maandag 30 juli 2012

[version 2) a dutch tribute to Phil Vane (E.N.T.) live @ viadukt,groningen-the netherlands april 2nd,2011

from the hellpunk blog,edited version!

not E.N.E. but a few members,and also makiladoras,fleace and lice,indifferent sun,boycot etc members
they teamed up with Dean from E.N.T. and played songs from their 1st 2 lp's
as a tribute to Phil Vane the vocalist for E.N.T. who is no longer with us (R.I.P.)
E.N.T. was supposed to play that night but Phil died a few weeks before the gig took place...
Dean's ticket was already paid and he could use a little break so he flew over to do guest vocals
line up for this gig was:

Dean - vocals (E.N.T.)
Robbie - vocals (E.N.E./FLEAS AND LICE)
Billy - vocals (BOYCOT/SANGRE)
Wokkel - vocals (E.N.E./OBTUSE)
Thermo - vocals (E.N.E.)
Maynard - drums (E.N.E./INDIFFERENT SUN)


02-bullshit propaganda
03-system shit
04-human error
05-raping the earth
06-another nail in the coffin
08-you really make me sick
09-show us you care
10-false profit
11-use your mind
12-i am a  fool (COCKNEY REJECTS)

you can play the gig here:
and also available for dl on the left!

or download the zip from here

zondag 29 juli 2012

requested: NEUK! - dopeheid troef cd 1997

requested by Marcelo,
here ya go

this is rapcore stuff from the netherlands with 2 vocalists,no biohazard sounding stuff,but pretty fast with lots of energy...not ashamed to say i listened to this record back in '97,2nd cd is not bad either,after that one it gets a bit boring...
on youtube you can watch a bunch of full set videos too from the early days till the end...
just remember i saw osdorp posse once
steek em op Marcel ;-0
take care

video! LOMB - reunion @ S.A.F.'s farewell gig @ ACU utrecht,the netherlands a few moons ago...

short but badass reunion gig from LOMB from zwolle-the netherlands
this gig took place at the ACU in utrecht,and they were playing together with a bunch of other bands (the shining,mihoen!,valhalla pacifist+...) and offcourse  SKULLS AND FLAMES (S.A.F.) who played their last gig ever that night...
PLAY LOOOUUUD!!! still uploading but available for viewing/download in 30 ca. minutes???

filmed by Mike D. or on Mike D.'s camera by?

vrijdag 27 juli 2012

STALAG 13 - 16 track 1983 demo & live in L.A. 1984 cd-r (oxnaaaaaaard-CA) NEW LINK + PLAYER

scans of the bootleg demo 7'' from 199?
paid $30 bucks for this full of scratches,sucks so hopefully the 16 track demo get the threatment it deserves one day,on lp vinyl!
so if the S13 guys or DR strange recs folks reading this
PLEEEEEEEEEEASE PUT THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

back up with a new link on the archive!
you can play/stream/download it overthere! YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE VBR ZIP ON THE LEFT OF YOUR SCREEN! save file to comp and you'll get the 320 kbps mp3's i normally uploaded to mediafire...

go enjoy this piece of history,did my best to take out the tapenoise and tried to stay as close to the original sound as possible,but tapenoise masked with extra bass gives some cracks and pops but hope this is enjoyable
PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!

submitted: SONGS FOR SNAKES - charcoal heather cd 2012 (san fransisco-CA)

send in by Bill-SONGS FOR SNAKES,thx!

i'm using his descripton coz my reviews suck,but i like playing a couple of songs from this disc! half life,documented man and a few more are great songs when your sitting in the sun and chillin a bit,cover art looks great too!

SONGS FOR SNAKES was formed in 2005 with the vision of blending the energy & power of punk/indierock with a touch of melancholy
imagine HUSKER DU and JAWBREAKER having a cup of tea with Simon and Garfunkel
their recently released 3rd cd "charcoal heather'' encompasses these diverse influences
while delivering a tight and focused group of songs.
you can check out the album here:

submitted: BUD2AY - unite e.p. 2012 (poland)

not the usual stuff,but some rapcore tunes this time...

