zondag 26 september 2010

MICRO EDGE - united we skate demo '83 cd-r CLEANED!

yup again,but it had some tapenoise and now its gone...so if you are picky,grab this one

butchered the tape cover for the front,drawning on the back taken from an old issue of THRASHER mag (may,maybe june or was it july '87 or '88 ha ha,old & retarded!!!!
but cleaned it up and now it looks nicely next to the frontcover
REMOVED! the tapenoise so i cant make it sound any better
grab your board & HIT THE DECK!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. hello, i was searching for the song hardcore for almost 30 years. Forgot the name and my friends couldn't help me either.....

    now i know.... thanx alot.. i can die in peace now.

    oooo....the link doesn't work......could you please send me the correct link.....or something.... @ dhw64@msn.com

    thanx alot!!!!!