woensdag 27 november 2013

BUNKER OESO - ear raid at FIRE,oud beijerland-the netherlands 198? (rotturdam) + live @ skrätz 1982 (soon)

12 track liveset incl. 4 tracks with Marja damesfiets on vox!
not a fan of their stuff on the 7'' ,tracks from the split were ok...but this is played a little faster and sounds raw,after a few days fooling around with it i'm starting to like it,i can shake my booty to tracks like Winston,death pogo,propaganda but still prefer the tracks with Marja singin...anyway,
stream & download from here


vrijdag 22 november 2013

CHAOTIC SUBVERSION - demo's (scotland)

a quicky,maybe ill redo it later together with the 2nd demo,during daylight.
this one's done in the middle of the night,cant play that loud at night,so it's hard to hear if all tapenoise is gone,this one still has some in it too...but taking out more would probably ruin it.
so for now this is it.

donderdag 21 november 2013

DREADFULL - demo 1988 (scotland) cleaned up!

floating around as flac files.
cleaned em up,still has some tapenoise in it,but it doesnt sound  like there's annoying showersound on the background anymore...to me it sounds awhole lot better.
and damn,this is ridicilous good.
over the top fastcore ala early RUPTURE
best band outta Scotland ever.

dinsdag 19 november 2013

vrijdag 15 november 2013

LÄRM - extreme noise 1983-1987 dvd


contains some badass footage,incl a gig at the squat they runned in Amersfoort  "het kippehok" + extra's from the tour with HERESY etc...
over 4 hours.
also available for d/l.
grab it.


woensdag 13 november 2013

NEUROOT - live @ de stokvishal,arnhem-the netherlands 1982 (arnhem)

04-GBO gestapo
05-state brain
06-macht kaputt

classic dutch hc,first 4 tracks have a badass bass sound,the last 2 were a pain in the ass to get em like this
but came out not bad either,so here youve got 6 tracks of dutch hc history,pefect soundtrack for some fascist bashing.
we should start with Geertje Wilders,a dutch politician,kissing the ass of that french nazi bitch from front national at the moment.
they should crack his skull or a neckshot will do too,all fine with me.
for God and country,good riddance lol.


www.neuroot.com (soon?)

zaterdag 9 november 2013

NARCOLEPTICS - st demo 2013 (chicago-IL)

submitted by Bradley who does guitar duties in NARCOLEPTICS.
and i have to thank him for this one.

getting submissions every now and then but most of em are not my cup of tea so they don't make it onto the blog.
but this one's a ripper!!!
raw as fuck,fast,hardcore/punk with a little d-beat flavor.
somehow i'm getting flashbacks to the 1st THINK I CARE 7'' ,maybe its the vocals,brutal as fuck!
so you need to check this out.
members are also playing in SLAG,HAWAIIAN PUNCH,ROTOZAZA & TMNE...

all you cheap ass mp3 collectors can d/l it for free on bandcamp.

or use the mediafire link Bradley sended:

or buy a physical copy for a change,3 bucks + the postage to wherever you live.
note:the paypal checkout doesn't add int. shipping.
just order it,and paypal the shipping costs later.
only 100 made! recorded on both sides.
and a demo from a chicago band thats not sold out yet,can you believe it?
bought 3 copies,so i feel real lucky today lol.


donderdag 7 november 2013

FELD HÜRE - demo 3 2013 (france)

new/er band out of France.
this band has Alexiz Offside records/no punks in k-town blog on vocals
drummer also plays in gorrilla gripping if im not mistaken
dude/s hate my guts,but that doesnt change my opinion on this demo.
this is a home recorded demo,so raw is the word here
spanish/french/english lyrics.
"perdido" & "tierra" are fav. tracks overhere.
great demo.
for now you can check it out here: (later ill put up a pimped up version)

more info:

woensdag 6 november 2013

VILLA FUNGUS - ego free society demo 2013 (the netherlands)

had some rehearsal stuff up awhile ago,this sounds 10x better!
 the first demo recordings by this fastcore/powerviolence 2 piece from the netherlands.
2 ex members of TUCO RAMIREZ teamed up again after a few yrs of playing in other bands.
this is the result,15 new tracks + a remake of hiijo de puta orig. done by TUCO.
pretty goooood! title track is the best one.

all 16 tracks incl the artwork in one folder here:

or D.I.Y. from here:

and i'm quoting Mike D.


zaterdag 2 november 2013

PROBLEM CHILDREN - don't give up demo 1983 (canada)

they did another tape after this one,but never heard it...,a 7'' and the lp from 1988
thats a bit more in the crossover style... 

here are the orig. mp3's of the demo

and this is how it's sounds after the OFAL threatment.

vrijdag 1 november 2013

LEBENDEN TOTEN - live on LIFE DURING WARTIME-KBOO radio portland-OR 2006/8? (PDX)

finally finished it.
thx to Erin-LDW for sending the setlist!!!
they played on KBOO more than once,so not exactly sure about the date...2006 or 2008?
but it's a badass set so...



more info on the show here:

MATRAX women's alternative compilation cassette 1985

(click on image to enlarge)

will type out this insert on the inside of the cd-r back tray...

the MATRAX  comp is stolen from the MRR vaults...
so need to ask first if it OK to put it up on here.
and as a bonus youll get the LAST PRAYER demo from 1985? 
year is prob wrong,think its '82/'83...
im a dumbfuck and somehow deleted track 8 of the last prayer demo,so you'll get only 7/8 
sucks,i know but cant find the orig. version at the moment...
the MATRAX comp. was done by Colleen and Julia who both played in LAST PRAYER
and PAST LAYERS (sort of LAST PRAYER reunion band) which can be found on the comp. also ...

Highlights: SALLY'S DREAM (poppy but DAMN this is a really great track,ICONOCLASTS (U.K.?) ,RUGGEDY ANNES,INDUSTRIAL WASTE BANNED,UNWARRANTED TRUST and a couple more
all the tracks are a little faster as the orig. versions,they had to cut the length of the tape coz the length of the tapes they got was a bit too short,so they speeded up the recordings ;-0 
but think it sounds better,the ruggedy's annes track dead & gone is a good example,it sounds better as the orig 7'' recording.
i can slower down the recordings to the orig speed but i like it,and its released like this...

Some came out not that great,1st track has a distorted sound,tried to fix it...,same goes for the CRACKED MARIA track,that was in a really poor quality,but ill retry those when its daytime and i can play louder...

stream & d/l from here: 


if anyone has the 2 demo's of the ICONOCLASTS in a good quality ,please send em over will ya?
got the one with "pervert" on it somewhere on a data dvd but its in a really poor quality...thx!