BUD2AY are from Rawicz-Poland and are formed by bandleader Michael Burzynski
band draws influences from diverse genres,fusing rap with the harsh sounds of guitars,hip hop beats with style and raw energy...

to me they remind me a bit of the good parts of S.O.A.D. that aint bad for sure!
and if your dutch and into bands like NEUK! OSDORP POSSE with NEMBRIONIC
give it a try!

01-czas rebeli
02-shut up!
03-do not cross
04-wake up


submitted: UPWARD - pushed aside e.p. 2012 tape (milan-italy)

this was send in by Simo-UPWARD ,thx!

they just released this e.p. on a limited tape
5 tracks of fast/pissed off youth crew/straight edge like they were playing back in '88
no cheesy melodies but fast forward stuff and good!
last time i bougt an italian old school record was the fumbles in life debut cd,been yrs ago...
in that period there were too many champion/have hearts and bands like that,good bands but missed that energy/speed in the in the good ol' days
but luckily band like ALERT,MINDSET etc made a change,not too much melodies,just fast/straight forward old school hc.

UPWARD is doing a great job on these 5 tracks too,vocals are really good,well written lyrics are a nice read too (all included in the download) and yep,i need my monthly posi this wrapped up in some tight '88 styled tunes,makes it a really good tape (e.p.)
and this has some cool melodies in it too,but no cheesy parts,title track is the most melodic song of the 5
other 4 are more straight forward...
but enough of my bad review...

it's def. good enough for a 7 release!!! so it won't suprise me if they got signed to a label soon...
but only 20! tapes made of the e.p. for now
so if TEN YARD FIGHT/FLOORPUNCH and the bands mentioned before are your thing
you should act fast...and get this tape before its sold out!!!!
2012 and the rebirth continues....

BUY TAPE HERE!!!!!!!!!!



2 other bands that sended their stuff will follow,a punkrock band from the u.s. called SONGS FOR SNAKES,who play some nice punkrock tunes like JAWBREAKER

followed by a band from Poland who play rapcore ,yep,rapcore,tight stuff ;-0
if you are into S.O.A.D. you might like em too!

i've said it before...


woensdag 25 juli 2012

POISON IDEA - darby crash rides again lp /200

remember the old demo's and kboo set ive upladed 2 years ago or something...
this lp has everything that was included in that post BUT
IN AN BADASS QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it comes in a gatefold cover,blue-ish vinyl and lim. to 200 copies!!!
probably the best record of this year so can't wait till the postmen comes delivering this baby
if you want one,be quick!
also available on cd...

now someone put out the N.A. - nothing will stand cd on a 2xlp and it's a good year.

dinsdag 24 juli 2012

CHARLEY'S WAR - demo 1989 (berlin-germany)

old school stuff from germany,SxE too i think...heavily influenced by all the NYHC bands
pretty damn good demo,after this they did a 2nd demo,followed by a 7'' on crucial response records and than 2 cd's if im not mistaken,demo's are favorite overhere coz the vocals changed too much on the later stuff,but thats just my humble opinion...

02-wise up
03-we're young
04-time to survive
05-got no choice
06-be yourself
07-i see a chance

maandag 23 juli 2012

CORRUPTION - infest of rage 12'' /50 out this summer!!!!!!!

will be back after summer break with this final release on 12'' vinyl,with all the orig artwork from the tape done by Tim (SANDMAN) Sanders R.I.P.
this record is also dedicated to the memory of Billy Wedgeworth who passed away in 2010 while he was in custody...R.I.P.

test press cover /5

reg cover /50

working on the last track so if everything goes right it will go to the plant after this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's a teaser
both final versions

all artwork will be fixed prof. by Franky Deny-CRACKS IN THE WALL etc..,who did a bunch of cool artwork and knows what he's doing,probably a gatefold with the lyrics printed/ or maybe screened??? on the inside
first press of 50 copies,black vinyl ,gatefold??? cover
available for order in august/early september...

