vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

ANTI ARMADA - demo 2007 + st 7'' 2010 + demo 2011 + live @ the AA of KC,baltimore-september 22nd, 2009 (NJ)

maybe im gonna make a few copies of this demo on tape,not sure yet,first have to see if i can make a decent looking tapecover and stuff...

raw as fuck latino hc/punk/crust,this is NJ/NY not L.A....and with their roots in Colombia if im not mistaken...


Diego - vocals (ex bass RABIA from N.Y.)
Sago - bass (ex bass CEACHE from Colombia/drums HUASIPUNGO)
Jose - guitar (ex NO ABUSE)
Rodrigo - drums (ex SIN NOMBRE drummer,he left to uruguay...)
so their new drummer is Jenry (hankwood and the hammerheads vocalist,drummer of CRAZY SPIRIT,and guitar player for MURDERER from N.Y.)

but here's the 1st demo,this one's recorded yrs before their other stuff,but to me their best work!  (still have to buy/check the lp from this year...) 

anti armados demo 2007 (a little bit cleaned/boosted)

01-anti armada
02-recta revolucion
05-fuck capitalista!
06-kolumna dorruty

st 7'' 2010 (recorded in 2009)

01-muerte subita
02-obligacionces y represiones
03-nada por la nacion
04-tu pan
06-anti armadas
08-all call hole

2011 demotape

02-pero no
06-opinion politica social general global
07-soldado Simon

live @ the AA and KC,baltimore-MD september 22nd, 2009

03-muerte subita
04-anti armadas
07-nada por la nacion (i shit on my flag,and wipe my ass with yours)
08-obligaciones y represiones
09-recta revolucion
11-tu pan
12-all call hole

play or download the gig here:

or here;

if you wanna check out more U.S. latino-chicano/south american stuff, you should check out the 'WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! compilation i made a few yrs ago,another blog just posted it,pretty cool and saves me time uploading it,here's the link

the liveset comes from his blog,so thx for that one!


for ANTI ARMADA info:

order the 7'' & lp here:

or email em here:

s1ntemores at FUCK SPAM yahoo dot com

if SIN TEMORES runs out of copies you can contact the bandmembers here:

Diego - hphchp at FUCK SPAM gmail dot com

Jose might have some copies too...
metro402 at FUCK SPAM hotmail dot com

and Rodrigo the drummer who just went out the U.S. and dissapeared from the map...you can try to reach him here:
sinnombre77 at FUCK SPAM gmail dot com

GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN - demo 2011 (rotterdam-the netherlands)

new band from Rotterdam!
they will be playing the R,R fest in Venlo on september 22nd,so if you like what you are gonna hear and wanna throw your panty's at em,go get your ticket now! www.peron55.nl
previous fests sold out pretty quick...
this is a pretty cool demo,whole lots of songs,all faaaaaast,recording could be better, but boosted it a bit (lowered the volume of the vocals,raised the rest) and it wasn't the intention of this demo anyway,it's like the title says
but sounds pretty good now
hope these guys stick around for awile and record some more stuff.

here's the 2011 demo

01-anti social
03-fit out
04-God free youth
05-our culture part 1
07-kill yourself
08-big mouth
09-our culture part 2
14-power ranger violence
15-spelen en brood
16-tough guy holocaust
17-king of the lonely hill

you can play & download it here:

or here:

for signed bandpictures,love letters etc you can contact em here:

woensdag 29 augustus 2012

DEATH OF GODS - the great omnipotent deceiver 1985-1989 (TO-canada) new link!

first 18/21 tracks are from the demo from 1986 (3 tracks are 2 tracks as 1!)
followed by the 8 track 7'' from 1987 on hatebreeders recs
than you'll get a compilation of 1985-1986 demo-reh-live tracks.&
last are 20 tracks recorded @ the  foodshare benefit @ the bridge-TO 1987,its an audience recording but the only full set floating around...(missing last track...)
took the live stuff & 1985 demo/rehearsals from http://www.torontothrash.blogspot.com/ GO CHECK IT OUT!!! and boosted the 85 demo-live stuff a little,sound was a bit thin...and did a few fade ins/outs...nothing more...
but great/rare recordings!

any blasphemers out there ;-)

Scotty who played guitar past away shortly after they recorded the 7'' in '87,and Terry the vocalist recently in 2010 ...R.I.P. guys...
fact is they leave us with some great tunes!
here you've got 60 tracks in total over 100 minutes of D.O.G.!
some more info/flyers later,take a break first,damn thing took me more than an hour to tag the files...and there are also more hours in cleaning up the stuff than i wanted but finish what you started right...so here it is.

