maandag 27 september 2010

GUNNERZIDE - demo '83 mix 1 & 2 (sweden) CLEANED!

GUNNERZIDE was a band from sweden and consisted of members that were only 14/15 at the time this demo was recorded
pretty good demo so cleaned it up,you get 2 versions,mix 1 has alot of bass while mix 2 has extra high tones.
you can pick your favorite,im going for #2 sounds best to further info to find on the web,probably because of the fact that this tape was originally released in a lim run of 50 copies
they also had a track on the tape above,has some nice bands on it,ill upload the WAX demo sooooon! great female fronted stuff!
have fun.

zondag 26 september 2010

MICRO EDGE - united we skate demo '83 cd-r CLEANED!

yup again,but it had some tapenoise and now its if you are picky,grab this one

butchered the tape cover for the front,drawning on the back taken from an old issue of THRASHER mag (may,maybe june or was it july '87 or '88 ha ha,old & retarded!!!!
but cleaned it up and now it looks nicely next to the frontcover
REMOVED! the tapenoise so i cant make it sound any better
grab your board & HIT THE DECK!

COCK ROACHS - demo & va-rapsodie lp tracks 1986 cd-r (france) CLEANED!

another goodie that came out nice
this one is for all my good friends in France ;-0
they also have a track on the new wave comp called 1984 the third 2xlp but its a demo track so thats all i have by em,hard to find info so if you know anything,post it!

zaterdag 25 september 2010

VERBAL ASSAULT - demo 1984 with 1st vocalist! (CLEANED!!!)

came out real nice this one!

everytime i play this it reminds of a dude on slsk who "adviced" me to take it off my shared files coz it was so rare
i asked why i should do that coz i dl it on there too as a 1 track
his answer was: some people have no clue what they are dl-ing so they dont deserved it to listen to it,can you fucking believe it
never took it down offcourse,instead i posted it everywhere i could ha ha
and now i can "clean" i did my best to make this one sound real nice
i like it alot,great bass sound,go get it! and spread it! ;-)
always liked the eyes logo and thinking back i had a hoody of it,but cant remember where it is/what i did with it????? sucks
but enjoy!


p.s. still working on the 5 livesets too,especially the set at cb's is hard to fix,lots of tapenoise,but ill get it done soooooooooooon

donderdag 23 september 2010


live @ the sportsman hall sun valley-CA march 11,1984

live @ the fed blgd,W.L.A. april 2,1984 starting with steppin' stone from the TEEN IDLES!

live @ stardust ballroom,april 29,1984

how fucking cool are these vids huh?
maybe i got something nice for you all soon ;-)


KRIEGSHOG - war for peace lp 2010 (japan)

no words for this one
im glad i was lucky enough to score a copy on red with obi ;-0 sold out so go get a black one before theyre gone!!
should be in the mail one of these days,i cant fu#$%^$%7 wait!!!!!!! but as always mp3's are easy to find these days so here ya go
listening to this for days now,and damn,everything is right on this lp,no weak moments
every song is a ripper,so fucking intense!!!
the producion is above average too and lifts up this record even more
Paco said it in the description too but this is a future classic in its genre,this will end up in many top 10 list @ #1 for sure! go get it!
probably the best lp of this year!!

SECRET POLICE - demo 2010 (new jersey)

on a skatedeck soon ;-) badass artwork!!!!

5 track demo by this band with 3 ex members of KILLIN' IT!
this is different stuff
more punky and to me they remind me of the swedish band THE DEAD ONES,music wise and the vocals are in the same style also,and thats no bad thing coz the dead ones were gooood
tapes are cheap ($2!) so go get some!
no myspace or anything so go to the killin it myspace and bug em!
sorry state also has 2 copies left!

RED-C - 1980-1981 cd-r (DC) CLEANED UP!

the dude from youthcrimes blog uploaded this a few weeks ago
started cleaning it but it didnt work out the way i hoped...but now im finally satisfied with the end result so here ya go,cleaned up demo '81 + the FYH comp lp tracks
heres the original post,go read the story he wrote down and check the rest of his blog,still in progress but it contains only rarities! hope he keeps on doing what hes does coz hes doing a grrreat job!
here the cleaned up version,no tapenoise and some extra bass
CLASSIC DC HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woensdag 22 september 2010


ANNO 2010 and retarded as always,your girl missing a panty?

who's there?

no one listens,no one cares?

Dan: no ,no ones home!

and now you all lol : go away!

Dan:save it for

you: another day

Dan: no ,no ones home!

and again : go away!

Dan: who gives a shit?

you? : anyway!

why cant we all just get along and sing this song ;-0

put on your party shoes coz the moron bro's are coming!

