maandag 31 augustus 2009


playing this alot lately,good old crivits...the tapes are remastered by Pat-RAZORBACK ;-0

he did an amazing job on ripping these tapes and make em sound like they were taken from the board,demo sounds really good too,great bass sound in all recordings,reminds of a more melodic straight ahead at times,yeah no shit;-)

Jeff-CRIVITS-BIRDS OF A FEATHER went through his box with tapes and found lots more so keep an eye out! but for now go dl this,visit em on myspace and tell em they should do a a live cd/dvd thingy;-) i think they deserve it as one of the best old school/straight edge bands europe ever had

2 ex members are still playing in the hardship
Jeff is doing good business with B.O.A.F.
and offcourse you should check

zondag 30 augustus 2009

WEHRMACHT - befo da attack & afta da attack 1985-2009 2xcd-r DISC 2

original flyer artwork!!!

live @ donkeyshot,heemskerk,the netherlands/europe '89 + live @ the hawthorne theatre,portland-OR 08-15-'09

both ripped from video,donkeyshot re ripped,this time without talking!

back covers up soon and credit for the 2nd cd-r coverart (stolen from a dudes blog,which contains lots of cool stuff about artwork made with ballpoints and stuff,will post link soon!!!!!!!!!

WEHRMACHT - befo da attack & afta da attack 1985-2009 2xcd-r DISC 1

blow you away demo,1985 rehearsal,death punk demo '86,beermacht demo '86,macht-vice grip demo '89/'90

zondag 16 augustus 2009

SCHOOL JERKS - live @ rancho relaxo,toronto-CAN 07-30-'09

fres rip...bitrate 320 7 tracks,some titles unknown... (only have the titles for the 7'' and 3/7 would look shitty so i decided to leave em all blank..

MURDER INC. III - aaszocore '84-'85

murder inc (III) discography hc from fryslan-heereveen the netherlands
this folder contains the 6 track demo,8 tracks from the lp and various comp lp tracks...
cd-r back working on it!

YOUTH OF TODAY - "make a change'' 1987-1988 liv

2 livesets,first one recorded @ the knights of columbus williamsville NY '87 the other @ the anthrax in CT '88
both ripped from video,but came out pretty good i think,took me awhile to get it like this so hope you like it
if not,i dont care either ha ha,i like it,most important ;-0
maybe later the sound will be "mastered" who knows...
vol. 2 up later whick will contains a set @ 924 gilman + a set @ the african school
of studies...homemade covers/cd sticker here:

320 mp3's here:

ENOLA GAY - demo '84 tape/7''

9 tracks ,awesome demo ,which was "bootlegged" by lost and found in the early 90's

zondag 9 augustus 2009

PIG CHILDREN - blood for the state 12''/lp '85

6 tracks by this orange country-CA outfit,have to admit i only know this record for a couple of yrs,no one told me before how good this record was/is
queued it by accident on slsk yrs ago and was blown away,great hc in the vein of koro with some weird (but good after awhile ;-) guitar parts,picked it up later on vinyl and this baby aint gonna leave the collection anymore... A KEEPER/CLASSIC

THE RAMONES - live @ de melkweg,amsterdam '86 (int. + gig) RADIO BROADCAST!

who doesnt like the ramones ? even my brother listens to em and he has a horrible music taste ;-) bit rate 128 but sounds gooooood!

01-you know what i mean?
03-blitzkrieg bop
05-rock 'n' roll highschool
06-i wanna be sedated
07-the KKK took my baby away
08-crummy stuff
09-i dont wanna go to the basement
10-love kills
11-Sheena is a punkrocker
12-glad to see you go
13-animal boy
14-do you wanna dance?
15-california sun
16-we're a happy family

NO-FX - demo '84

bitrate 320

02-thalidomide child
03-righteous cause
04-bang gang
05-my friends
06-NO F-X
07-ant attack
08-play politics
09-play politics 2


NEGATIVE GAIN - attack from the killer bears demo '85

12 tracks bitrate 128

was looking for ages for this canadaian demo and after i got it,i was a bit dissapointed,their lp is an alltime favorit/classic and rips from start to finish...
had high hopes this demo was in the same style as the lp but more raw sounding,bummer
its not a bad demo,dont get me wrong,still badass! but dont expect raw fast stuff as on the lp...
tape cover included, (still havent figured out how to put pics on this blog ;-/

woensdag 5 augustus 2009

LEEWAY - live @ JC staddijk,nijmegen-the netherlands 12-07-'91 (sb)

going to all my data dvd's the last couple of weeks and sometimes i find some cool shit i forgot i ever dl it ;-) bitrate 128 (looking for 320 or lossless!?) but this sounds pretty good too! grooooovy stuff ;-)

01-the future
03-all about dope
04-marathon-on the outside
05-who's to blame
06-no heroes
08-stand for
09-ball hugger
10-catholic schoolgirls in trouble
12-rise and fall-mark
13-born to expire
14-should i stay or should i go (THE CLASH)