zondag 30 september 2012

PEDESTRIANS - live on radiobeat-WERS radio emerson college,boston-MA 2005 (chicago-IL)

01-why kill what's dead?
02-flag of yesterday
03-future shock
04-nickel and dimed
05-model citizen
06-silent death

engineer Ryan....forgot,CRS disease...
this was in 2005 if i'm not mistaken
hosts Matt & Jen had many great bands in their studio that year,here's another great radiobeat-WERS liveset by PEDESTRIANS who were from Chicago-Ill,they got a couple of good records out,go look for em!


zaterdag 29 september 2012

VICIOUS PLEASURES - demo 2012 (portland-OR)

to me this reminds of LA FRACTION from france,and if you are familair with their records,you know what to expect...
 really really good demo with amazing female vocals!!!!
pro tape for only 3 bucks,GO BUY IT!!!!

01-hearts & minds war
02-above the horizon
03-spoiled rotten
04-father time
05-emotional slaughter

or here:

donderdag 27 september 2012


SWNK is a "new" dutch messageboard/e-zine
done by Pim SAID AND DONE and a few others
this is different as ASICE,it also has a board in english so you all can read/post
but board is moving sloooow,so they need YOU to post some intresting topics and stuff
if you got any news/reviews whatever and wanna share it with the world
go here:

www.swnk.org and sign up!!!

zondag 23 september 2012

CULTO DEL CARGO - st 7'' 2012 (italy)

D-beat from italy!
no slow boring crap,but with some great thrashy riffs and filthy vocals! just getting a bit into the whole d-beat stuff so what do i know??? but this is a pretty damn good record!!! go pick it up!
in december these guys will record a couple of new songs for an upcoming split with BRIVIDO from Croatia...
this was send in by the band,so thx for the tunes dudes!
you can download the mp3's from the links in the pics above or here (with corrected title for track #2 ;-0)
and lyrics in english and italian are included as PDF file,unfortunaly i couldn't open/read the english lyric sheet so no clue what their lyrics are about but pretty sure these ain't luv songs so....go figure out yourself!!!!
D.I.Y. or die!
and talking about D.I.Y.
think the band released this by themselves so that really cool!



d/l here:


or through here:


dinsdag 18 september 2012

CRUMBSUCKERS - new york ave. rehearsals 1984 (N.Y.)

01-just sit there
02-the crumbsucker
03-the solution
04-jail bait (early version of hub run)
05-live to work
06-oh what fun
07-shot down
08-change me
09-Emil Mauer (you dick!)
10-sweet leaf
11-bullshit society
12-don't like it
14-budweiser blues

tried to clean it a bit,nothing worked so only did fade ins/outs and boosted volume...
but it includes some unheard/unknown tracks/versions so thats pretty cool!!!


CONFUSE - live @ doshisha university,kyoto-japan 1985 (japan)

02-fight against the plutocrats
03-no victor
04-fuckin' loners
05-atrocious madness
06-people are nuclear poisoning
07-abuse of the state power
08-merciless game

play/download here:

or here:

maandag 17 september 2012

VITAMIN X - about to crack lp OUT NOW! on tankcrimes records!

14 tracks in 19 minutes
after the last lp i didn't knew what to expect...
but after the first tones i knew this 5th lp was going to be a ripper!
there are no changes in music,same good ol' VX but they took good care of the recording/production this time
big name Steve Albini signed for the recordings and he did a great job,every instrument sounds pefect
no shitty drum sound this time
i got nothing to complain about,artwork looks pretty good too,so this one's another fine VX record for in the collection
GO BUY IT! (not too many coz i'm broke as fuck for at least a week,and i need a die hard edition;-0)


listen here:


woensdag 12 september 2012

AUTOPSIA - sistema y poder demo 1985 (lima-peru) NEW LINK!

the trip goes on
we're landed in Peru,1985 so don't expect crystal clear recordings but i did my best
shitty back cover but i didnt had anymore patience ;-0,just wanna upload everything ive cleaned last months so you all can enjoy it!

play & download


or here (link expires in 4 weeks.when dead,go dl from the link above)


AND don't forget,this is Lima-Peru 1985 so don't complain its no cd quality....

maandag 10 september 2012

CONFUSE - unreleased indignation demo master-OFAL "remaster" 2012 (japan)

took the whole night but here it is...
no titles,no clue what year it's recorded??? crappy/raw as f#*!k recordings but i've heard newer japanese recordings in the last year that were worse as this so turn up the volume real loud and enjoy!
maybe ill post a liveset @ doshisa university '85 soon,still need to clean it up a bit...(drums are too loud/tapenoise) so will take awhile...not promising anything...

thx to Sean http://damagingnoise.blogspot.com  for not hoarding!
and i'll bone my pillow laterrrrrrrrrrrrr ,don't worry LOL



DEADLY REIGN - system sucks demo '82 (berkeley-CA) new link!

