zaterdag 21 februari 2015

FURY OF FIVE - live @ this is hardcore,electric factory,philadelphia-PA July 27, 2014 (NJ)

i know some of you are thinking wtf is this?
well,this is a damn great/tight liveset by a band from NJ, who broke up in '98 or something
new line up,think only James the vocalist is the orig. member in here.
my problem with FOF back in the day were his burly/harsh vocals but the music was pretty damn good/heavy/tight. 
anno 2014 his vocals sound awhole lot better! and the band sounds really tight.
if you're a fan of bands like HAYMAKER you should give this a listen.
goooooood stuff! 

shitty "tape insert" soon!


WAV/lossless here

tagged mp3's here:

more TIH sets coming but you know i'm lazy....patience....

full set video/HD with sndbrd audio mixed and mastered by Len Carmichael 
 available @ or

zondag 8 februari 2015

M.D.C. - live @ parkhof,alkmaar-the netherlands-europe 1988 (soundboard)

toxic waste was ripped poorly ,couldnt fix the bad editing job. sorry

so...M.D.C. will be up next.


vrijdag 6 februari 2015

DEAD KENNEDYS - live @ the earth tavern,portland-OR 1979 (OFAL "remaster" 2014)


another bootleg as OldFoolMike calls it ha ha, you DICK!
a virtual one...there's awhole difference.

and this one took way too many hours/days,
but every version floating around,incl the bootleg cd on chachi recs SUCKS soundwise,
lots of volume jumps,damaged parts etc.
so fixed the whole shabang, each channel seperated so there's a huuuge difference in quality and to me this is one of the best/oldest DK gigs ive heard.
and no Mikeeee this is not your kind of "magic" like only using mp3 gain and than call it "your magic" 
fucking dumbass!
anyone else:



lossless versions WAV/FLAC here: 

tagged mp3 version here: