zaterdag 19 september 2015

ANDY ANDERSEN'S TRIBE - st lp 1988 (bay area-CA)

more crossover stuff from the CONDEMNED/ATTITUDE/ADJUSTMENT family...with Andy on vocals.
not as good as those 3 bands but a nice listen for sure!
8 own songs,last one is a cover by ELVIS PRESLEY-heartbreak hotel...

new link requested,here it is,stream & dl this time,tired of reuploading.

CONDEMNED (ATTITUDE) - 1986-1989 demos-live-vinyl (bay area-CA

01-03 - demo 1986 D.I.Y. release

04-11 - live on KLAX radio,berkeley-CA 1986 THEIR 2ND LIVE SHOW!

12-25 - live @ mabuhay gardens,san fransisco-CA 05-16-'86 (see flyer)

seems like this was released as an official CA livetape...

liveset is missing in my folder??? so need to figure out where they went,if anyone reading this & dl-ed it before,send em over,thx! 


26-36 - what's yours demo '87 D.I.Y. release

line up:

Andy Andersen - vocals

Keith Chatham - bass

Chris Scaparro - guitar

Rick Strahl - guitar

Paul Birnbaum - drums

37-41 - kein schlaf 12'' '87 released on WE BITE recs from germany

line up:

Andy Andersen - vocals

Keith Chatham - bass

Chris Scaparro - guitar

Paul Birnbaum - drums

Rick Strahl - guitar

42-44 - to whom it may concern 7''/12'' '88 released on WE BITE recs from germany

line up:
Andy Andersen - vocals

Chris Scaparro - guitar

Rick Strahl - bass

Eric Brecht - drums

45-46 - 2 covers (UK SUBS & DISCHARGE) from the good,the bad,the obnoxious 12'' from '89 removed 3 tracks coz they are pretty shitty) also released on WE BITE recs

im not gonna say anything about the "factory man 7'') ;-)


edit:bumped post from 2011,new link requested so here ya go,

donderdag 10 september 2015


there are not many records i'm gonna buy this year CRISIIIIIS...,but this one goes on the list
STABBED TO DEATH = HELLNATION members,and their demotape isn't on my sale list so that says something (got the lifes halt demo on vinyl also,no worries...)
didnt know the other band,and yeah,where have i been...,well to hell,back and forward over and over,but still here to make some noise lol,no full d/l...but spend your lunch money kids,it will be worth it! 


Hola folks!

Another hot new rock n' roll gem awaits! Kentucky + Sweden hybrid punk
powerhouse STABBED TO DEATH lets loose with a proper batch of
fast-as-fuck scrotum rippin' thrash that brings to mind HERESY, SOB
and THE RAMONES molesting each other behind a Waffle House dumpster.
Morbid death cult ERECTILE DEMENTIA penetrates your auricular orifices
with nine blasphemous tracks of teeth-gnashing noisecore misery and
death. The war on piss-weak adult contemporary bore-core remains very
fucking horrendous. All copies pressed on a veritable rainbow of
super-fruity "Psychedelic Reactor Meltdown" colored vinyl.

The ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Dismal Visions" and "Kiss Every Ass" 7" EPs are
both still hot n' ready as well.


Thanks for your time and take care!


woensdag 9 september 2015


orig. artwork by Jason. from the lp/cd cover. on a HABITAT hemp ply construction deck.

maandag 7 september 2015

RABID LASSIE - ''positive energy'' 1985-1988 cd-r

took me awhile...send it over to the band,Trent was supposed to fill in the unknown tracks but never heard from him again so here it is with the 5 unknown tracks...
99 tracks exist,from various rehearsal/live tapes
but this is all i have (5 more tracks that didnt fit on cdr,but not that good anyway) and threw away a bunch of damaged stuff that wansnt listenable
but this is GOOOOOOOOOOOD stuff
bay area youth crew/thrash.

bumped post...

from now on you can stream/d/l it from here:


zaterdag 5 september 2015

RUPSBAND - the damage is done 2005-2007

BLATANT YOBS artwork stolen from Roel from HUMAN ALERT & Ed
hope when they see this they are not mad at me for butchering their work
i did it with pleasure ;-0



RUPSBAND - 34 track thrash attack

what are you gonna do when no band plays the music you wanna hear?
exactly,you are gonna write it yourself
this is what Richard UPS records did,he took influences from some of his favorite bands ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT/HERESY etc wrote some good lyrics,asked a few good friends from the bands S.A.F./THE SHINING to play all instruments and the result is what we have here
you know i don't use many words,but to me they were one the best bands outta holland in the past 10 yrs! i like everything they did! even 't RUPSBANDJE which isnt included in here,sound is raw as fuck on that one but when playing LOOOUD its badass,maybe ill upload that one later so you have all rupsband releases...
too bad they existed for only a short time,a full length would be badass but they left us with 34 tracks from demo,7'',split 7'' unreleased BGK tribute lp and some live tracks from various gigs incl the last show...
what can i say more than THIS STUFF RULES!!!?
and soon they will reunite for a few gigs in Brasil! yeah mr UPS moved to brasil (YOU LUCKY BASTARD! ;-0)
the guys are gonna pay him a visit and why not playing a few gigs while your there right,so soon
those will be the record release shows of the upcoming WAKING THE DEAD/D.F.C. split 7'' ,another nice collaboration between a dutch/brazilian band...
Richard also just announced UPS records is back in "business" again,so expect THE SHINING (amsterdam crossover) doing a brazilian tour somewhere in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUPSBAND foi um projecto de Richard UPS con membres THE SHINING/SKULLS AND FLAMES-S.A.F.-WAKING THE DEAD pra tocar musicas com influencia de hardcore-crossover bandas de metada
Desde marcho 2005 tocamos 14 shows ao vivo e lancamos 2 discos de vinil.

RUPSBAND from 2005-2007

Richard UPS - vocals
Ed - guitar
Mark - guitar
Rogier - bass
Mike D. - drums

go check the following website for more info:  for SAF/WAKING THE DEAD stuff

34 track thrash attack,fresh new link,stream and d/l from here:

RUPSBAND @ caga sangue festival!

make sure you also check the WAKING THE DEAD,DFC,POSSUIDO PELO CAO,CONQUEST FOR DEATH etc videos!!

and tomorrow ill post more links to some other vids.


Richard recently started a new label called MOSHOVER recs.

re-releasing old crossover classics onto vinyl/tapes. + distro etc...
he has 2 releases in the works at the moment but can't tell anything...,but you'll piss your pants if you are a vinyl lover and into the 80's crossover sound...

vrijdag 4 september 2015

BROTHERHOOD - never give up,never give in! 1988-1989

bumped post from 2010...

this is classic SxE stuff from seattle-WA
like the demos best,because they have that rough sound
'89 demo reminds me alot of clevo's xCONFRONTx musicwise,tuff is all im saying,i like bands with a harder edge... but STRAIGHT AHEAD comes to mind too
all fast ones,great bass sound.
'88 demo is with their 1st vocalist!!!
why arent you downloading yet??????

remastered lp + 7" available on SOUTHERN LORD recs,get it here: