donderdag 29 december 2011

RED TIDE - 25 song demo 1983 (victoria-BC-canada) CLEANED!

01-outta my way
02-Sereena D.
03-what's so wrong
04-fear to live
05-skayt song
06-M.E. 83
07-fascist reign
08-outta my way II
09-final question
10-incubator slide
11-big B
12-Mona Lisa
13-false acceptance
14-surf yer heart
18-spider legs
19-skool pressure
22-crooz missle
23-fear to live (instrumental)

finally found the right setting to get out the tapenoise so ...

this one's for the dude who does the Victoria demo restoration project! (VDRP) see blog on the left!
it has some nice old Victoria-Canada hc punk metal and whatever demo's so,something for everybody
go check it out.!
this comes from his blog too,but link is dead so cleaned it up a bit and came out NICEEEEE!

RED TIDE/SUBURBAN MENACE - 25 song demo from '83
little delay but here ya go!


zaterdag 24 december 2011

JERSEY FRESH - 1986 demo's (ewing-NJ)


John Ball - vocals (R.I.P.)
Dave Ball - guitar
Dave Bryson - bass
Todd Waladkewics - drums
Bill Bennet - drums

have a good christmas fuckers,ill have the worst ever but life sucks,we all know
but luckily there's some nice music to keep me from insanity ,here's something i stole from facebook
slsk buddy Gen directed me to their facebook site,THX!
the band had 2 demo's up on some webradio as 1 tracks,ripped em,edited em,alot louder
but quality is horrible...tried a few things but no good result,but STILL BADASS!
thick bass sound which make me think of some of the unreleased TEENAGE WARNING recordings,they played gigs with F.O.D.,THE BURNT,STETZ etc...but
enough bullshit
here it is

 mediafire uploader gives me an error when pushing the upload from now on megaupload,sucks

vrijdag 23 december 2011

B.H.T./ANXIETY - 1986-1987 demo's (livermore-CA)


14 tracks from the prime directive demo from 1986
3 tracks from an unreleased demo session recorded a year later as ANXIETY!
both cleaned up a little
think they sound cleaner,a little louder too,so should be ok...tracks that came out best first,so tracklist changed a bit...

thx to Josh (drums/bass) for sending the unreleased demo mp3's & pics!!!
last session sounds really good,only bad thing is...
its only 3 tracks...wish they re-recorded the whole demo or existed longer/released a record but rambling...
this is BADASS HARDCORE/CROSSOVER!!! with good lyrics!
hope you like it,if you think its butchered,you should download the orig version on Nate-GLOOM recs blog 
got it on slsk but it comes from his blog so big thx to him for the original upload!
for now,this is it,maybe im gonna try to get it better soon,but in 2012! need to finish a couple of other things first...


02-not me
03-we're being tricked
04-i quit
05-now or never
07-technical difficulties
08-mr. politician
09-fuck law enforcement
10-let's try
11-mowing down the people
14-mentally insane
15-deathrow (as ANXIETY)
16-greed kills (as ANXIETY)
17-understand (as ANXIETY)

donderdag 22 december 2011

THE UPRISING - screaming from the inside demo 1986 (U.K.)

2 tracks from this demo also appeared on the SUBJECT TO BLACKOUT tape compilation (see offspring post)
this rarity was also send in by Zac,so again big thx to him for this goodie!
requested on here before so pretty sure 1 other person will be happy too
and if you are into the crossover stuff that was played in the mid 80's,this might be intresting for you too
this is just as good as most of the U.S. stuff but pretty hard to find,finally heard em & badass demo!!! and in a great quality,no cuts,noise or anything

screaming from  the inside demo '86

02-the killing game
03-what chance rebellion
04-where's the real you?

dinsdag 20 december 2011

AMERICAN WASTE - demo 1986 (U.$.A.)

03-take control
04-gotta get out (or system or ..... fill in your favorite title here ;-)
05-better way

send in by one of the diehard followers on here,thx Zac!!!
complete unknown band,can't find anything on the net...,also came without titles so we made em up  ;-0 so big chance they're all wrong but at least you got an idea now...
5 tracks of fast hardcore/crossover the way we like it. great demo!

if you got any info,SHOOT!

GOVERNMENT ISSUE - live @ CBGB's N.Y.C. '82 a.k.a. no way out '82 lp CLEANED!

this is released as an lp on LOST AND FOUND recs in 1990

but don't own found the mp3's on the net,16 tracks,2 damaged tracks,some noises and removed the 2 tracks,removed/cut off the noise,extra bass,louder and whoop here it is,
CBGB's march 18, 1982

01-teenager in a box
02-religious rip off
03-no rights
05-plain to see
06-hall of fame
07-no way out
09-here's the rope
11-bored to death
12-sheer terror
13-hour of one

if this sounds shittier as the lp version,lemme know and ill remove it and look for a good rip of the record !

up soon:
the  UPRISING (U.K.) demo '86 after this one
AMERICAN WASTE demo '86 after that one,but need info!!!!!!!!! anyone who knows anything about AW lemme know,got nada info...
ANARCRUST - demos-live cd-r version after that one
TOKEN ENTRY - live @ this is hardcore fest probably sooon ...

zondag 18 december 2011

OPINION ZERO - jolt sessions 1988 (AZ)

01-special education
04-near death
05-no interest
07-cable,beer,and myself
08-alien disease

cleaned up a little more,think this version sounds actually better than the remastered one on the cd, no shit.

there's a nice 40 track cd version out on DISILLUSION MUSIC

done by a USELESS PIECES OF SHIT member
it has the early RV 's house session,storm und stress demo,jolt session,1986-1988 all digitally remastered and done well!!! except for the jolt session,too much bass etc...and i hate cd's but this is a good one! it has no crap on it
rages from beginning till the end,sometimes it reminds of NEGATIVE FX while on the storm und stress like good D.R.I. etc...
go judge yourself and pick it up,classic arizona hardcore & worth your $$$$ !!!!!!!!!

2nd version

don't ask for the 40 track cd version...,not gonna put it up on ya know what to do right? lol

zaterdag 17 december 2011

KIKKERSPUUG - alle 7 simpel-galgenmaal demo's 1986-1988 cd-r (utrecht-the netherlands) CLEANED UP!

01-krabben aan de korst
05-boerenkool met worst
06-Ed Nijpels
10-Ruud Lubbers
12-krabben aan de korst
13-moeders patatkraam
14-dood door schuld

first 7 from "alle 7 simpel" the rest from "galgemaal"
the opsteker voor stekelkoppen tape will follow later...

UTREG PUNX! with weird/funny lyrics sometimes but a little political too
last years i play em more and more,took me awhile to get into their sound/style
the first demo is more punk,while the 2nd has a little metal in and leans on the crossover sound alot of bands played in that era
here you have both cleaned demos in one folder,cdr back + sticker soon!

vrijdag 16 december 2011

GOVERNMENT ISSUE - live @ the wilson center,washington-DC 06-25-1982

01-teenager in a box
02-religious rip off
05-lost in limbo
06-plain to see
07-bored to death
08-here's the rope
09-no rights
10-twisted views
11-hour of one
12-sheer terror
13-hall of fame

John Stabb - vocals
Tom Lyle - guitar
Mitch Parker - bass
Marc Alberstadt - drums

pretty damn good quality liveset! from the dvd ,compiled by the band...with gigs from 1982,1985,1989,John Stabb int. & more...

someone ripped it as a 1 track,cut it up,a little louder,thats it,great set!!!!! in plain to see you hear some mouse clicks,dude used his comp while ripping it,but not much,you probably won't hear it anyway...

no introduction needed,these guys wrote some of the best hc ever written,plain to see,one of the best tracks ever written in my book so not gonna bug you any longer
go get it,just done,tomorrow maybe other livesets,blog bud one track to hell Mike is gonna do a set from '83  at the love hall in philly,and maybe adding a cb's set too who knows...

but here you have the wilson center set

2nd part of the set on youtube but with horrible audio...part 1 on there too...

