dinsdag 23 februari 2010

KRIEG KOPF - demo 1986 (NYHC) + new ESPERANZA link!!!

NO NAZI SHIT! but more NYHC from long island to be precise,think they re united recently to play the a7 fest but havent heard or seen footage so not sure if they made it...but this is a damn good demo,GO GET IT!


AGNOSTIC FRONT - live @ dynamo open air fest 1998 cd-r


so i thought lets do something nice! spend hours/days on the cover,im not a graphic designer or anything so it was a pain in the ass to get it like this...hope you enjoy the tunes and go see em if they play,the mighty ANTIDOTE & URBAN WASTE are playing too at the V.I.P. aniversary show with orig. line up! since '84


http://www.agnosticfront.com/ for details,

lucky fuckers ;-) i would have come out of my cave for a show like this...

dynamo show bitrate vbr,tried to pimp it up a bit but it didnt change much,actually it got worse,so i decided to leave it the way i got it,SOUNDS TITTY!!! enjoy!


dinsdag 16 februari 2010


here a pic of the 86 demo,thx to henrik from  http://www.thosewhofeartomorrow.blogspot.com/ you wanted a remasterded version on cd/vinyl right? just looked on the punkrecords site and its coming out sooooooooooon,cd & vinyl HELL YEAH!!!

so keep your eyes peeled!


zondag 14 februari 2010

ESPERANZA - we'll be the first to stab you in the back 1999-2001 cd-r

everything they ever recorded between '99-'01
only 11 track titles,member i got em from couldnt remember the titles so i added the ones i knew..
ESPERANZA came from los angeles-CA
they put out a "6 song demotape" in 2000 (3 versions were made) reg version,metallica rip off cover /12 and one pictured on their myspace
2 tracks on the "histeria vol. 1" comp lp on lengua armada records
1 track on the "bandana thrash vol. 1" comp 7'' on 625 thrash recs
1 track on the "decide on change" benefit lp on mountian collective (all proceeds went to the nyc more gardens coalition)

too bad the demo never made it onto vinyl coz in my humble opinion this is one of the best demos put out in that period
the song "todays lesson plan" is in my list off alltime favorite songs
band had good lyrics too,typed em out for you so here ya go!

if anyone has some pictures or videos,LEMME KNOW very intrested!!!

and it seems like people are more intrested in esperanza when you mention that Hiroyuki Aoki aka Steve Aoki know makes fame as a popular DJ in the acid/trance house music scene or whatever they call it...


esperanza myspace (by a fan i think)


esperanza 1999-2001 mp3's 320 kbps


vrijdag 5 februari 2010

GORILLA BISCUITS - first gig @ CBGB's NYC 08-31-1986 cd-r

fresh rip! 320 kbps
better looking covers later...maybe,who cares?

DURESS - demo '08 (rough mix)


if you are into powerviolence,get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Chicago-IL
this is raw stuff but so good it should be a 7'',probably someone asked em already but this would fit nicely on LSMGrecs ;-) who knows....


liveset @ the albion house
fucked up sound...