01-system sucks
02-green berets
04-i am society
06-war is fun

the title track appeared on the "not so quiet on the western front lp" by alt. tentacles recs in 1982...
URBAN ASSAULT appeared on it too with S.L.T.! good comp!

anyone who has more info on the band-members/missing titles,your help is appreciated!!!

zondag 9 september 2012

SHOXX - demo 2012 & live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio august 22, 2012 (N.Y.)

new band from N.Y. with members from NOMOS (remember their classic demotape?!) /POLLUTION and a few more bands
got an request to record/cut it up so...

normally this type of weird music is not my thing but this gets better each time listening...
demo sounded a bit thin/distorted (volume way too loud) so fooled a bit with it,if you think it sucks,my bad
go look on another blog for the orig version.
track 5-11 are recorded live @ WFMU radio 2 weeks ago or something...
cut up the set into 7 tracks and here ya go

2012 demotape

01-dark cylinder
02-down the toilet
03-sludge seed

live on WFMU 2012

05-sludge seed
06-dark cylinder
07-down the toilet
09-the new red chord
10-carbon cancer

on youtube you can watch a full gig with a more chaotic sound,pretty cool gig so DO IT! yeah too lazy to post link ;-0

maybe i'm gonna fool a bit with the liveset too
first the liveset sounded better as the demo,now the liveset sounds crappier,so when i'm in the mood ill try a few things to make it sound a little cleaner...

zaterdag 8 september 2012

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES - live @ 924 gilman street,berkeley,san fransisco-CA 08-04-1995 (santa rosa-CA)

cleaned up version!!!
orig. uploaded on the escape is terminal blog! THX!

DEAD INSTRUMENT - violent dead lp 2012 (denmark)

what we have here is a top 10 record for this year!!!
and these guys are from Denmark!

faaast as f#%*! hardcore/fastcore/grindcore and even a little bit of black metal in the last couple of tracks
these 17 tracks will blow you away,9 on side A and 9 on side B
the B side starts even better as the A side,#10 = the best song on the lp but they are all killer.
the last one is a piano outro so you can calm down a bit ;-0
if fastcore/powerviolence/grind is your thing (HELLNATION anyone?) ,go buy this lp,only 300 copies made
just ordered mine here so i suggest you do the same before it's sold out!

http://ancientdarkness.dk  link to the shop doesn't work for me but press the mailorder button at the top of the page and you'll find it...


woensdag 5 september 2012

SENTENCIA - vida o muerte demo 2007 (spain)

alta intensidaz tapes

they're from Arnedo in the north of spain,started playing in 2005,and recorded these 9 tracks in 2007,pretty simple musically... but it's effective! whole demo is build up on a few chords,but to me this reminds of the old 80's stuff from south america bands,pretty damn good demo! and suprised it took 5 yrs to get these on a tape...but glad they did.



scored the last copy in the TRABUC recs store,not sure if the label itself still has copies left
you can try it here:

bastardossucio at FUCK SPAM hotmail dot com

here are the 9 tracks,cleaned it up a bit,had a little tapenoise,all gone now so sounds really good!


dinsdag 4 september 2012

LA ESTAFA - 1990 demo (mexico) CLEANED UP!

cleaned up version! orig uploaded on the armagado de la vida blog a few yrs ago...
here's it without tapenoise and cuts,and a bit louder too

01-sociedad podrida
03-sin escuprulos
04-modas estupidas
05-idejanos vivir!
07-salir de este sistema
08-i punk no mirira
10-esto de todo

zondag 2 september 2012

SIN NOMBRE - live @ the AA and KC,baltimore-MD september 22nd, 2009 (NJ)

they played these 2 tracks as a suprise,they were not supposed to play that night but ANTI ARMADA played and SIN NOMBRE is also from Elizabeth-NJ so...probably have some ANTI ARMADA members in it also...??
bummed it are only 2 tracks....
a couple more bands played that night,think ill cut em all up and will post em all together in one folder on here when done...


more info/tunes here:


contact SIN TEMORES records for info on the ANTI ARMADA 7'' & lp & aso the SIN NOMBRE 7''
and saw they did something with AMARGO too,for those who don't know em,this was the band after/with HUASIPUNGO members and their demo was really good,hope they released it on vinyl,so ask about that one too if you like your latino hc real pissed!


or direct through

s1ntemores at FUCK SPAM yahoo dot com

zaterdag 1 september 2012

KE CHU=CHA - live @ the AA and KC,baltimore-MD september 22nd, 2009 (NJ)

more new jersey hc,and from new brunswick this time,with their roots in mexico
unfortunaly i couldnt find out all titles so this is it,any help with the others is appreciated!

Sayuri - vocals
Koko - vocals
Sergio - guitar
Klever - bass
Ariadna - drums

not sure if they ever released a demo/record...can't find much,or can't read it ;-(

01-who cares who?
02-on my feet
08-fuck you uncle Sam

LES-A-STRESS - 1986 demo (sliedrecht,schiedam,rotterdam,dordrecht-the netherlands)

they were from the netherlands,from Sliedrecht,Schiedam,Rotterdam,Dordrecht
but most lyrics are sung in the german language...
got zero pics but Ronny SPECKNECK,ANARCRUST,PIPOKOEIE,DAS BRÉÉTELS,and also LES-A-STRESS commented he and Sas who also was in ANARCRUST/PIPOKOEIE were bandmembers
line up

Kiki - vocals (she was german,that explains the german lyrics...)
Marcel - guitar
Sas - bass
Ronny - drums
Gerard - percussion

pretty damn good female fronted hardcore punk! give it a try!

02-der papst ist tod
07-polizei stop!



a 3 or 4 way split lp would be awesome....value for your money...pipokoeie,das bréétels,les-a-stress and ?

THANKS again to Ron for the info!!!
and to anyone with LES-A-STRESS/PIPOKOEIE/BRÉÉTELS pictures,send me an email please!!!!!!!