vrijdag 16 december 2011

GOVERNMENT ISSUE - live @ the wilson center,washington-DC 06-25-1982

01-teenager in a box
02-religious rip off
05-lost in limbo
06-plain to see
07-bored to death
08-here's the rope
09-no rights
10-twisted views
11-hour of one
12-sheer terror
13-hall of fame

John Stabb - vocals
Tom Lyle - guitar
Mitch Parker - bass
Marc Alberstadt - drums

pretty damn good quality liveset! from the http://www.drstrange.com/ dvd ,compiled by the band...with gigs from 1982,1985,1989,John Stabb int. & more...

someone ripped it as a 1 track,cut it up,a little louder,thats it,great set!!!!! in plain to see you hear some mouse clicks,dude used his comp while ripping it,but not much,you probably won't hear it anyway...

no introduction needed,these guys wrote some of the best hc ever written,plain to see,one of the best tracks ever written in my book so not gonna bug you any longer
go get it,just done,tomorrow maybe other livesets,blog bud one track to hell Mike is gonna do a set from '83  at the love hall in philly,and maybe adding a cb's set too who knows...

but here you have the wilson center set

2nd part of the set on youtube but with horrible audio...part 1 on there too...

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