tremens demo,my favorite demo from spain without a doubt
will look for some more info for ya'll,but busy........

woensdag 9 december 2009

SIN 34 - live @ the anarchy library,downey-CA 06-06-2008 cd-r


chills on my back when i play this song,so goooooooooood

i knew this dvd was floating around but unable to dl it from punk torrents,but finally someone had it on slsk for share

thank god the wait is over,great vid,and i thought it sounded good enough for an mp3 rip so here ya go

pic of the dvd cover i made for the tracklis

back cover will follow (yellow/black lettering shitload of work,im a dumbass ;-) so check back laterrrrrrrr and add it yourself D.I.Y. OR DIE!

dinsdag 8 december 2009

TRAUMA - demo '09

not a huge fan of putting up "newer" records but its the end of the year and im gonna put up my favorite records/demo's of 2009

1st one is :TRAUMA demo 2009 320 kbps
PORTLAND HC/D-beat whatever you wanna call it...
to me this reminds alot of DEATHREAT so can't go wrong,great thick production,dark/heavy hc

no cover so heres tracklist:

01-fall in line
02-end of the world
04-policy of war
05-era of excess
06-no hope no more
08-the game


UP FRONT - live @ a time we'll remember fest,championship recs philly 06-06-2009

fresh rip-from video... (http://www.hate5six.com/) thx Sunny!!!!!!!!
go watch/burn it to dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first 5 tracks have a weird sound in em,dont know if its the guitar or cymballs thats causing it but it's still listenable ;-0,after the first 5 tracks Sunny changed position (other side of stage) and it gets better,great setlist,they screw things up in one of the last tracks but im suprised they sound this good (last liveshow = 7 yrs ago!)
will make a 1987-2009 cd-r soon with the demo/rehearsal/wnyu/city gardens/x mark the spot/and this liveset,so you can throw away that shitty city gardens cd-r i made awhile ago ;-)
gonna take the rehearsal from bloggedquatered,the rest are other rips/cuts...
hope it will fit...
but for now,this will do...