10 copies + a test press will go to Billy wife, Sandy & his son William
so only 40 left for sale!...well 38...not sure if/when a 2nd press will follow so if you want one,you should act quick when it's out!!!
also doing a very lim run on cd,this one will get a nice digipack cover
same artwork...lyrics on a folded poster with the artwork on the other might come out a little later...

hopefully this will include some pictures/stories from one of Billy's closest friends,but not sure...but it will come out with all the orig artwork and lyrics and stuff so it will look/sound good.
have a good summer & stay pissed!


and made some other promises too,so LSMG isn't dead yet,at least 2 more lp's will follow...
the plant i used for the sucked dry 7'' just started pressing inhouse pressing from 50 copies so this is just what i needed,they did a great job on the sucked dry vinyl soundwise so pretty sure the corruption and these will come out great too

not sure when still in the works! release date unknown
audio is ready,covers,pain in the ass but who knows i'm getting creative ...

BLOEDBAD demo's lp /50 or /100
PIPOKOEIE/DAS BRÉÉTELS split lp /50 or 100

i'm gonna sell a few records to finance these records,if anyone is intrested in buying :

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH lp test presses of both lp's (with custom made covers)

STALAG 13 -  in control test press on DR STRANGE with printed labels (all other presses came with white labels)
15/20 copies made,comes in a promo poster,as sleeve)

STALAG 13 - in control test press on SOA recs (euro release) #/15 on the dustsleeve with cover

MECHT MENSCH 7'' on bone air recs in a good condition with the insert

and probably a shitload more...
contact me when intrested,no trades! serious offers only,i know what i'm selling...
probably will post a full list on here too,got plenty of newer double/lim. versions of records
too much doubles/colours and crap...a few tapes too...shits gotta go...

zondag 22 juli 2012

DAS BRÉÉTELS - school talentscouting 1984 (sliedrecht-papendrecht)

here's a livegig from their early/fast days,recorded at a school talentscout in 1984
pretty cool recordings! still a one track but cleaned a little,ill do a pipokoeie/bréétels split post laterrrrrrr (maybe split lp release this year also...)

next: DARK LEGION - psychosis demo 1986 (canada) VERSION2!!!

gonna sound like this...

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

KOSZMAR - doing it live @ iron roads

hour of power/headbangers ball promo's
the end of part 3 is funny,a pissed off musician,a good thing ;-0

donderdag 19 juli 2012


2004 demo,and to me one of the best of the last decade,INFEST worship from long island NYHC...
this beats the 7'' recordings!
maybe disco 7''-es + live cbgb's/wfmu/538 johnson str... sets laterrrrrrrrr

01-intro-in your place
03-you can't
04-clown song

MALICIOUS GRIND - live @ 924 gilman street,berkeley,san fransisco-CA 09-01-1989 (el segundo-CA)

liveset only this time,but a little boosted...

Eric Wood - vocals
Craig Davis - guitar
Ingrid Baumgart - bass/vocals
Mark Luther - drums

03-mr. I.D.
04-Peter piped
05-something to say
06-when dogs fall
07-Geraldo's neighborhood
08-limited mind
09-death to his part
10-hardcore wall flower

woensdag 18 juli 2012

THE DEAD SCENESTARS (DSS) - absolute horror 7'' 2003 (frýslan-the netherlands)

a dutch classic,yep
after 9 yrs this is still a BADASS 7''
dutch boston hardcore worship and done really well!
to me this is the best NJW recs release (together with the mutiny 7'') from their early days as label
many more followed but this is raw pissed off hardcore the way we like it
nice Bukowski artwork as well...
shouldn't be that hard to pick up a copy coz i think at least 1000 copies are made and since hc is dead in the netherlands you can probably pick one up for a buck ;-0
if you digged the new shipwrecked lp and the boston strangler lp,give this a listen. underated.
8 songs,incl barfight! this is actualy their promo cd,with a few fade ins/outs...
if memory serves correct one of the members is living in san diego right now making a living as a tattoo artist...
NJW recs is still going strong and their latest release is the TRIPLE THREAT demo 7'' ,the dutch band,who only did a tape,worth picking up if you can appreciate some fast youth crew-ish stuff

maandag 16 juli 2012

NEVER HEALED - live on life during wartime,KBOO radio portland-OR 06-03-2006

picture taken by/stolen from Sherman Peros on flickr

01-waits to destroy
02-where the crosses grow
03-lonely crawls
04-the march
05-wind and smoke
06-far we fall still no luck...

but it found shelter at the
playing on the player sucks,maybe with the mu3 thingy it works but better download the zip folder on the left of screen,you'll get the 320 kbps mp3,those will play fine,without any spaces/cuts...