new link,thx to the guy who returned the files!
emailed you but it bounced back??? hope you can send track #60 again,could not unzip it,thx again

www.archive.org/details/DeathOfGods-1986-1989 track 60 is missing,will add laterrrrrrrrr


dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

MUCKY PUP - live @ scum,katwijk & VPRO radio,hilversum-the netherlands-europe 1988 (new link + on the archive.org)

edit: uploading it for the 3rd time now,will do it on the archive & sendspace,sendpace link will expire after 4 weeks,it will stay on the archive as long the band is ok with it...

 they played live overhere in 1988 @ SCUM in katwijk & a few days before on VPRO radio,in a studio
 it was broadcasted live on national radio,too bad those days are gone and they play mostly crap on dutch radio these days...but those old VPRO sessions rule,dumbass interviews but quality recordings!

from flac to mp3 320,but cleaned up/boosted and A.I.D.S. is glued back together
1988,before my time,1st and only time i visited the old SCUM was in '91/'92 CANNIBAL CORPSE were doing the butchered at birth tour with LOUDBLAST...
but heard from people who were there it was a great gig,this is for you.


02-laughing in your face
06-daddy's boy
10-caddy killer medley
11-life 4 def
12-M.B. (ballad of the moron bro's)
16-u-stink (but i love you)
20-mr. president
21-u.r. nothing

VPRO radio

22-mr president
24-life 4 def

maandag 27 augustus 2012

submitted: BEATRIZ CARNICERO - no reces cd 2012 (uruguay)

send in by Dario

they just released this 15 track cd with a nice fold out cover
and they were kind enough to share it with us
lately listening to alot of latin stuff and powerviolence...
so this couldn't go wrong...
and these 15 tracks are no let down,too bad they are over before you know it,but you wanna hit the play button again right after the disc stops,pissed off latino powerviolence,FUCK YEAH!
this is a great disc and worth your $$$,go buy it and support these guys coz they're doing a great job!
no shitty long intro/samples with 3 seconds farts,just goood faaaaastcore/powerviolence with a max. length of 1 minute,long enough ;-0
if you wanna order a disc (or more) you can contact em here or use the email adress on the 2nd picture!!


and just got a new idea for an a new OFAL compilation,40 tracks of the best powerviolence bands of the last decade,so that will follow sooner or laterrrrrrr

S.H.I.T. - demo 2012 (canada)

members from this and that band....
on some other blogs too,but without the insert...full insert incl. in folder!

best demo of this year,period.
if you think the NO lp was a ripper,go check this demo,just as good,maybe even better...


zondag 26 augustus 2012

86 MENTALITY/DEAD STOP - live @ the loud house,montreal,QC-canada 2004

DVD snapshots

you can watch & download the complete DVD here:

2004 was a good period for HC,these 2 gigs are proof...pretty good quality,think it's a very low generation...
still uploading,but almost done...30 minutes...

KIPPEKRANT #1 (zine in dutch by the C.K.N. people)

too bad most of you can't read the ZMIV (banzai) piece,and the Bona problem corner...
it's pretty damn funny!
i wonder if Ditte (singer ZWEETKUTTEN) still has a sweaty cunt or did she followed Bona's advice and does she still takes her daily dose of 3 bottles Grolsch beer? who knows? ;-0


donderdag 23 augustus 2012

GODS OF MASTURBATION - words of wisdom from the gods of masturbation demo 1984 (sweden)

Andrej - vocals
Sören - guitar
Mika - bass
Nillen - drums (a.k.a. Nils who also did vocals for ANTI CIMEX)

01-slaktad ett korthus
03-mental default
04-dagen efter
05-gods of masturbation
07-the end is near

ESKE a.k.a. LOS ESKELETOS - resist the enemy!!! 1999-2007 (chicago-IL) 2nd version ! incl ALL titles!!!


after a break of a few yrs these Chicago heavyweights return with a new record!!!
band uses the full name this on the record but dont get confused,its ESKE

you can check out the title track on their bandcamp,sound is a bit different from their old stuff,but still pissed as fuck! 
ill post ordering info soon,coz its not in any distro's...a shame
same goes for the old stuff.to my knowledge they only released 1 7'' and a few comp tracks on the ratas de ciudad cd compilation,released by southkore recs.
somewhere around Y2K... 7'' came out on also SOUTHKORE recs from chicago,great label that released plenty of good records!
(go get the NFN 7''!-CLASSIC!)
unfortunaly,they never released the 2nd 7'' and the 18 song lp,their myspace says its released in 2007 but checked the southkore page for yrs but it never came out...
these 2 recording sessions are pretty unknown,but really really good!
that bass sound,luv it!

big thx to Rob-ESKE for filling in te missing titles!

here ya go...

big trouble in little village 7''