MUCKY PUP - live @ SCUM,katwijk-the netherlands 1988 cd-r

working on a cover and that will be the next or maybe the disabuse one,well see!

dinsdag 21 september 2010

YUPPICIDE - live WNYU crucial chaos '89 AKW wurzburg-germany '95 cd-r (NY)

dl-ed the wnyu set as 1 track from the nyhc 4 life website,cleaned it a bit and cut it up

AKW wurzburg set is released before i think,boot probably but took out a little bass coz it had too much in the drums which sounded annoying on my stereo
took the noise out of the intro's and did some fadeouts and a few cuts
listened twice to it and im satisfied with the result,cover is still questionable ;-) think ill redo it tomorrow,got a better idea...
2Xcd and lp represses almost out! so go check here for more info!
yuppicide skatedeck in the works too,badass artwork so gonna paint a deck
pics soooooooon ! btw...just finished an RKL -keep lauging deck so will show it ASAP!

zondag 19 september 2010

DISABUSE - live 1988-1994 2x cd-r (winterswijk-holland) next-SOON!

disc 1 :
live @ metal attack fest 1988 eibergen-holland
live @ de onderbroek,nijmegen-holland 0ct 30 1989
disc 2
live @ vragender novermber '94
still missing 5 tracks of the set @ the onderbroek,gonna ask the band if theyre willing to help out coz i cant figure out myself,so patience my dear thrashers

vrijdag 17 september 2010

DISGUST - live screamings to trash back cd-r (venlo-holland)

the "grachtkerk" was a church in A'foort before it got squatted (kippehok squat) by Jos-Paul,Olaf -LARM/SEEIN RED and friends in the mid 80's
many great bands played overthere,HERESY,LARM and whatever more
its hard to find a written history of the kippehok squat,pictures of the squat even more
hopefully Jos writes something in the near future on his blog
about it,would be cool to read it
DISGUST did the same thing in venlo,they squatted the V.H.C. ...more info soon!

track 01-15 recorded @ the kippehok squat in A'foort holland 1985
track 16-30 taken from the live screamings to trashback '85 livetape,if anyone has more info on where these tracks are recorded would be cool!
and still 2 tracks unknown to me,cant figure it out so help with those is appreciated too!
ill make a back cover when i got all titles....
both sets cleaned,took me awhile,sound is different 1st one sounds like they play in your living room,pretty cool,the 2nd was harder to clean but i'm satisfied with the end result,HAVE FUN!
most pictures taken by Martin Lavente

dinsdag 14 september 2010

RESISTANCE - demo '85 (Amersfoort-holland) CLEANED!

punk from Zwolle with a female on vocals!
cd-r cover tomorrow TIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRED! gonna upload it,scratch my balls a few times and going to my bed,tomorrow's another day

COKE BUST - LIVE! 2007-2009 (DC)

01-10 live on WFMU radio-NJ 2007
11-19 live @ the side 2 studios,boston-MA 2008
20-34 live @ mitchell hall-DC 2009
go buy their records!

back laterrrrrrrrr

THX to oldschool Mike for filling in the titles !

go see em @ OCCII in a'dam with extortion & seein red! if you got the chance.....wish i could go,all 3 badass bands!

BOB BARKER YOUTH / FATAL NANCHAKU - split cd (us-france)

BB & FATAL NUNCHAKU are both fastcore/powerviolence bands
FN ala charles bronson etc
about BB,what can i say,cut me up again!
i luv those guys,youth crew mixed with fastcore huh ,yeah and very well done too
only had the split lp with AND I CAN WAIT and always wondered if they released more
found this baby,released last year on a few labels,split lp is their best work but even the reh & demo stuff is pretty good but they lack in quality
sold out through the labels so good luck finding your copy (some distros still have some!)
badly ripped (better rip when i receive my copy!) its not ripped as the full cd but as seperated tracks so a few songs are missing a few seconds,cut of the silence in between but still...
still have to redo a few tracks coz i tried to boost it a bit too
so patience my dear comrades! will be up tonight! COKE BUST live 2007-2009 cdr too!

maandag 13 september 2010


screened demo 7'' front
original tape

pic by Rachel Atcheson

FUCK ME,FUCK YOU! nice art/screened poster

DC powerrrrrrrrrrviolence! and good!


Chris plays also drums for MAGRUDERGRIND
others are in SICK FIX/COKEBUST etc. (COKEBUST live cdr up soon!)
1st demo (first 6 tracks)i s released as a 7'' #-ed /300 with screened covers on

go get it!

the other 5 tracks are from a tourtape they made and those will be released as a split 7'' with MIND AS PRISON in the near future...

2010 is a good year for powerviolence with band like HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH/VILE INTENT/BACKSLIDER/OSK/WAR HERO/MUTINY etc
cant get enough of stuff like this!
bitrate 320 (converted from OGG & WAV) incl. the pics

zaterdag 11 september 2010

DISGUST - complete 1984-1985 demo's & 7'' CLEANED! (limburg-holland)

more info later too,gonna clean up 2 livesets too tomorrow that will be disc 2!
the lp has not all songs from the demos so decided to put this up
quality of the lp is way better offcours,prof. remastered and i just fool around a bit
so you should def. go buy that one,sounds really good!
edit: one full day and the live stuff is done too...
but i hate to say it,im not satisfied with the set @ the kippehok squat in A'foort so wasted my afternoon and gonna redo it tomorrow
but the live screamings to trash back tape came out real good so thats something,but will put em up when theyre done,still have to figure out the remaining missing titles (7) but won't be a problem i think
so check back tomorrow for 50+ min of live disgust!