GILLIGAN's REVENGE - boombox demo 1984 (NY) pre-TOKEN ENTRY/BLACK TRAIN JACK etc... cleaned up!

orig. line up in front of CBGB's 1982
and look for the GR post,has info from bandmembers etc!

tried to clean up the recordings,here's the result...1 track = mono,couldnt make it stereo,not sure why..but all in all it came out better i think,pimped up flyer and here ya goooooo,classic NYHC pre-TOKEN ENTRY/BLACK TRAIN JACK and NY's first skatecore band,pretty good stuff!!!!

01-skateboard insanity
02-commercial world
03-everybody 's crazy
05-am i gonna die?
06-mugged again
08-disco clone

donderdag 15 december 2011

D.Y.S. - live @ the barbary,philadelphia-PA 2011 (boston) DONE!

thx to Sunny Singh HATE5SIX for filming!
video here

01-open up
02-more than fashion
03-late night
04-no pain,no gain
05-held back
06-stand proud
07-the sound of our town (new song available @
10-city to city
11-the loner
12-circle storm
14-we are the roadcrew (MOTORHEAD)

audio here

took me awhile but think it came out pretty good!
PLAY LOUD!!!!!!!!

D.Y.S. - LIVE @ CBGB's 1983

old post BUMPED!

downloaded this a few yrs ago on slsk,as a 22 track set,untagged etc...
removed 6 tracks,4 were heavily damaged,2 others were "rock-ish" tracks and shitty compared to these 16,so the original set had 22 tracks,blame me
never saw the 22 track again on slsk and think some of these are recently released as bonus on a brotherhood bootleg lp

im a nerd and want the brotherhood orig,but the liveset on a lp would be cool!

first 2 tracks are a little damaged,but hey,1983!!!!!!!!!!!

zondag 11 december 2011

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE - demo '87 cd-r (germany)

01-don't forget the fun
02-friends are better than drugs
03-different ways
04-hey boy
05-you've got the power
06-dance of the broken bones
07-your choice
08-little kids nightmares
09-act positive
11-don't fight me
12-feel the street

female fronted UNITY worship from germany,couple ragers and a few slower ones,great stuff.

woensdag 7 december 2011

de ZOLDERSPOKEN - demo 1987 (rotterdam-the netherlands)

here you have more dutch hardcore!
from Rotturdam this time,and they play fast/ultracore or whatever they call this type of noise
like the late 80's earache stuff...or LÄRM-HERESY ish...GOOOD!!!
demo is recorded live in 1987 (thx Mike!),but cut of some parts,not much...
again thx to Jacques WRF!
 NEW LINK ! it's a bit louder + covers incl!


zaterdag 3 december 2011

CONTRA's - demo 198? (the hague-the netherlands)

they did 2 comp tracks on WRF recs in '93...played a gig with POISON IDEA/SUBHUMANS in the early 90's...not much else to find online...
these 6 tracks are some sort of demo recorded in the late 80's in their rehearsal space.
but quality is pretty damn good for its age!
boosted a bit and here ya go
6 tracks of raw female fronted anarcho punk-hc ! goooood!!!
no other info,if you have any,lemme know!!!
thx again to Jacques WRF for ripping/sharing!

03-te bont
05-message to some boys

DROP DEAD - live in Albany-N.Y. 08-22-1994 (sb)

01-i will defy
02-bullshit tradition
04-direct action
05-you have a voice
06-truth behind
07-only a fool
08-life in chains
09-wake of deception
10-the circle complete

will add/put em before the BSR cd-r! but here you got the albany set only,cleaned up so sounds goood!!