01-no regrets
02-we're still here
04-higher learning
06-wicked dreams

unreleased 2nd 7'' session

09-for us
11-moonlight girl
12-spokesman of an asshole
13-S.B.O. (super breakout)
14-shit from above

unreleased what's left lp session (a lim lp release 50 copies/custom made covers will be released early 2013! maybe sooner...the band liked the idea
so "what's left" will be LSMG! recs #4)

15-bum fuct America
16-falling in line (badass version with a female vocalist as 2nd singer,don't know her name but she does a great job)
17-for us
18-Glenn's revenge
19-in the hood
20-lies and cigarettes
22-marking my spot
23-moonlight girl
24-on the run
25-resist the enemy!
26-spokesman of an asshole
27-S.B.O. (super breakout)
28-seconds away
29-self destruct
30-shit from above
31-in the shadows
32-voice of it's own

demo session

33-voice of it's own
34-S.B.O. (super breakout)
35-bum fuct America
36-lies & cigarettes
37-shit from above
38-seconds away
39-moonlight girl (instrumental)
40-self destruct
41-resist the enemy!
42-in the hood
43-for us
45-falling in line

dl/play here:

or (new link with all titles!)

ordering info for the "no me grites" 7'' (still lim. colored vinyl available!) & merch
contact em here:

T.H.C. (THRASHING HECTIC CIRCLE) - 1986-1987 demo's (livermore-CA)

greetings from the netherlands!

one of the members posted a comment on the BHT stuff,and it reminded me how good these 2 demo's were
so played em a couple of times and in the meantime cleaned/boosted it a bit
down to the last 2 tracks so UP SOON! !!!!!!!!!!!!

more badass crossover from Livermore-CA!
they played a reunion gig this year btw,on youtube you can find some footage!
to my knowledge they don't have a website or anything
only pics i could find are on Nate Gloom recs blog,true punk and metal...but cant use em for the famous shitty cd-r cover so all you will get are 18 mp3's...


gets worse - st 10'' (U.K.)

after last years demo,GETS WORSE from Leeds in the U.K. returns with a new record,a 10'' this time!
it contains 13 tracks of modern day powerviolence,BUT what makes this a very nice listen are the heavy as fuck old EARACHE recs influences,grinding fast drum parts,insane!
12 tracks of their own and a very nice version of CHARLES BRONSON's individualized floorpuncher.
together with the NO  lp one of the nice suprises of this year for sure...

go check it out here


you can also dl the 2011 demo for free overthere,so useless to put a link on here...go get it!

10'' will be ready for order in october (purple/red wax) and will be available through


woensdag 22 augustus 2012

SIN ORDEN - love and rage japanese tour cd in 7'' sleeve 2007 (chicago-IL)

japanese cd release on CREW FOR LIFE recs. # 007
comes in a fold out 7'' sleeve + insert with all the lyrics in english and japanese
(more scans sooner or later)

01-09 from the 2nd 7'' somos la mayoria 
recorded in 2005
10-13 from the razacore split with BSA
 recorded in 2006
14-17 are from the armor sin fronteras split 7'' with CONDENADA
recorded in 2007

somos la mayoria 7'' sounds better on cd as the vinyl version! normally not a fan of the clean cd sound but this sounds really gooood!
ripped at 320 kbps.

if you wanna check out the demo stuff,you should check the archive of this blog,uploaded it a yr ago or something,maybe the link still works...

zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

REDHOUSE - arm up boys demo 1985 (japan)

pretty unknown japanese punk-hardcore,not really fast,not bad either,has a couple of good tracks in it!
got an request to record this from the bandcamp site of OLD FAST AND LOUD's biggest fan lol
and since it aint a bad demo,took out the tapenoise,and a bit louder,nothing else...you might like it too,so here it is...

01-red infect
02-greedy economy
03-spit face
04-sting and sting
05-radio tumuit
06-atomic revolt
07-arm up boys

vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

REAL ENEMY - demo & live @ pop shop,cleveland-OH 1983 cd-r (pittsburgh-PA) PART 1 !!!

cleaned up version...from the last days blog,but link is dead for awhile now
so why not putting it up on here too (archive.org) took out the tapenoise and boosted volume etc...
almost done so...
give it a listen...1st 22 tracks...


LÄRM - live @ thrashfest,het podium-hoogeveen-drenthe 2005

01-the complexity of life
02-drunk freak
04-red brigades
05-mouth full of teeth
06-a$k more
08-chemical suicide
10-violence sucks
16-puppet on a string
20-it's up to you
21-non conformity
22-our future
23-animals have feelings too

done for awhile now & still too lazy to figure out the last missing titles....
so do your part!?
this is the best LÄRM liveset you've heard! and the orig line up.

Paul,Olav,Jos & Menno
LÄRM 1980-2012

go check it out here:
player + download

or here: