donderdag 31 juli 2014

WEHRMACHT - thrashology-the complete beer soaked collection 1985-1989 5x lp 2x cd/dvd (104 track) boxset OUT NOW!

essential stuff folks,the whole shabang by WEHRMACHT,
remastered incl the demo's/reh/live @ pine state theater etc...
70 euro's for the boxset...too bad i'm broke as fuck at the moment but you need this! 
buy here:

keep an eye out for the LUDICHRIST demo's 2x lp on FOAD recs!!!
they will use the 1985 demo version from this blog,the CB's demo from a better source,+ it will have some extra goodies on it too if im not mistaken
gonna be goooood.



woensdag 30 juli 2014

DEAD KENNEDYS - live @ the earth tavern,portland-OR 11.19.1979

OFAL 2014 "remaster"

took out all the crap you don't wanna hear,hiss,cuts,cracks/pops and corrected volume in both channels (seperated) 
so it will be shorter in length compared to other versions floating around...
total playtime = now 44 min. 
it was +/- 56 when i started...


won't upload the full gig...
say thx to the european bootleg label called "chachi records" who bootlegs all kinds of rare and even offcial releases,on shitty cd-r/dvd-r's and they sell em for 13/14 bucks
they should hang the fucker.
so not gonna fill their pockets,had plenty more DK soundboard gigs lined up and in a better quality as the bootlegs cd's...
but if someone gonna boot these versions it will be me.
and on vinyl!!!
no white label,cheap fuck version like most boots,nope with printed centerlabels and all...for the same amount as the shitty bootleg cd-r's...or even cheaper,9-10 euro's...
rambling...we'll see...

SEND ME YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-0

paradiso-A'dam set pimped up version up soon,DON'T PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!! 
ill make some cool covers so you can d/l and burn/print it yourself,saves you 12/13 bucks...

vrijdag 25 juli 2014

GENERACION SUICIDA - todo termina lp 2014 (LA)

great record!!!
the track "rechazados por la sociedad" has DESKONOCIDOS influences or at least it reminds me of works,sounds nice. the other 7,incl. re recorded version of the split 7'' tracks,are all great songs.
can't get into the title track but 8/9 is a good score. and it has "mierda ciudad on it,think it's my favorite song by them sofar. playing it over and over again.
def. worth your $$$$$$$$$$$$. haven't seen artwork,but vinyl will be available in a few days
keep an eye out for it here:


woensdag 23 juli 2014

THE OFFSPRING - subject to blackout demo july '86 (CA)

yeah i know some of you think WTF is that?!
well,this is a badass demo,from a band i still enjoy playing their first 2 records...
they also had 3 tracks on this comp from 1986 called SUBJECT TO BLACKOUT,with EXCEL,THE UPRISING U.K.(demo '86 up next!) A.A. etc...
recently the whole session surfaced,6 tracks a.k.a. the subject to blackout demo...recorded in july '86?
cleaned em up a bit and here ya go,good enough for vinyl,the band should do the old fans a favor and put this baby on wax! i would buy it for sure

03-call it religion
04-ballroom blitz (THE SWEET)
06-fire and ice

edit: orig posted in 2011 but old link was dead,reuploaded it so you can stream/dl it from here from now on:

took out the damaged part in track 3 also...


zondag 20 juli 2014



ACTIVE GLANDS - unreleased lp demo 1987 (deep cove-vancouver-BC-canada) re-upload with all titles!!!

got a request to re-up the 1983 demo,and remembered i never posted this one.
these 13 track are recorded 4 yrs later...not as good as the 1983 recordings but still a nice listen!
unfortunaly no track titles,can't find anything..any help is appreciated.

lossless version without the titles here:


tagged mp3's with all the titles here:

big thx to Tom for sending over the tracklist,appreciate it!!!


zondag 6 juli 2014

AGENT ORANGE (NL) - bloody greetings...1983-1985 cd-r

slowly moving all the stuff from memories-for-tommorrow blog to this case you never checked that one,only did it for 6 months but it has some goodies on it...

AGENT ORANGE - were a male/female fronted hardcore/punk band from Amsterdam-The Netherlands
They released 2 classic 7 inches in '83-'84 and ca. 10 yrs ago a split lp with Jesus and the Gospelfuckers which had both 7 inches and as extra an instrumental/unreleased track.
The split is still available for cheap in any good distro so pick it up!
What we have here are demo's/raw/alt. mixes of the 1st demo,2nd e.p.session
Really hope there will be an AGENT ORANGE demo 7'' in the near future. coz the 1st demo is ridicilous good!!! great bassparts,and with insane fem. vocals she sounds like she just escaped from the psychiatric ward and than recorded this luv it!
They were good,REALLY GOOD!!!



i'm paying way too much money for a glassfiber connection for my tv & computer
can't watch digital tv coz it aint working,from the day they installed that "wireless" crap,its nothing but troubles.
60 euo's for internet only,and what do i get,a "decent" connection,or like today,,,a zillion connection failures
IM FUCKING SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gonna change provider soon,coz this aint working,got a new comp but thx to that bad connection i cannot enjoy it
 it won't even stream/play music/vids properly
uploading records fail,over and over again,pisses me off,more and more.
FUCK THE KPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

might take awhile till get a new provider coz UPC sucks even more
insurance companies,internet providers etc
they're all shit.

if your thinking about taking a glassfiber connection from KPN,DON'T DO IT!!!!
you'll regret it for sure.

CRISIS - kollectiv 1977-1979 2x lp OUT NOW!

for all the old punx who are intrested in their recordings but don't wanna pay HUGE amounts for the original vinyl
LA VIDA ES UN MUS released this on a double lp,remastered etc. gatefold...+ extra tracks....

teaser:  "holocaust" (few yrs later covered by UPRIGHT CITIZENS from Germany on their classic bombs of peace 12'')


vrijdag 4 juli 2014

BELGRADO - live @ the acheron-NYC November 23, 2012

always hated that post punk/goth/dark wave  stuff or whatever they call it 
but this band changed it,the female vocalist plays also drums in SECT,another great band from spain.
thx again to Torsten Meyer UNARTIG-NYC for another great recording.
here ya go:

woensdag 2 juli 2014

SANGRE KALLEJERA - demo 2013 (nuevo leon-mexico) - OFAL TAPES #003-2014 -

SANGRE KALLEJERA - demo 2013 + bonus (OFAL 2014 version)
one of my favorite demo's of 2013,luv that "hollow tree" drum sound in the beginning of the track "miedo" 
but no tape release,think the band made a few cd-r's...
hate cd-r's so doing a pro printed/duplicated tape,recorded on both sides.

this will be the bonus track on tape version:

waiting for an email with the lyrics,so it will come with a lyricsheet,in spanish.
 if i can find someone who can translate em to english than it will come with spanish/english lyricsheet.
we'll see...insert need some changes too etc..
should be done in 2/3 weeks!

members are busy with school,hardly have time to practice/write new songs
but hope they will find some time coz theyre goooooood!!!


INFEST - live @ The Acheron 1st NYC gig ever,june 27, 2014