zondag 18 december 2011

OPINION ZERO - jolt sessions 1988 (AZ)

01-special education
04-near death
05-no interest
07-cable,beer,and myself
08-alien disease

cleaned up a little more,think this version sounds actually better than the remastered one on the cd, no shit.

there's a nice 40 track cd version out on DISILLUSION MUSIC


done by a USELESS PIECES OF SHIT member
it has the early RV 's house session,storm und stress demo,jolt session,1986-1988 all digitally remastered and done well!!! except for the jolt session,too much bass etc...and i hate cd's but this is a good one! it has no crap on it
rages from beginning till the end,sometimes it reminds of NEGATIVE FX while on the storm und stress like good D.R.I. etc...
go judge yourself and pick it up,classic arizona hardcore & worth your $$$$ !!!!!!!!!

2nd version


don't ask for the 40 track cd version...,not gonna put it up on here.so ya know what to do right? lol

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