vrijdag 1 november 2013

MATRAX women's alternative compilation cassette 1985

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will type out this insert on the inside of the cd-r back tray...

the MATRAX  comp is stolen from the MRR vaults...
so need to ask first if it OK to put it up on here.
and as a bonus youll get the LAST PRAYER demo from 1985? 
year is prob wrong,think its '82/'83...
im a dumbfuck and somehow deleted track 8 of the last prayer demo,so you'll get only 7/8 
sucks,i know but cant find the orig. version at the moment...
the MATRAX comp. was done by Colleen and Julia who both played in LAST PRAYER
and PAST LAYERS (sort of LAST PRAYER reunion band) which can be found on the comp. also ...

Highlights: SALLY'S DREAM (poppy but DAMN this is a really great track,ICONOCLASTS (U.K.?) ,RUGGEDY ANNES,INDUSTRIAL WASTE BANNED,UNWARRANTED TRUST and a couple more
all the tracks are a little faster as the orig. versions,they had to cut the length of the tape coz the length of the tapes they got was a bit too short,so they speeded up the recordings ;-0 
but think it sounds better,the ruggedy's annes track dead & gone is a good example,it sounds better as the orig 7'' recording.
i can slower down the recordings to the orig speed but i like it,and its released like this...

Some came out not that great,1st track has a distorted sound,tried to fix it...,same goes for the CRACKED MARIA track,that was in a really poor quality,but ill retry those when its daytime and i can play louder...

stream & d/l from here: 


if anyone has the 2 demo's of the ICONOCLASTS in a good quality ,please send em over will ya?
got the one with "pervert" on it somewhere on a data dvd but its in a really poor quality...thx!


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