HYSTERICS - live on art for spastics-KDVS radio july 26, 2011 + demo 2010 (olympia-WA) new link incl demo!!!!

the 7'' played live in studio A
buy the record at
2nd press on col wax,go get some!
news and stuff

taken as a 2 hour broadcast from & thx to:

edited liveset + cleaned demo 2010 here:

the ladies tearing it up (liveclip of "leave me alone")

and in case you didn't found out yet,all ladies!!!!!
and they do a good job! early 80's styled hc so don't expect a bubblegum poppunk band!
they played a bunch of records after their set in studio B,and the ladies have a good taste
negative fx,crumbsuckers whatever more
but these 6 tracks are mostly fast,clean,no metal,groovy bla bla whatever
at times they slow down a bit,but it doesn't get annoying or anything...
havent heard the 7'' yet,but im getting a copy soon...
on the demo they sound a bit more raw,guitar sound reminds of MINOR THREAT or for the younger folks,FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES...good demo!

7''...dutch/euro's can pick it up soon @ http://www.dontbuyrecords.blogspot/ or just order from the label itself

vrijdag 2 december 2011

LOUD WARNING - on our way to fools paradise lp & benelux fight back tape comp tracks 1984 (amersfoort-e.o.-the netherlands)

 THX to Brob smurfpunx for the flyer-sticker!!!

ex RESISTANCE! from Amersfoort-e.o.-the Netherlands
with another drummer/guitarist...and Gwynn (later N.R.A. on bass again,Eppe (Evelien) on vocals
no mp3's can be found online,so were gonna change that...
here you have their recordings from the "va-on our way to fools paradise lp" + their tracks from the "va-benelux fight back tape"
think this is all LW recorded,not sure...both cleaned up!

donderdag 1 december 2011

M.I.A. - demo '81 or '83 ? (so-cal.) + other M.I.A. ?? - demo & live @ the wilson center,washington-DC 08-14-1984


10 track from a demo from '83 or earlier ...'81?

later...11 untitled tracks from another demo  labeled as 1983 demo..and a bunch of live tracks from '84...
demo's sound like it are 2 different bands...demo labeled as the oxnard demo is badass

M.I.A. - demo 1 (labeled as the oxnard demo...this is the M.I.A. who has 2 tracks on the LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...lp) but still confused ha ha but here you have that demo,this the best M.I.A. imho...cleaned up a year ago or something,probably can do a better job now,maybe 2nd version soon,but this sounds pretty good for now...

01-last days at the races
03-fag fat slob
04-groupie slut
05-stop MF
06-American dream
07-missing or captured
08-religious dogs
09-the life

other M.IA. - a demo + liveset at the Wilson center in DC '84  (audience recorded but nice..)

DS-13 - live @ the smell-L.A. 2001 + practice cd-r (umeä-sweden) + fixed video link!

live @ 924 gilman street in san fransisco-CA 2001
their first gig full set

big THX to Mike for doing the 1st cut,and for filling in all titles of the liveset!!!!! saved me a shitload of time!
also thx to Rob  for upping the practice

both are cleaned up so go check it out
not satisfied?
D.I.Y. or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34 tracks in total! get it here:

back-cd-r sticker laterrrrr,34 titles shitjob to make everything fit...

oh yeah did i mention these guys made some of my favorite records ever...aborted 7'' for the kids...7'' CLASSICS!!!!!

NEUROOT - live @ doornroosje,nijmegen-the netherlands 1985 (arnhem-the netherlands)

what we have here is 13 livetracks by old dutch band NEUROOT
floating around as a 1 track,with lots of hiss and annoying mouse clicks (dude did a horrible rip,used his comp while ripping it and all sounds are in the recordings,took out most of the hiss,all i could do,if only the dude did a decent job this could have been a real nice liveset...tried something on track 1 and 4,but stopped,because of those annoying clicks,it aint worth it...but maybe you are intrested in hearing em one time live,give it a try,they were great live!!!!!!!!!!!! im bummed
anyone who has these recording in a better quality,or at least without those computer sounds,HOOK ME UP PLEASEEEEEEEEEE?????????? and will clean those!

but here it is

01-mach kaputt was euch kaputt mach
02-royal menace
03-GBO gestapo
04-dogs of the system
11-state brain
12-mach kaputt was euch kaputt mach
13-GBO gestapo

orig one track set included too....

and pick up the demo on vinyl

entering the site doesn't work overhere for some time now/weird reason,don't know what's up with that...maybe you got more luck...