woensdag 13 november 2013

NEUROOT - live @ de stokvishal,arnhem-the netherlands 1982 (arnhem)

04-GBO gestapo
05-state brain
06-macht kaputt

classic dutch hc,first 4 tracks have a badass bass sound,the last 2 were a pain in the ass to get em like this
but came out not bad either,so here youve got 6 tracks of dutch hc history,pefect soundtrack for some fascist bashing.
we should start with Geertje Wilders,a dutch politician,kissing the ass of that french nazi bitch from front national at the moment.
they should crack his skull or a neckshot will do too,all fine with me.
for God and country,good riddance lol.


www.neuroot.com (soon?)

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