2 kboo set left...DEAN DIRG & DEFECT DEFECT

zondag 15 juli 2012


MAN LIFTING BANNER ,one of the first dutch gigs
after the dead of SEEIN RED Paul & Olav both started playing in MLB,so the revolution continues...they also recorded 8 NEW songs which are on the recently released 2x lp with all the old stuff on it too,available from crucial response records

COKE BUST  from DC return to the OCCII and it sounds like they getting faster and faster,close to LÄRM that's pretty damn cooool!
they also have a new record out,LIVE ON WFMU radio ,a 7'' incl a G.I. cover with John Stabb on vox
available in 4 fancy colors for all you collector nerds...forgot on what label but ill post tomorrow...

and THE SHINING sounds thrashier than i remembered,but they're still fast and sounds goood
upcoming split 7'' with VIOLATOR or POSSUIDO PELO CAO on OFFSIDE recs for this year,think as support for their brazilian tour this year set up by UPS recs...more info on that prob laterrrrrrr


all available as HQ/HD download so don't rip it with a shitty tube ripper...
thx to Darcy for filming!

THRESHOLD OF PAIN - demo 1983 (australia)


complete version-13 tracks
you guys had complains about the other one,here it is again with the orig. sound/no changes...
only did a few fade ins/outs and made it louder. and removed a little hiss from the start of songs...
1st 7 tracks sound great,than it gets worse but you hated the others ones so...

donderdag 12 juli 2012

THE OBSERVERS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio,portland-OR 2005/6 (PDX)

01-lead pill
05-what a waste
06-slipping away
07-short day
09-normally normal
10-walk alone
11-state of decay
12-????? do you know?

this one took me awhile to get it how it is right now
vocals/back ups were too loud,so tried to lower them,followed by the usual came out pretty good!
great liveset! sound is not as polished as the 4 song kboo 7'' that was taken from another kboo session in 2008 i think....

this one's dedicated to the fool that posted that i should quit the blog coz my "remasters" ALWAYS suck
this is probably one of the uploads that really took me days to get it how it is right now.the more time i spend on em,the better its gonna sound,so thx to that dumbfuck for posting the comment and giving me only more inspiration to do things better the next time,you can't kill what's inside....


woensdag 11 juli 2012

MALDITO PAIS - demo 2012 (spain)

from valencia-spain,they released this 10 track demo a few months ago
great stuff in the vein of DISPARO/RAYOS X etc...catchy as hell,great production too,badass demo
more pics of tape insert etc up soon!
won't suprise me if these end up on a record soon,really good demo!!!
trabuc records still has some copies left so....

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

BAD NOIDS - live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio 05-10-2012 (cleveland-OH)

03-gamma toaster
04-madison ave.
05-lizard people
06-bad vomit
08-the ones
09-ticket to mars
10-what's the plan
11-eyes of satan
12-simple skitzofrenia
13-stick around
14-toy piano interlude
15-poison in the kitchen
16-my country

setlist on the WFMU site is messed up!
2 are missing,1 is incorrect/not in the actual set...
think this is how it should be...but could be wrong too,haven't heard the 7'' yet...and it's pressed for the 4th time now,D.I.Y. release/small pressing numbers...i need one...
but these recordings blow the demo away for sure
put this out on a tape and ill buy it! great sloppy/snotty whatever they call it clevo hc/punk by the lil'brothers of some 9ST members,age of the guys is between 15-17!!! pretty cool,
if you're into the formaldehyde junkies ,big chance your gonna like this band too


raw nerve/observers laterrrrrrrrrr

woensdag 4 juli 2012

BURN - collection + the reincarnation of BLOGGED AND QUARTERRED blog!

got some good news for you all
Vin and BLOGGED AND QUARTERRED will be back soon! on his own server
so this and all the stuff he did will be back up sooooooooon!

BURN isn't my music,so if you want info you should go visit Vin's blog on the left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all the information he wrote down is still there...
and you all should thank mr. Aldemar,he was the only one i know who still had the files,so your lucky....

20 track,think this includes the 3 song demo,the shall be judged 7'' and the set at CBGB's

dinsdag 3 juli 2012

SESAMZAAD - wie sesamzaad zaait,zal storm oogsten demo '85 (holland hc-punk)

awesome dutch hardcore-punk with a great bass sound!
they we're also on the holland hardcore tapes released by Jos-LÁRM/SEEIN RED/DISTORTION TO DEAFNESS blog) and friends in the early 80's
these recordings sound better,but try to clean up those holland hc recordings too,but laterrrrrrrrr

this one was requested by Marcelo,promised to put it up after the mets stuff but as always things got quickly (well not exactly) finishing this one...
and yup,it was on here before,but a year ago and butchered it! it is again,VERSION 2!!!

play/download VBR mp3 here:

recommending the 320 kbps...but up to you...

after this you can all suck it for awhile! my white ass needs a tan,i need to get outside...

maandag 2 juli 2012

KOSZMAR - polska dupa/iphone 2012 demotape OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! both versions!

LESS SLOW,MORE GO!!! recs #002 euro version polska dupa+Iphone + a D.I.Y. release polska dupa only-canadian version

KOSZMAR ,ex members of VIOLENT NUN/R.O.C./AFTER THE BOMBS and a few more...
they are from Vancouver-BC-Canada and have polish roots
so they decided to write all lyrics in polish
pretty damn cool!
lyrics are dark but what do you expect in times like these,about war-going to war/the atomic threat/poland/yugoslavia and so on...
they will come on a 2 sided pro printed a4,one side in polish other in english!
8 tracks on strona-side A
as a bonus on strona-side B side you'll get the 6 track iphone demo!!!!!!!!!!
recorded a month or so before the polska dupa demo was recorded
on an iphone @ the ALF house
and that one is INSANE!
raw/over the top/pissed off polish hardcore,lots of feedback,COOOOOOOL!!!
all 14 songs "mastered" by yours truly in 2 long nights filled with weed & bottles of cola LOL
my favorite track of these 14 is ''atomowa groza-atomic terror''
feedback in that 'track sounds like a nuclear storm is raging through the whole song,dont know how Thomas did this on his guitar but it sounds BADASS!!! 
but go check it out yourself

and if you live in holland,PLAY IT LOUD with the windows open,or better go outside
open a sixpack,put some polish saucers on the BBQ and let the whole neighborhood enjoy the nice tunes of our polish friends! i wanna see some complains on the PVV meldingspunt site;-0
and yeah fuck Geertje Wilders and his PVV ! and if you voted for this dumbfuck,FUCK YOU AND YOUR KIND!!!

the band will have +/- 40 copies of this euro release for sale soon,send em all to canada coz LSMG! is no you can get em from them!
contact Thomas here:

koszmarpunk (FUCKSPAM) gmail dot com


DECISIÓN FINAL - uno más demo 1991 tape (lima-peru) OFAL "remaster"

really,really GOOD demo!!!
from lima-peru 1991
sounds like the good ol' south american-latino-chicano stuff,thick bass,simple drumming,in combination with incredible melodic vocals!!!!
just recently found the demo but played it like 60 times in 1 week or something,i can listen to this over and over without getting sick of it,THAT good!!!!!
SOMEONE PLEEEEEAAASE PUT THIS OUT ON LP!!!!!!??????????????????????

play/download it here:

or here:

this one and the eske stuff will be the last uploads for awhile SUMMER BREEEEEEEEEEEAK!!!!