zondag 30 november 2014

RAKTA - rec rel. @ new baron gallery,são paulo-brasil 2013 & live on infinite distortion-WFMU radio-U.$.A. 2014 (brasil)

(click image to enlarge)

stream/download from here: 

#3 & 4 are on repeat overhere,great stuff folks
grab this if your into postpunk/deathrock/whatever...
last 2 tracks from the WFMU gig are still unknown,can't figure out the track titles...for now...



zondag 23 november 2014

COKE BUST - this is hardcore fest. electric factory,philadelphia-PA July 26, 2014 (DC) audio! lossless & mp3's

(click on images for full size)

my favorite TIH set sofar,tight,energetic,fast,gooooood.
and Len did a great job mixing/mastering. 

lossless (WAV/FLAC/OGG) 

320 kbps TAGGED mp3's here:

DVD cover tomorrow!


zaterdag 22 november 2014

G.B.H. - victoria hall,hanley,stoke on trent-UK 03-11-1982 (audio)

got this one done for awhile,but forgot to post it.
this was the first punk band i listened to,bought the clay years on cd  24 yrs ago,still have it,booklet glued together from soaking in beer a day long at the bar i was hanging out at that time,they always played a couple of songs during our drinking sessions on sundays,good times...

later bought the vinyls, classic stuff imho.
but these 13 live tracks are taken from the remastered DVD,so they sound pretty good.



vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

COKE BUST - this is hardcore fest philadelphia-PA july 26, 2014

Coke Bust (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

incl a nice DK cover! mp3's asap! figuring out the titles,always a pain in the ass....

zaterdag 25 oktober 2014

SLAYER - live @ hembygdspark,hultsfred festival-sweden june 14, 2002 (God hates the world tour) AUDIO DONE/CD-R back laterrr


inside front

front/inside-fold out



click on images to enlarge!

great sounding gig! broadcasted on swedish TV.
remember the good ol'days when you could hear the bass in recordings???
this recordings sounds like it comes from the early 80's...
guitar sound could be better but that's the only thing you could complain about.

got a few more badass sounding SLAYER gigs that ill put up asap,
will make shitty covers for em so you can D.I.Y. and burn/print em...

cheers Jeff!

tagged mp3 version here:

in case your gonna burn this,use the WAV version,same goes for streaming online,choose the uncompressed version,sounds better!

uncompressed/lossless versions here:


woensdag 22 oktober 2014

SOCIETY SUCKER - live @ mongrel fest # 1,broomhall centre,sheffield-UK 2013 (pre-ARMS RACE)

named after an A.F. song,but they changed their name coz theres another society sucker from the U.$. who play shitty metalcore,some dj/dance thingy with the same name too,
ARMS RACE is the same band,they released a demo and a 7''

previews here:


stram/download the SOCIETY SUCKER liveset here:


zondag 19 oktober 2014

vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

VINGANÇA - nossos sonhos de liberdade se tornaram seu pesadelo E​.​P. 2014 (brasil)

this is NOT the new e.p. by VINGANCA who were also from brasil but more in the crossover/thrash style...
these guys are together for 10 yrs now and never heard of em before till Kanella sended a link to check out their stuff.
offcourse i expected some thrashy/crossover stuff coz that style is popular in brasil,but these guys play more straight forward hc,with only a little metal in their sound,pretty good e.p. imho,go check it out here,all free downloads .


donderdag 16 oktober 2014

AFRODITA A (spain) & DESPERFECTO (chile) - demo's (fem. fronted!)

just ordered these 2 tapes and since theyre also available as free download
here ya go:

from sunny Benissa in Spain-Europe
awesome new female fronted band
catchy as hell hc/punk
sounds like bla bla bla,
BUY! great demo!

the other one you need to hear is DESPERFECTO from Chile-South America

demo is released by a couple of labels around the globe,CV recs in canada,polze de la mort recs. did the european release,so get it from there if your living in europe, and pick up the AFRODITA A at the same time....
DESPERFECTO sounds also like it was recorded in the early 80's,awesome fem vox,
and same as the AFRODITA A demo,catchy as hell.
been awhile since i heard a demo like this from a band from Chile.
they will record 4 new songs (7''?) in november so keep an eye out for those! 

both highly recommended!!!


dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

LUDICHRIST - God is everywhere "the demo's-live @ CBGB's-comp tracks double lp PRE ORDER @ FOAD recs!!!!!!!!!! out oct. 18/20, 2014

black vinyl / 400 copies side D = screened 

diehard edition on grey black vinyl and also the D side screened
artwork by: Gee Vaucher (CRASS)

this is gonna sound great,looks great,what more do you need?

dutch/euro folks can get both versions @ the BLOODSHED fest in Eindhoven overhere
mob 47,dead instrument  etc will be playing,great line up,15 yr anniversary of the fest...

or order directly from FOAD recs,
 die hard edition / 100 will sell out quick,act fast if you want one!

teaser of the title track-OFAL version! 

this version of the 1st demo is prof. remastered by FOAD recs and used on the 2x lp,

it's nice to be a part of this release,
been listening to these guys for +/-20 yrs now, and who ever expected i could help with putting out one of their records.
cannot wait to hear/see the results, 4 yrs in the making,..it will be worth the wait,pretty sure!


edit: THX to Luca for the present,appreciate it!!!

dinsdag 30 september 2014

HUMAN GAS - explosives demo 1984 & HUMAN GAS/STALI NISM - split 7'' 1985 (japan)

1984 demo floats around for awhile with tapenoise,cleaned/boosted it.

last 2 tracks are from the impossible to find split 7'' with THE STALI NISM  from 1985 

12 tracks in total,think they also did a compilation track,can't find it...

lossless version here: (incl the split 7'' tracks)

tagged 320 kbps mp3's here: (incl the split 7'' tracks)

HUMAN GAS/THE STALI NISM - split 7'' (4 tracks in total)


woensdag 24 september 2014

GROUND ZERO - unreleased 1984 demo (ann arbor) version 2!

butchered the first version yrs ago.
got a request for a new link,so completely redid it.
fixed all the stuff i could not fix back than so this version sounds 10x better,only thing i could not fix completely are a few weird cracks in a couple of tracks,take it or leave it...
stream & download from here:

here's an interview by Wes-3D Jesus-localchaos zine

orig int.local chaos #2


dinsdag 23 september 2014

HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS - live @ 538 johnson ave-N.Y.C. august 30, 2014

recorded by Torsten Meyer-UNARTIG-NYC 


pretty cool set,lots of energy,catchy as hell,it has a keyboard,2 drummers/kinds of percussion

give it a listen here: (stream & download)

zondag 21 september 2014

FALLAZ DE EVOLUZION - maketa n1 2014 (ecuador)

new/young band from Ecuador
female/male fronted hc/anarcho punk.
raw recordings,but NICE!

demo 2014 cd-r
5 own songs,4 covers (CRASS (UK) with spanish lyrics... ,DESOBEDIENCIA CIVIL & ESTIGIA (both were from mexico) & AXION PROTESTA.
no facebook/myspace....


zaterdag 20 september 2014

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE & LA MISMA - live @ 538 johnson ave-NYC august 30, 2014 (BCN-spain-NYC)

(click on image to enlarge)

artwork from u.s. tour t-shirt/flyer,stole it coz it looks nice and it fits perfect.

audio recorded by Torsten-UNARTIG-NYC
pimped up by yours truly.

stream/download UBI from here:

LA MISMA from here:

hank wood & the hammerheads set will follow too,but wasnt familair with em before checking the video so need to figure out the titles etc...

donderdag 18 september 2014

UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE - live @ 538 Johnson str-NYC august 30, 2014 eye candy!

great band,great set,great quality picture,great sound,great crowd
what more do you want?
this is how a hc/punk gig should be.

awesome job by Torsten Meyer from UNARTIG-NYC.

audio up soooooooon!


donderdag 11 september 2014

OPEN YOUR MIND - ''positive core" 1985-1986 demo's (valencia-CA) with Matt from INFEST

(click on image to enlarge)

took some time to "clean up" the artwork but came out pretty good imho.
still need to make an inside frontcover  with the info than it's done.

OYM had Matt from INFEST playing in it,

but this is fast youth crew-ish hc.
UNIFORM CHOICE 1st lp-UP FRONT spirit lp era stuff.
pretty damn good! 

1st 9 tracks = demo #2 from 1986?
11 from 1985 SOOOOOON.


and thx again to the dude from the mustard relic blog for the post 5 yrs later with the titles/info and artwork!!!